Year 6

Updated: Friday 29th May, 2020

Hello year 6. I hope that you have all had a lovely half term and enjoyed having fun in the sunshine. We’ve been out and about again enjoying walks and playing games in the garden. This week’s learning has now been uploaded for you. Please remember to send me an email so that I can see how you are getting on with your learning and know that you are doing ok.  I know that some of you may be finding the work hard, but the fact that you are trying is enough and I am proud of you!  Be kind to yourself and please email me for support if you need it. I am here to help you.

I will be available during normal school hours (8.40am – 3.30pm) and will check this every working day to answer any learning related queries you may have.

To encourage a love of reading, I shall be reading ‘Awful Auntie- by David Walliams’ each week. I hope you enjoy it;it’s a great story.

Here is the home learning that has been shared this week:

18th-22nd May 2020 Homelearning



Children may well be using the internet more than usual at the moment so it is a good time to remind and emphasise how to keep safe online. CEOP have produced lots of great resources which parents/carers can access on their website:

Reading Challenge

Well done and THANK YOU to all those who enter the Reading Challenge. The winner is….. well you shall have to read the powerpoint to find out.

Year 6 Reading Competition

Year 6 Reading Challenge CPPA

Whole School Themed Learning Projects

Every week we will be uploading a whole school themed learning project that you can complete with your child/ parents. As a school, we expect that at least 1 project activity be completed and evidenced by emailing a photo to your class teacher. It would be lovely to see a range of activities completed each week by your child. Click on the link to find out more about Year 6’s Learning Project for this week!

This week’s project (1st-5th June 2020)- Food

Y5Y6 Canon Popham Week 6 learning project

Last  project  (May 18th-22nd May 2020)-SPORT

Y5Y6 Canon Popham Week 5 learning project

Please email a photograph of your task.

This week you should be doing:

  • a daily Hamilton maths and English lesson
  • an activity from the learning project
  • reading from the reading challenge and spellings.
  • ALL of the learning is below. (Please email me if you are unsure about what you should be doing).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Maths –

These are maths objectives we have already learnt. You should not need to print out the activities.

  • A worked-through reminder of the learning involved, followed by practice sheets, usually with a choice of ‘Mild’ (easier) or ‘Hot’ (harder).
  • An ‘If You’re Stuck’ sheet with an activity covering the maths skills I have already taught you all.
  • Mastery questions so children can check that they’ve really understood the learning again.
  • Answers are provided for all activities to check your understanding.

This week’s Learning (1st-5th June 2020):

Y6 Week 8 Day 1-Pie Charts (1)

Y6 Week 8 Day 2_Powerpoint for Teachers

Y6 Week 8 Day 2-Pie charts (2)

Y6 Week 8 Day 3-Finding the Mean (1)

Y6 Week 8 Day 4-Finding the mean (2)

Y6 Week 8 Day 5- Fractulas

Y6 Week 8 Day 5_Powerpoint for Teachers

Don’t forget that we are also doing Maths with Parents which is a fun activity to try with your child.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re missing out on the fun! Go to and add your child’s class code to register.  More information is on the Maths with Parents page.  Year 6’s code is 679378.

Please read some of the feedback from parents and pupils – Maths with Parents Feedback Year 6

Finally, Topmarks have some good games to play for fun such as Daily Ten and Hit the Button


Times Tables Rockstars:


Who out there is going to be entering the Guiness World Records Rockstar challenge? Come on, be a part of it. A letter with the details was emailed out to all parents this week.

Guinness World Records – TT Rock Stars – Letter to Pupils (3) (1)

TTRockstars parent letter

English –

These are English objectives we have already learnt. You should not need to print out the activities.

  • Reading – a story to read or listen to, compare and discuss
  • Writing activities
  • Fun-Time Extras – things children will want to do!

This week’s learning (1st-5th June 2020):

Y6_Week_8_Teacher notes

Cohesion with audio

Year 6 Week 8 Day 1

Year 6 Week 8 Day 2

Year 6 Week 8 Day 3

Year 6 Week 8 Day 4

Year 6 Week 8 Day 5

This week’s spellings (1st-5th June): Words ending in -ibly

A4 Poster

Word Search

Word Search Which Word Where Activity Sheet


In addition, the Spelling Frame website has a good area to continue developing their skills.

PE update from Mr D- Football challenge

Active Fusion are inviting pupils to take part in a football challenge

More information about the challenge can be found on our website:

In the event that your child wants to do more, there is an Additional Home Learning Resources page with other activities.  Not all will be suitable for Year 6.  Please note that this is only if pupils want more to do.

I hope all this helps.

Stay safe. We miss you all.

Mrs Clemitshaw & Mrs Mumford


Images from our World Book Day can be seen here.

Images from our school redidential to PGL can be seen here: PGL 2019 PRIDE

Images from VE day can be seen here: Year 6 celebrate VE day 75 years webpage

A letter from Mrs Mumford: A message from Mrs Mumford

Answers to all of the Ten Minute Tests books can be found here:

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Week 2 –school closures

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