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Year 6

Maths Calculations – Year 5 & 6

English  Information- Year 5 and 6

SATs meeting for SATs 2023

Year 6

Autumn Two 2022

Welcome to Year 6. 

Here is what we will be learning this half term:

Curriculum focus: GEOGRAPHY – Our Changing World

Calculation problems:

Understand the use of brackets
Use knowledge of the order of
operations to carry out
Generate and describe linear
number sequences
Express missing number
problems algebraically
Solve equations with unknown


Deepen understanding of
Order, simplify and compare
fractions, including those greater
than one
Recall equivalence between
common fractions and decimals
Find decimal quotients using
short division
Add and subtract fractions

Missing Angles and length:

Compare and classify
a range of geometric
Use angle facts to
find unknown angles

This half term we will also be focusing on knowing and remembering our Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) for Autumn. Please click on the link below for Year 6 Autumn KIRFs.

CP KIRFS Year-6-Autumn

Reading: We shall be having a daily 35 minute reading session which shall focus on the main reading skills of: vocabulary, retrieval, inference, summarising and sequencing.  A BIG READ will take place each fortnight.

Spellings: We use the HEADSTART spelling program. The children will be doing daily learning, practising and applying in class.

Spellings Autumn Term 1

Writing: The Alchemist’s Letter

Decriptive writing

Narrative (first person/past tense)

Pathetic fallacy/symbolism

Letter writing


Body Pump (Biology)

This module builds on learning about the human body from Key Stage 1, when they learned that humans and other animals need water, food and air in order to survive, and also during lower Key Stage 2, when they investigated the muscular, skeletal and digestive systems. In this module children learn about the human circulatory system and how it enables their bodies to function. They find out about the main parts of the circulatory system: the heart, blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) and blood, and how these work together to deliver oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body. They will find out how the heart works, the main components of blood and the function of the different types of blood vessels. They will also learn about how water is transported through the body and develop their understanding of the importance of water to
human health.

Christianity: Incarnation: Was Jesus the Messiah?

  • Anti Bullying Week
  • Money

Programming – Python

Please bring your outdoor PE kit every TUESDAY. This half term the children be doing dance.


Happy – Listen and appraise, musical activities,  performance

Christmas Carols for The Christingle Service.


Language Angels: Phonetics 1 to 4 (C) Selection of Core Vocabulary lessons.

Christmas cards and calendars.

Homework: Ninja SATs Facts.

Thursday –  homework to be completed and returned by the following Thursday.

Week days – Reading homework – 15 mins each day signed in the home reading record books – 20 times a month reading homework is expected in Key Stage 2

Reading records must be returned to school on Thursday morning.

If you have any questions, worries or concerns please contact me using the class email:


Thank you.

Mrs N. Clemitshaw & Mrs H. Mumford