Year 4

 Year 4


29th May 2020

Hello Year 4!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful half term enjoying the sunshine (I enjoyed it too much because I’m very burnt). You work for the next week is below as always which includes your new learning project for this week further down the page. Keep working hard on this as you are all doing an amazing job!  Remember to send me a picture of your learning and get it to me by Friday. I really enjoy these photos so don’t forget that I need a photo from you every week. Just one. This photo could be of your Maths and English learning or something creative. I hope you have a great half term. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself while you have no learning to do. I would still enjoy hearing form you about what things you are doing during your half term so feel free to send emails in.

Just remember that you are all doing an amazing job. We are doing the safe thing by staying at home and I can’t wait for us all to be back and school laughing and learning together! Also, don’t forget to send me a photo of an example of some home learning you have done using our class email. Below are some examples of home learning.

Year 4 Home Learning

Year 4 Home Learning New

Year 4 Home Learning WB 18_05_20


Year 4 Reading Challenge

I would like to thank everyone that sent in their entries for the reading challenge. They were all brilliant entries and you should be proud of yourselves. It’s great to see that you have all carried on your love for reading! It was a very tough decision to pick a winner but below is the winner and runner up for year 4!

Winner – Tegan E (£5 Gift card)

Runner up – Zachary P (Book)

For those of you that entered and didn’t win you will receive a small treat for the effort that you put into this challenge.



Children may well be using the internet more than usual at the moment so it is a good time to remind and emphasise how to keep safe online. CEOP have produced lots of great resources which parents/carers can access on their website:


Maths – Daily activity

These maths activities are objectives that have been done before in school and are not new to you. These packs include:

  • Learning reminder slides
  • Practice sheets with a possible choice of ‘Mild’ (easier) and ‘Hot’ (harder)
  • If you are finding it difficult you can have a go at the ‘bit stuck?’ section with a grown-up
  • Once finished there are answers for you to check you have an understanding of the objective


WB 01/06/20

Y4 Week 8 Day 1

Y4 Week 8 Day 1_Powerpoint for Teachers

Y4 Week 8 Day 2

Y4 Week 8 Day 3

Y4 Week 8 Day 4

Y4 Week 8 Day 5


WB 18/05/20

Y4 Week 7 Day 1

Y4 Week 7 Day 1_Powerpoint for Teachers

Y4 Week 7 Day 2

Y4 Week 7 Day 3

Y4 Week 7 Day 4

Y4 Week 7 Day 5

WB 11/05/20

Y4 Week 6 Day 1

Y4 Week 6 Day 2

Y4 Week 6 Day 3

Y4 Week 6 Day 3_Powerpoint for Teachers

Y4 Week 6 Day 4

Y4 Week 6 Day 5

WB 04/05/20

Y4 Week 5 Day 1

Y4 Week 5 Day 2  Y4 Week 5 Day 2_Powerpoint

Y4 Week 5 Day 3  Y4 Week 5 Day 3_Powerpoint

Y4 Week 5 Day 4

Y4 Week 5 Day 5  Y4 Week 5 Day 5_Powerpoint

WB 27/04/20

Y4 Week 4 Day 1   Y4 Week 4 Day 1_Teacher Powerpoint

Y4 Week 4 Day 2

Y4 Week 4 Day 3   Y4 Week 4 Day 3_Teacher Powerpoint

Y4 Week 4 Day 4

Y4 Week 4 Day 5

WB 20/04/20

Y4 Week 2 Day 1

Y4 Week 2 Day 2

Y4 Week 2 Day 3

Y4 Week 2 Day 4

Y4 Week 2 Day 5

Also, remember to practice your times tables using Reflex and the 38 time table questions that you were sent home with in your pack. Furthermore, if you would like to test yourself on your times tables then please click on the like below.



English – Daily activity

These English activities are objectives that we have covered this year so you should be to complete them comfortably. These activities consist of:

  • Reading a story (or listening to it)
  • Answering questions about the story
  • Writing activities
  • Fun-Time Extras


WB 01/06/20

Year 4 Week 8 Day 1

Year 4 Week 8 Day 2

Year 4 Week 8 Day 3

Year 4 Week 8 Day 4

Year 4 Week 8 Day 5


WB 18/05/20

Year 4 Week 7 Day 1

Year 4 Week 7 Day 2

Year 4 Week 7 Day 3

Year 4 Week 7 Day 4

Year 4 Week 7 Day 5


WB 11/05/20

Year 4 Week 6 Day 1

Year 4 Week 6 Day 2

Year 4 Week 6 Day 3

Year 4 Week 6 Day 4

Year 4 Week 6 Day 5

Adverbials with audio

WB 04/05/20

Perfect Form Powerpoint with audio

Year 4 Week 5 Day 1

Year 4 Week 5 Day 2

Year 4 Week 5 Day 3

Year 4 Week 5 Day 4

Year 4 Week 5 Day 5

WB 27/04/20

Year 4 Day 1_RM

Year 4 Day 2_RM

Year 4 Day 3_RM

Year 4 Day 4_RM

Year 4 Day 5_RM

Powerpoint – Adverbials 1

Powerpoint – Noun Phrases 1

Powerpoint – Noun Phrases 2

WB 20/04/20

Year 4 Day 1

Year 4 Day 2

Year 4 Day 3

Year 4 Day 4

Year 4 Day 5

In addition to your English activity I would like you complete a spelling activity. The Spelling Frame website has lots of fun games to support your learning of the Year 4 spelling rules. If you click on the ‘Spelling Frame’ link below, click on year 3 and 4 and click on ‘spelling rules 9 and 10’ to complete your first spelling activity.

Spelling Frame


Reading – Daily reading

Make sure that you are reading your reading books every day for around 10 minutes. I know that many of you were reading a lot while at school so keep it up while you’re at home!

You can also access reading using the links below: A free resource with a selection of digital books. Access to thousands of enhanced digital books through myON and articles from myON News. A currently free resource, for as long as schools are closed, with a selection of stories to listen to. You can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help children to continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. A free resource with a selection of stories to watch being read by an adult. Storyline Online, streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.  A free resource with story books to listen to and read along. BookTrust is the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, dedicated to getting children reading. A free resource with storybooks to download and read. Open Library is an open, editable library catalogue, building towards a web page for every book ever published.


Reading Challenge

Today we have launched Canon Popham’s Reading Challenge. Texts and activities have been specifically selected for each year group with the aim of developing a long lasting love of reading. Click on the link to find out more about the Year 4 Reading Challenge!

Year 4 Reading Challenge CPPA Mr Pitchfork


Whole School Themed Learning Projects

As well as a daily maths, reading and writing activity, we will be uploading a whole school themed learning project every week for you to have fun completing. The learning projects will have a different whole school theme every week and will include many areas of the curriculum such as P.E., geography, history, music or art. As a school, we expect that at least 1 project activity be completed and evidenced by emailing a photo using the class email. I can’t wait to see all of the lovely activities that you complete. Click on the link to find out more about the Year 4 Learning Project for this week!

Y3_4 Canon Popham Week 1 learning project

Y3Y4 Canon Popham Week 2 learning project (1)

Y3Y4 Canon Popham Week 3 learning project

Y3Y4 Canon Popham Week 4 learning project

Y3Y4 Canon Popham Week 5 learning project

Y3Y4 Canon Popham Week 6 learning project


As were not in school and not able to carry out our collective worship here is a video for you to watch. It is a brilliant video that will help you with your cartoon drawing skills but at the same time has a wonderful message. Hope you enjoy.




We know that being at home with your children is the best and safest place for now but in the meantime we want to help you as best we can by keeping in touch for the duration of the closure. To offer support, you can email me with home learning questions on:

I will be available during normal school hours (8.40 – 3.30pm) and will check this every working day to answer any learning related queries you may have. You will also be able to send in pictures and learning you may have completed. I would love to see how creative you have all been with your time so far.







Coronavirus Update

All children should have their home learning packs from the school which were issued before the school closed.  More work will be uploaded here in due course.  In the event that your child wants to do more, there is an Additional Home Learning Resources page with other activities.  Not all will be suitable for Year 4.  Please note that this is only if pupils want more to do.

In addition, the Spelling Frame website has a good area to continue developing their skills in addition to the websites below.


Please remember to visit as there are many different interactive games and revision tools for your child to help them with their learning.

Here is a great game for times tables –

We are also doing Maths with Parents which is a fun activity to try with your child.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re missing out on the fun! Go to and add your child’s class code to register.  More information is on the Maths with Parents page.  Year 4’s code is 656369.

Please read some of the feedback from parents and pupils – Maths with Parents Feedback Year 4

Finally, Topmarks have some good games to play for fun such as Daily Ten and Hit the Button.



TT ROCKSTARS – Your username and passwords have been emailed to you all this week. Please give it a try and let me know what you think of this times tables support. Don’t forget to keep working on Reflex maths also!


Finally, when completing these tasks all I ask is that you try your best. If you are finding things difficult or getting frustrated with this learning then take a break and remember that your’re all awesome (you too parents!)

Thank you for your support

Mr Pitchfork & Mrs Holman