Year 5

Summer 2 Term 2018

Welcome back everyone.

Here is an overview of what your child shall be learning in the second summer half-term in year 5 (please also see the curriculum page):

Year 5 will take part in daily whole class reading sessions using VIPERS reading questions along with a focus upon spelling, punctuation and grammar activities. Also, the children shall be taking part in lots of writing, reading and spoken word activities which will be based upon our topic of the Ancient Greeks

In class we shall continue to use place value, the four operations of +, -, x and division and fractions to answer arithmetic questions each week. The main teaching focus this half term will continue with geometry which looks at the properties of shapes followed by position and direction, converting units of measure and volume.

Topic : Ancient Greeks (continued)
The Battle of Marathon
The Trojan War
What have the Ancient Greeks left behind for us?

TOPIC : Football World Cup (geography based)

Animals, including humans
(reproduction in plants and animals)

Art / D&T
Year 5 will take part in the whole school ARTS WEEK

MFL: French
Greetings, Numbers, Places and Directions

R.E. : Christianity
What is the best way for a Christian to show commitment to God?

We shall use computers to support our topic work. This shall include internet programming, use of PowerPoint and Scratch simple coding.

This half term we will continue with our FUNS P.E. sessions. Please note that P.E. shall take place on a WEDNESDAY afternoon this half term. Please ensure P.E. kits are brought into school on Monday.

Reading at least 20 times in every month!
Monday: Maths Homework (hand in by Friday)
Monday: Spelling pattern/rule (spelling test on Friday)
Ancient Greeks: Topic homework – at least one quality piece of homework to be completed and shown during the next PRIDE in our LEARNING.

Times Tables
We continue to have a huge push on children knowing their times tables. Year 5 need to know all the times tables up to 12 x 12. Your help in learning these will be invaluable to the continued success and progress your child will make in maths throughout their time in key stage 2, therefore your support in this would be most appreciated, thank you.

The children need to learn their tables (multiplication and division facts and missing digit questions) to achieve awards. Children will take their times tables challenge each Friday afternoon.
Here is a great game for times tables.

10 minutes homework for 5 times a week!
Children can fill in their own reading record however it needs to be signed by an adult. I expect to see children have read at least 5 times a week. We have discussed in class that children are allowed to read a range of texts as well as their school reading book e.g. home books, magazines, online information. Children who read 20 times in the month will be rewarded with a GOLDEN TICKET.

Core Stories

Whole class reading – All classes will read a selection of core stories for their year group which focuses around a key author. In KS2, each class will read together every afternoon at 1.15 for 10 to 15 minutes. The key author for Year 5 is Michael Morpurgo. The core stories from each class are displayed within their classroom and in the main hall.

Topic Homework
Once again, the aim of topic homework is to over a wide range of tasks to appeal to different styles of learning and creativity. I have put together suggestions for this term’s topic of ANCIENT GREEKS but will also take suggestions from the class as to what they would like to know and find out about our new topic. I will give these out on the first week of the summer term. ONE quality piece of homework needs to be completed over the next half term. The homework tasks will be shown at our next PRIDE in our LEARNING at the end of the half term. Once again, I am looking forward to seeing the results of your creativity.

Our next PRIDE session will be an opportunity for you to look at the learning from the GROOVY GREEKS topic. A letter giving the details of the PRIDE session will be given out on the first week back after half term.

If you have any worries or concerns please come and see me as soon as possible; no worry is too small. The best time to do this is after school at 3:30pm. 

 Thank you for the continued support in helping with your child’s learning!

 Mrs J Shelton