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Year 5

Year 5- Spring two 2021

We have one week of remote teaching left to go before we are all reunited again.  You have all been fantastic Year 5;  Mrs Mumford and I are both so proud of you. Let’s make this last week a GREAT one.


We have WORLD BOOK day to enjoy on Thursday March 4th and I can’t wait to see how creative you are all going to be. (I have emailed out the activities you can choose from, so that you can get bits and pieces together). We would love to put some of your work on display in school, so do your best to make yours amazing and bring it in on the week commencing March 8th.

Check out this brilliant Word Book Day song by MC Grammar:


Enjoy our class video about Children’s Mental Health Week:

This week’s full timetable:

Spring 2 Week 2 Zoom 8 Monday 1st March to Friday 5th March 2021

The tasks that are within a peach-filled box need returning in your packs to school for marking.   The English tasks in green-filled boxes need to be sent to me on the DAY please using Seasaw or by emailing a photograph.  BLUE BOOKS  must remain AT HOME.  Thank you.

Here is a link to today’s assembly (Wednesday, 3rd March) with Mrs Navas. We shall be watching them in class, daily at 14:30.

Maths- Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

Zoom:  09:15-09:45 

Learning objective: To solve fraction and percentage word problems.

Task: 09:45-10:15  (Sheets 11a and 11b)

Maths working wall

This link will show you all you need to know about our fraction learning this term:

Fractions reminder sheet

This link shows you equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages:


Percentage facts to LEARN:

percentage facts to LEARN

Finding percentages of amounts by converting the percentage into a fraction- then DIVIDE BY THE DENOMINATOR x BY THE NUMERATOR.

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021-  English: Writing

Zoom 10:30- 11:00

Learning objective: To read aloud and to perform showing understanding through intonation, tone and volume.

Click here for a copy of The Dreadful Menace.

The Dreadful Menace

11:00- 11:30 tasks- Write a weather report using hyperbole.

Spellings/Reading Zoom: 11:45- 12:15- Mark yesterday’s sheet/ introduction to week 8 spellings/Multiple Choice

13:00- 13:30  Sequencing /  look up definitions of new spellings.

French Zoom 13:30-14:00: I can say and write at what time I do things.

14:00 – 14:30 French task

14:30 – 15:00: Assembly/ Bug Club/ TTRockstars

Silly Sock Skill Challenge KS2


Keeping Fit in Lockdown

I  downloaded a free app last weekend called ‘Home Court Basketball’. It’s so much fun! You can do challenges with a ball or why not try the reaction challenge.  Here’s me doing it. Can you beat my PB?

Online learning from 06.01.21

We will be following the timetable below whether your child is accessing learning from home or in the key worker / vulnerable provision in school.

If your child is attending the key worker / vulnerable provision please can you ensure they bring their paper work packs with them every day.

The work packs you collect have everything in for 2 weeks, please keep them safe and in order. You need to have them available every session, along with all resources (pen, pencil ruler etc) in case of any unexpected changes.  I shall email every evening to let you know which resources are required for that day. In cases where teaching has to be adapted (eg extra sessions added in due to children not understanding, I shall email work).

In addition to the zoom sessions with independent tasks, children have spellings, TTRockstarts and Bug Club to complete daily.

Returning / collecting work packs

Dates for work packs to be returned / collected

Monday, 8th March 2021 when all children return to school.

Zoom reminders

Can you remember how to unmute yourself to answer my questions? (hold down the space bar until you have finished speaking)

Can you remember how to show me your thumbs up? (click the reactions face and select thumbs up emoji)

Can you remember how to send me a question? (click the speech bubble and type your question in the chat)

REMEMBER – there is an expectation that learning behaviours during a zoom session should be the same as if the children are in a classroom lesson at school.


For each session, you will need to log back in using the link provided in your email and wait in the waiting room, until I begin the meeting. I suggest logging in 5 minutes before we are due to start each session as we need to be prompt and stick to timings. If you are late, I may not see that you are in the waiting room as I will be focused on teaching. (I will try though)

We will be taking an informal register of who is participating in each zoom session.

We have  kept the order of lessons the same to provide some normality and consistency. We will follow this timetable every day.

8:15 – 9:15 am– either EGPS or Tough Ten plus BUG CLUB.

9:15m – 9:30am – Maths Zoom input

9:30am – 10:15am – Maths independent task / TTRockstars


10:30-11:00 English writing Zoom

11:00-11 :30 English independent task

11:45-12:15 Reading/Spellings Zoom




1:00-1:30pm: Reading/Spellings independent work

1:30- 2:00: Curriculum Zoom


TUESDAY: History -Life since 1948




2:00- 2:30: Curriculum independent task

2:30-3:10: Reading/spellings/TTrockstars


Click the link below to see us have fun in the snow!

This link opens on phones:

Let it Snow

This link contains a video and won’t open on phones:

Let it Snow

Thank you.

Mrs N. Clemitshaw & Mrs H. Mumford