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Year 6

Updated: Friday 17th July 2020

What a fantastic day we have all had! It was so lovely to have the majority of year 6 back together and those who could not attend were missed…BUT not forgotten. This final week has been filled with fun and laughter- just what the children deserved. I cannot thank you all enough for the time we have spent together, the gifts, cards and kind words. Thank you. I am very humbled and grateful. Mrs Mumford and Mrs Morgan wished to pass on their thanks too:

Thank you letter from Mrs Mumford

Thank you from Mrs Morgan

I’d like to say goodbye with this compilation of photos taken today. Enjoy!

Good morning year 6! I hope that you enjoy your leavers’ video as much as I enjoyed making it.

Well here we are at the end of our two year journey together and the end of your time at Canon Popham.  As we say our hellos again this week, we shall also be sharing our goodbyes.  However this is not the end, but the beginning of a new and exciting stage for you all…. and you are all going to be so amazing in all that you go on and do.

I have been thinking about the last two years and there are so many happy memories.  As a class, I have seen you all grow not only in height (lol), but in ability and confidence.  I am so proud of you all.  Two years ago we began our learning journey studying World War One and I saw straight away how fantastic you all were in your work: creative, thoughtful and caring.  You all embraced our topics on deforestation and palm oil use and plastic waste. You all made a difference trying to influence others and therefore make our world a better place.  (I have never had a class receive so many letters!) I loved our trip to Twycross Zoo. We all, including me, were shocked to hear how our planet would be affected if bees became extinct.   As a result you have left your mark on Canon Popham by building the ‘Bee B n B’. Carry on making your little bit of difference in our world. You are the future.

This last year I have seen you all work as hard as you could, pushing yourselves to be the best you could be. I know many of you were disappointed not to be able to show that in your SATS, but I also know that all that effort has not gone to waste. Your attitude to learning has set you up well for your next big step! Keep that up. I hope that you can all see the potential in yourselves. Always remember that you CAN DO IT! It may take a little time, but anything can be achieved if you don’t give in.

School isn’t all about the learning.  It’s also about friendships made and supporting one another. This year I have seen that too. It was one of my favourite times at PGL. The way you all embraced the challenges, encouraged each other and looked out for one another was so fantastic. Moving on to high school does not mean that these friendships have to end.  They can continue as new ones are forged.  Let me tell you that I am still close friends with my primary school friends and they were all in different forms to me.  Change can be scary, but it also brings exciting new opportunities.

So as we say goodbye this week, yes we may all feel sad, but that’s normal.  You know that you are welcome to come back and say hello. I can’t wait to hear how you have all settled in. So…all I now need to say is THANK YOU year 6 for making the last two years so enjoyable. Good luck!

What will YOUR child be when they grow up? CLICK HERE

When I grow up, I want toFINAL

Task Master Challenge: Task Master

Pizza Time: Pizza Time

TRANSITION UPDATE – For Junior and Primary schools from Doncaster Council

The online classrooms will be available into the autumn term and into the new school year.

We are sharing the following links

4 mindfulness videos

6 workbook videos

6 group work sessions

BSL workbook video


To encourage a love of reading, I shall be reading ‘Awful Auntie- by David Walliams‘ most days. I hope you enjoy it; it’s a great story. If you have missed any episodes you can find them all on my  YouTube channel (Mrs C) -just click on my face icon in the top left hand corner. I hope to complete the book by the end of term. This week I have uploaded chapters 22-34. I won’t put them all on here as there are too many. Please find them all on my YouTube channel.

Whole School Themed Learning Projects

If you wish to do the themed project work this week when not in school, it can be found here:

Y6-Week-12-learning-project-VIEWPOINTS (1)


This week’s Learning (13th July- 17th July 2020):

I have uploaded the week’s learning.  I don’t expect you to do it all. You may wish to do one or two lessons in the days that you are not in school. Choose the ones you’d like to do.

Y6 Week 14 Day 1 Powerpoint for Teachers

Y6 Week 14 Day 1

Y6 Week 14 Day 2

Y6 Week 14 Day 3

Y6 Week 14 Day 4

Y6 Week 14 Day 5

Times Tables Rockstars:

English –

These are English objectives we have already learnt. You should not need to print out the activities.

  • Reading – a story to read or listen to, compare and discuss
  • Writing activities
  • Fun-Time Extras – things children will want to do!

This week’s learning (6th July- 10th July 2020)-

I have uploaded the week’s learning.  I don’t expect you to do it all. You may wish to do one or two lessons in the days that you are not in school. Choose the ones you’d  like to do.

Year 6 Week 14 Day 1

Year 6 Week 14 Day 2

Year 6 Week 14 Day 3

Year 6 Week 14 Day 4

Year 6 Week 14 Day 5

In addition, the Spelling Frame website has a good area to continue developing their skills.


Children may well be using the internet more than usual at the moment so it is a good time to remind and emphasise how to keep safe online. CEOP have produced lots of great resources which parents/carers can access on their website:

In the event that your child wants to do more, there is an Additional Home Learning Resources page with other activities.  Not all will be suitable for Year 6.  Please note that this is only if pupils want more to do.

I hope all this helps.

Mrs Clemitshaw & Mrs Mumford


Images from our World Book Day can be seen here.

Images from our school redidential to PGL can be seen here: PGL 2019 PRIDE

Images from VE day can be seen here: Year 6 celebrate VE day 75 years webpage

A letter from Mrs Mumford: A message from Mrs Mumford

An ABC poem from Mrs Morgan: ABC poem