Year 6

Welcome Year 6 to your final year at Canon Popham!

Spring Term: January – March 2018
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Easter Homework Answers:

Below are the answers to the 10 for 10 tasks so that your child can get immediate feedback.
Could parents please make a note of any areas that require gap teaching so that we can endeavour to cover as much as possible over the next 6 weeks?

10-4-1010-4-10 KS2 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling – Parents Glossary

10-4-10 KS2 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Answers

10-4-10 KS2 Reading Answers

10-4-10 KS2 Mathematics (Expected Standard) Answers

10-4-10 KS2 Mathematics (Above Expected Standard) Answers

A copy of the SATS meeting presentation PowerPoint can be seen here.

Here is what we shall be learning this Spring Term.

The Giant’s Necklace/Macbeth
We shall be reading this short story by Michael Morpurgo. The story will provide lots of writing opportunities such as: newspaper reports, diary entries and narratives.
Children will also take part in daily whole class reading sessions as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation tasks.
Once completed we shall start our study of Macbeth by Shakespeare.

Find a rule – one step
Find a rule – two step
Use an algebraic rule
Word Problems
Solve simple one step equations
Solve two step equations
Find pairs of values
Enumerate possibilities

Measuring- converting units
Metric measures
Convert metric measures
Calculate with metric measures
Miles and kilometres
Imperial measures

Perimeter, area and volume ratio

This module builds on learning about the human body from Key Stage 1, when they learned that humans and other animals need water, food and air in order to survive, and also during lower Key Stage 2, when they investigated the muscular, skeletal and digestive systems. In this module children learn about the human circulatory system and how it enables their bodies to function. They find out about the main parts of the circulatory system: the heart, blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) and blood, and how these work together to deliver oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body. They will find out how the heart works, the main components of blood and the function of the different types of blood vessels. They will also learn about how water is transported through the body and develop their understanding of the importance of water to human health.

SALVATION: the meaning of Easter.

Children will need to bring their outdoor games kit at the start of the week to be kept in school. In year 6, PE will take place on a FRIDAY.
This term it will be basketball every Friday with Coach Pat

10 minutes homework for 5 nights a week!
Children in KS2 are expected to read at least 20 times in the month. For reading 20 times they will get a GOLDEN TICKET.
Please continue to read with your child their school reading books and any books/magazine from home – READING is FUN!!

Reading – daily 10 minutes
Spellings – given out every Wednesday and tested the following Wednesday.
Maths – given out Fridays (CGP practise paper). The paper must be handed in by the following Friday at the latest so we can go through it in class.

If you have any worries or concerns please come and see me as soon as possible; no worry is too small.
The best time to do this is after school at 3:30pm on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Booster Classes continue every Tuesday from 3:30pm. They shall finish at 4:30pm. Your child is welcome to bring a small snack to this session.

Thank you.
Mrs N. Clemitshaw