Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

29th May, 2020

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone has had a lovely half term. What wonderful weather we have had this week- let’s hope it continues into next week. Learning for week eight is online now. Please send photos of your learning by Friday each week.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions (see address below).

Being at home is the safest place for now but I’m sure things will get back to normal very soon. In the meantime, we want to ensure that we can help and support you the best we can by providing learning opportunities during the school closures.  To offer support you can keep in touch with me with any home learning questions you may have by e-mailing

I will be available during normal school hours (8:40-3:30) and will check this every working day to answer any learning related queries you may have. You will be able to send in pictures and learning that you have completed.

I can see that lots of you have been very busy! Have a look at some of the learning and photos I have received so far

Year3 Home Learning  

New Home learning 2

More Home Learning

Super Home Learning

Home Learning Heroes

Reading Challenge (UPDATE)

Well done all those children who entered. I have really enjoyed reading them.

Winner:  Betsy  (£5.00) Gift card Reading challenge

Runner up:  Lincoln (Book)

There will be consolation prizes for all children who entered. Thank you!

Today we have launched Canon Popham’s Reading Challenge. Texts and activities have been specifically selected for each year group with the aim of developing a long lasting love of reading. Click on the link to find out more about the Year 3 Reading Challenge 

Remember Challenge Ends on Monday 18th May !!!


Children may well be using the internet more than usual at the moment so it is a good time to remind and emphasise how to keep safe online. CEOP have produced lots of great resources which parents/carers can access on their website:

Whole School Themed Learning Projects

As well as a daily maths, reading and writing activity, we will be uploading a whole school themed learning project every week for you to have fun completing. The learning projects will have a different whole school theme every week and will include many areas of the curriculum such as P.E., geography, history, music or art. As a school, we expect that at least 1 project activity be completed and evidenced by emailing a photo using the class email. I can’t wait to see all of the lovely activities that you complete. Click on the link to find out more about the Year 3 Learning Project for this week!

CP Learning project 1

 CP learning project 2

 CP  learning project 3

CP learning project 4

 CP learning project 5

CP  learning project 6

Physical Education

Please check out our Additional Home Learning Resources

for free PE resources and activities from our Sports Partnership Active Fusion.

Football challenge

Active Fusion are inviting pupils to take part in a football challenge

More information about the challenge can be found on our website:

Whole School assembly

Huw Thomas, the Director of Education for the Diocese of Sheffield has produced a cartoon assembly which can also be found in our Additional Home Learning Resources

It would be great to see some of your cartoons!

Maths with Parents

Are you an Easter Eggspert? Pupils and parents who have completed and left a comment or photo for every topic set this term will be our Easter Eggsperts. This will include all topics set between 1st January and 3rd April. Families need to try and complete these by 26th April. Pupils will get a certificate as well as an Easter Eggspert badge in their Mathscot’s trophy cabinet whenever they have completed all the topics. Good luck!

Congratulations to all our Year 3 winners in the Easter Eggspert Competition. Well done to you and your parents!

Lydia   Lincoln   Liam   and Emily

Maths – a daily activity

These are maths objectives already learned. You should not need to print out the activities.

The practice sheets usually have a choice of ‘mild’ (easier) or ‘hot’ (harder)

There is an ‘if you are stuck’ sheet with an activity to help you understand.

TT ROCKSTARS – Your username and passwords have been emailed to you all this week. Please give it a try and let me know what you think of this times tables support. Thank you to the year 3 pupils who have already emailed to say they really like it!

Remember to login to TTRockstars !!

Week 8

 Week 8 Day 1

 Week 8 Day 2

 Week 8 Day 2_Powerpoint for Teachers

 Week 8 Day 3

 Week 8 Day 4

 Week 8 Day 4_Powerpoint for Teachers

Week 8 Day 5

Week 7  (Begins 18th May)

 Week 7  Day 1

 Week 7  Day 2

Week 7  Day 2_Powerpoint for Teachers

 Week 7 Day 3

Week 7  Day 4

 Week 7  Day 4_Powerpoint for Teachers

 Week 7  Day 5

Week 6 (Begins 11th May)

 Week 6 Day 1

 Week 6 Day 1_Powerpoint for Teachers

 Week 6 Day 2

 Week 6 Day 3

 Week 6 Day 3_Powerpoint for Teachers

 Week 6 Day 4

 Week 6 Day 5

Week 5 (Begins 4th May)

Week 5 Day 1

Week 5 Day 1_Teacher Powerpoint

 Week 5 Day 2

 Week 5 Day 3

Week 5 Day 3_Teacher Powerpoint

 Week 5 Day 4

 Week 5 Day 5

Week 4 (Begin 27th April)

_Day 1_PowerPoint 1

_Day1_Use a fraction wall to compare pairs of fractions

_Day2_Use a fraction wall to order groups of fractions

_Day3_Find pairs of fractions that add to 1

_Day4_PowerPoint 2

_Day4_Write and draw analogue and digital clock times

_Day5_Match analogue and digital clock times_quarter hour increments

Week 3

Y3 Week 3 Day 1

Y3 Week 3 Day 2

Y3 Week 3 Day 3

Y3 Week 3 Day 4

Y3 Week 3 Day 5

English – a daily activity

Week 8 (Begins June 1st)

Word Class with audio

 Week 8 Day 1

 Week 8 Day 2

 Week 8 Day 3

 Week 8 Day 4

 Week 8 Day 5

Week 7 (begins 18th May)

Adverbs with audio

Clauses and Conjunctions with audio

 Week 7 Day 1

 Week 7 Day 2

 Week 7 Day 3

 Week 7 Day 4

 Week 7 Day 5

Week 6 (begins 11th May)

Dialogue Powerpoint with audio

 Week 6 Day 1

 Week 6 Day 2

 Week 6 Day 3

 Week 6 Day 4

 Week 6 Day 5


Week 5

Past and Present Tense with audio

Perfect form with audio

Progressive Tense with audio

 Week 5 Day 1

 Week 5 Day 2

 Week 5 Day 3

 Week 5 Day 4

 Week 5 Day 5

Week 4 (begin Mon 27th April))

Reading_Purple is Best

 Week 4 Day 1

Day 2_powerpoint_present_perfect_form with audio

 Week 4 Day 2

Week 4 Day 3

Day 4_powerpoint_prepositions with audio

 Week 4 Day 4

 Week 4 Day 5


Reading- Diary of a Labrador

Week 3 Day 1

 Week 3 Day 2

 Week 3 Day 3

Week 3 Day 4

 Week 3 Day 5

Reading – a daily activity

Reading is a fun activity!  Please continue to read each day and don’t forget to ask your adult to record what you read in your home reading record. We will continue to award golden tickets to those children who have read 20 times each month. There are some good reading links on the Reading Challenge page.

Spelling– a daily activity

The Spelling Frame website has lots of fun games to support your learning of the Year 3 spelling rules.

Click on the link and Year 3 spellings then spelling rule 6



Keep up your cursive handwriting skills- a reminder can be found here

Week 8  Practise joining whole words. Write out an alphabet of foods eg Avocado, Banana…


English (week 1) Some of the texts are differentiated and include answers. (Parents should ensure children have a go before checking the answers together)

Week 1 Begin 23-03-20

Day 1  Reading 1

Day 2 Reading 2

Day 3 Reading 3

Day 4 Reading 4

Day 5  Reading 5


Week 2 English Begins (30-03-20)

Writing Ideas for Writing


Spelling 1.1

Reading  Icarus story

 Week 2 Day 1

 Week 2  Day 2

 Week 2 Day 3

 Week 2 Day 4

 Week 2 Day 5

Maths  (Note to parents- This learning has been covered earlier in the year. Some children may need a few  reminders)

Week 1

Day 1 Maths 1

Day 2 Maths 2

Day 3 Maths 3

Day 4 maths 4

Day 5 maths 5

Week 2  Maths( Begin 30-03-20)

Week 2 maths 1

Week 2 maths 2

Week 2 maths 3

Week 2 maths 4

Week 2 maths 5

Curriculum Ideas

These activities are connected to our science unit Light and shadows. Fun with shadows

Why not create a fact file or powerpoint of your own using these ideas Animal Fact File PowerPoint

Animal Fact File Activity  Animal Fact Files

General Information

We continue to have a huge push on children knowing their times tables and your help in learning these will be invaluable to the continued success and progress your child will make in maths throughout their time in key stage 2.  We ask that you encourage your child to use Reflex Maths to develop their skills.

We are also doing Maths with Parents which is a fun activity to try with your child. (Please try to keep this going- a new unit starts on Monday 20th April)

If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re missing out on the fun! Go to and add your child’s class code to register.  More information is on the Maths with Parents page.  Year 3’s code is 943160.

Please read some of the feedback from parents and pupils – Maths with Parents Feedback Year 3

Finally, Topmarks have some good games to play for fun such as Daily Ten and Hit the Button.

Please also see our curriculum page for additional information.

In the event that your child wants to do more, there is an Additional Home Learning Resources page with other activities.  Not all will be suitable for Year 3.  Please note that this is only if pupils want more to do.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Dickman and Mrs Stewardson.