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Year 3

Welcome Year 3!

Here on our web page is where you will be able to find the documents that you will need for the next days learning. This is also where link to assemblies will be and any other information that you need.


Below is the learning you will need for the first week back after half term. There is also the link to our assemblies for this week.


Wednesday 24th February Learning

Maths (8:45-9:15 Zoom) – Do now 4a and task 4a.

Reading (10:00-10:30 Zoom) – Krag and the beast.

Writing (11:45-12:15 Zoom) – Punctuating speech


Afternoon learning – Romans project work. My Project Proposal


Wednesday assembly –



Tuesday 2rd February Learning

Maths (8:45-9:15 Zoom) – Unit fractions. Task 3a and 3b.

Reading (10:00-10:30 Zoom) – food (stone age). VIPERS questions focus. Food comprehension sheet.

Writing (11:45-12:15 Zoom) – Asking open ended questions. Conjunctions sheet. Resource 2a.


Afternoon Learning – Fairtrade leaflet.



Monday 22nd February Learning

Maths (8:45-9:15 Zoom) – Understanding equal part of a whole. Task sheet 2b (1). Task sheet 2b (2).

Reading (10:00-10:30 Zoom) – Food (Stone age). Retrieval questions focus. Food comprehension sheet.

Writing (11:45-12:15 Zoom) – Key features of in information text. Prepositions sheet. The water cycle example. Resource sheet 1a.


Afternoon Learning – Zumba dance. Joe Wicks video and cosmic kids yoga.



Thursday 11th February Learning

Maths (8:45-9:15 Zoom) – Recapping time intervals. No sheet needed

Reading (10:00-10:30 Zoom) – History of Comics. VIPERS focus.

Writing (11:45-12:15 Zoom) – Writing our tension narrative. Wednesday’s planning sheet and tension writing checklist.


Afternoon learning –


Wednesday 10th February Learning

Maths (8:45-9:15 Zoom) – Calculating and comparing intervals in time. Do now lesson 8 and task sheets 8a and 8b.

Reading (10:00-10:30 Zoom) – Rocks and Fossils comprehension (date and the top).

Writing (11:45-12:15 Zoom) – Planning our tension writing. Planning sheet (date at the top).


Afternoon Learning – Remembering a Hero. Learning about Captain Tom. Captain Tom Moore Comprehension (Pages 1-4). Creating a thank you message.


Wednesday assembly link



Thursday 4th February Learning

Maths (8:45-9:15 Zoom) – Telling the time on a digital clock. Task sheet 4b.

Reading (10:00-10:30 Zoom) – Roman armour and weapons.

Writing (11:45-12:15 Zoom) – Writing our newspaper report. Resource sheet 8d, 9b and newspaper word mat sent by email yesterday.


Afternoon Learning – Jesus Fact file (


Below is the link to Thursday’s assembly:



Wednesday 3rd February Learning

Maths (8:45-9:15 Zoom) – Telling the time. You will need task sheet 2b. This does say TUE on it but not to worry.

Reading (10:00-10:30 Zoom) – The Roman Army

Writing (11:45-12:15 Zoom) – Resource sheet 8d. Planning our newspaper reports.


Afternoon Learning (13:00-13:30 Zoom) – Express yourself Poster.


Below is the link to Wednesday’s assembly.


Zoom reminders

Can you remember how to unmute yourself to answer my questions? (hold down the space bar until you have finished speaking)

Can you remember how to show me your thumbs up? (click the reactions face and select thumbs up emoji)

Can you remember how to send me a question? (click the speech bubble and type your question in the chat)

REMEMBER – there is an expectation that learning behaviours during a zoom session should be the same as if the children are in a classroom lesson at school.


Thank you for your on going support.

Mr Pitchfork and Mrs Holman