Year 5

Year 5

Spring 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

Welcome back, here is an overview of what your child shall be learning in the spring half-term in year 5:



Year 5 will take part in daily whole class reading along with a focus upon spelling, punctuation and grammar activities. Also, the children shall be taking part in lots of writing, reading and spoken word activities which will include studying the book, The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie.


In class we shall be reviewing place value, the four operations of +, -, x and division, measures, data handling and shape and space activities. New objectives of fractions and decimals, compound shapes and missing angles will also be introduced during this half term.

We are also doing Maths with Parents which is a fun activity to try with your child.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re missing out on the fun! Go to and add your child’s class code to register.  More information is on the Maths with Parents page.  Year 5’s code is 609214


The Canon Popham Times Table Challenge

We continue with the ‘Times Tables Challenge’ award system to encourage the children to learn their times tables. The children need to learn their tables (multiplication and division facts and missing digit questions) to achieve awards.

Try it!!! Can you do it? You can practise as many times as you like by following the links

TOPIC– How has life in Britain changed since 1948?

We will continue with the same topic from before Christmas with the children using knowledge and skills learnt to produce a presentation piece of learning within a small group.



Art influenced by the Environment




We shall use computers to support our topic work. This shall include internet research, using Power point, Scratch and Hopscotch simple coding and programming.

PE – The Power of PE

PE and Games program for year 5 will include dance, yoga and mindfulness activities during this half term on Wednesday afternoon, therefore children will need to bring their indoor games kit for that day.


Monday: Spelling pattern/rule (spelling test on Friday)

Monday: Maths year 5 arithmetic half paper (hand in by Friday)

HOW HAS LIFE IN BRITAIN CHANGED SINCE 1948? – all topic homework to be completed and handed in by Friday 17th January.

Please note: Pupils not handing in homework on time will complete this during school time at break/lunchtimes.

READING – 10 minutes homework for 5 nights a week!

Children can fill in their own reading record however it needs to be signed by an adult. I expect to see children have read at least 5 times a week. We have discussed in class that children are allowed to read a range of texts as well as their school reading book e.g. home books, magazines, online information. Children who read regularly for 20 times in the month will be rewarded with a GOLDEN TICKET.  READING is FUN!!



Our next PRIDE session will be an opportunity for you to look at the learning from the topic HOW HAS LIFE IN BRITAIN CHANGED SINCE 1948? A diary letter giving the details of the PRIDE session will be given out on the first week back after Christmas.

 If you have any worries or concerns please come and see me as soon as possible; no worry is too small. The best time to do this is after school at 3:30pm.

Thank you for the continued support in helping with your child’s learning!

Mrs J Shelton