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Year 5

Year 5

Autumn Term one 2020

Welcome back to a new school year! I hope that you all had a relaxing summer break. It’s definitely been a very different type of summer for us all.  Year 5 is a great year to be in with so much to look forward to. I know that school may seem a bit different to normal at the moment, but we will work together to make everything feel as safe and normal as possible. Myself and Mrs Mumford are looking forward to us all  working together as a team. If you have any worries or questions, please email me at: and I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.

ENGLISH zoom meeting 29th September – Writing and reading at Canon Popham powerpoint

WRITING in UKS2 parent meeting 2020

Maths zoom calculation meeting- 13th October 2020 Maths Calculations – parents meeting – October 2020

Our starter topic this year is a whole school topic ‘Here We Are’.

This heartfelt and thought-provoking book from Oliver Jeffers is dedicated to his son, Harland and was written in the first two months of Harland’s life. It was inspired by Oliver’s desire to make sense of the world for his son, but is also a gift to all children at this time, helping them to make sense of their world and their role in it. This book provides a powerful vehicle for children to reflect on and make sense of the world we are all living in. The words and pictures work together to help children to understand their place in the world and to move forward together in a positive and constructive way.

In addition to using the book, we will be doing lots of PSHE work around children’s feelings and helping them to make sense of what has happened, so that they feel happy and safe.

Try some meditation here:


After we complete the work on ‘Here We Are’ our next book study will be Varjak Paw by S F Said. The book will lead to work on: apostrophes to mark possession; using direct speech and writing stories, poems and a report. We will also be carrying on with our sentence and grammar work.

READING – a daily activity 

Please continue to enjoy your reading each day. Reading is fun and a great way to spend time together with your family, as well as developing our imaginations. Don’t forget to ask your adult to record what you read in your home reading record. We will count all entries in the reading diaries once we return to school and award golden tickets to those who have read 20 times or more in a month.

Reading books and records need to be brought into school on a FRIDAY. They will then be kept in quarantine until the following Monday when we shall give them back out. Please DO NOT bring them into school on any other day.

This doesn’t mean that you can’r read over trhe weekend.  I love a good book!


Spelling homework shall be given out every THURSDAY and spellings tested the following Thursday in class. In normal circumstances sheets are returned home, so that you can see the scores. At the present time, we shall keep them in school. Please could you ensure that your child does the whole sheet and not just the daily writing of spellings.

The Spelling Frame website has lots of fun games to support your learning of the Year 5 spelling patterns and rules. For this week, click on the link and Year 5 spellings. Revisit all of the Y5/6 spelling rules and patterns and spend ten minutes playing some of the activities in Spelling Tiles.


Year 5 Unit 1: Reasoning with large whole numbers

Year 5 Unit 2: Addition and subtraction

Year 5 Unit 3: Line graphs and timetables

TT ROCKSTARS – Your username and passwords will be the ame as last year. I look forward to battling other classes and having one to one battles with you. Meet Gigi Slasher- that’s me…Mrs C!!!


Art linked to our book study ‘Here We Are’.


What is the best way for a Hindu to show commitment to God?


The Earth and Beyond




Charanga- Lining on a Prayer (rock genre)


Scheme- La Jolie ronde

If you have any worries or concerns please come and see me as soon as possible; no worry is too small.

Thank you.

Mrs N. Clemitshaw