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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Class emails

Occasionally I will email you information, please keep a look out and save our email address in your safe list.

You can email me at:

I will do my best to respond quickly to answer any queries you may have.


Online Safety

Children may well be using the internet more than usual at the moment so it is a good time to remind and emphasise how to keep safe online. CEOP have produced lots of great resources which parents/carers can access on their website:

We also have a Parental Controls booklet that gives guidance for parents on how to apply parent control on many different things that our children use from Netflix to settings on IOS and Android (Phones). To access this please click on the link: Parental Controls booklet 2020


Week commencing 19th October 2020.

Hello everyone, last week we began our first ever learning on Zoom. We are so proud of you for the way you have adapted to this way of working and the great independent work you have completed. Well done to all the children and adults for being our Stars of the Week, certificates are below! I am looking forward to another week of Zoom learning before our half term break. Remember, we will be doing a house points announcement on Thursday afternoon, will it be St Andrew, St David, St Patrick or St George with the most points?



Zoom reminders

Can you remember how to unmute yourself to answer my questions? (hold down the space bar until you have finished speaking)

Can you remember how to show me your thumbs up? (click the reactions face and select thumbs up emoji)

Can you remember how to send me a question? (click the speech bubble and type your question in the chat)

We can now put our zoom classroom learning into practice!


Learning pack handouts and teaching resources

Here are the electronic copies of the handouts we provided in the learning packs, just in case you lose any sheets or need another copy, along with this week’s phonics instead of spellings for the afternoons.

Please note we are not responsible for the content of links to external sites.

Maths resources – Yr 2  These should be in your work packs

Pets   Whole class reading text and daily tasks

Reading resources – Yr 2 These should be in your work packs

writing input and tasks powerpoint  Whole class writing input and daily tasks

Adventures are the Pits film link  Watch the Writing stimulus video (external site links)

Writing resources – Yr 2 These should be in your work packs

phonics-screening-words-practise-list-2 Phonics Monday read the real and nonsense words on the left side

phonics-screening-words-practise-list-2 Phonics Tuesday read the real and nonsense words on the right side

phonics-screening-words-practise-list-3 Phonics Wednesday read the real and nonsense words on the left side

phonics-screening-words-practise-list-3 Phonics Thursday read the real and nonsense words on the right side


Zoom learning timetable

Here is the daily timetable which we will follow for the week:

For each session, you will need to log back in using the link which I emailed to you on Monday 12th October 2020 and wait in the waiting room, until I begin the meeting. I suggest logging in 5 minutes before we are due to start each session.
Each morning and afternoon will have a formal register take as we need to provide this information to school. in addition, we will be taking an informal register of who is participating in each zoom session.
The timings, although different to our typical school day, account for a full day of learning, in line with what would have been completed in school. We have also kept the order of lessons the same to provide some normality and consistency. We will follow this timetable as closely as possible every day.
9.30am – Register and Maths for approximately 50 minutes
We will start the day with a register as we need to do this legally and provide the information to school.
We will begin with a maths input then children will leave to do their independent task.
10.30am – Reading for approximately 50 minutes
We will all come back together on zoom for a reading input, then children will go off to do an independent task.
11.30am – Writing for approximately 50 minutes
We will all come back together on zoom for a writing input, then children will go off to do an independent task.
Here is the link to the film we will be studying over the next 2 weeks, Adventures are the Pits:
12.30pm – Lunchtime for 1 hour
1.30pm – Curriculum task for approximately 50 minutes
We will start the afternoon with a register as we need to do this legally and provide the information to school.
We will begin with a curriculum input then children will leave to do their independent task.
2.30pm – Handwriting / Spellings for 10 minutes
We will all come back together to do a spelling/handwriting independent task.
2.45pm – NumBots for maths fluency for 10 minutes
When children have finished their spelling/handwriting task, they can move onto the maths meeting. In school we would be recapping addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, using our equipment too. As we don’t all have this, we ask that you spend 10 minutes on the NumBots game as this promotes fluency. You have all been emailed your log in details.
3.00pm – Independent reading for 10 minutes
After NumBots we would like children to do some independent reading to build up their reading fluency. We know you don’t have school reading books, however, an email was sent out, on Monday 12th October 2020, with details for what to do with regards to reading.
Children are finished for the day.

Week commencing 12th October 2020

spellings week beginning 12th October

Harvest riddle Lesson Presentation 13.10.20 Curriculum lesson RE / English poetry

Van gogh powerpoint 14.10.20 Curriculum lesson Art / RE Harvest

Harvest prayer work 15.10.20 Curriculum lesson RE Harvest Prayer

Sonic Yoga whole class and Yoga games independent task 16.10.20 Curriculum lesson PE (external site links)


Our Harvest Artwork  Year 2 have completed some Fantastic Harvest Artwork


Monday 12th October 2020.

Here is the learning for today only.

As part of our school agreement we are sending you some work to be completed for today only.
From Tuesday we will be live teaching, in short bursts, followed by independent tasks, via zoom. Details of this, along with the zoom invite, will be sent to you in an email.
The work chosen for today is linked as closely as possible to the current learning in class and is set out in the same order as a typical year 2 day. You may choose which order to complete the learning, however, there is an expectation that all learning will be completed.
While you are completing learning, or when finished could you please take a photo and email it to me like we did during lockdown in year 1.
If you have any questions about the work, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will be checking emails regularly.

Morning learning

  • Reading – one book
  • This should take up to 10 minutes.
I am aware that you do not have your reading books or reading diary so please choose a book from home that you love to read. Parents please record reading in the usual way with the date, title of book and a comment about reading on a piece of paper, as we can add this to your child’s reading record when we return to school.
  • Maths – Numbers within 100 – One lesson
  • This should take up to 30 minutes, some children may need more or less.
Please complete lesson 9 comparing 2-digit numbers. Do the quiz, click next to watch the video, click next to see the independent task – click on screen and it will move to the next slide the tens and ones slide reminds you to think about place value, remember you can only use the 4 cards on the first screen (for example 10 > 01 / 36 < 63  61 > 01) you will need a piece of paper to record your work, it may help to write the 4 numbers onto separate pieces of paper that you can then move around to make two 2 digit numbers to compare with, click next to do the final quiz.
  • English (Reading) – Reading – comprehension
  • This should take up to 30minutes, some children may be quicker, others may need a little longer.
Below is a comprehension sheet to complete. We did something similar in year 1 . Read the text first, then complete the questions. For each question children need to circle their answers in the text to show where they found them. This also helps with copying the answer down for the question.
If your child finds any of the words tricky to read encourage them to use their Read Write Inc sounds mat to find the sounds and draw the sound buttons underneath to help them read the word. Another helpful way is to say ‘spot the special friends, say the sounds read the word’ for example in the word lurks I would say special friends ur then the sounds l, ur, k, s  then the word lurks, in the word cave I would say special friends a-e, then the sounds c, a-e, v, then the word cave.
  • English (Writing) – One activity
  • This should take up to 30 – 45 minutes
Last week in class we revisited nouns (naming words of places or objects), verbs (action/doing words) and adjectives (words that describe a noun). I would like you to write me a diary about your weekend. Choose one day, either Saturday or Sunday and tell me what you did / where did you go / who did you see how did you feel? Give as much detail as you can as I wasn’t there!
Remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Can you include any adjectives?
There is a diary template below, however, this can be just written onto a piece of paper if you prefer. I have also attached the handwriting lines which we use in our English book. All letters start on the bottom blue line and fill to the top of the blue line. Tall letters e.g. b, d, h, k, l, t all go up to the top red line. Long letters e.g f, g, j, p, q, y goo down to the bottom red line. A video showing letter formation is available, under the heading handwriting, on our year 2 class webpage here:

blank template to write a diary


Afternoon learning

  • English (Spelling) – One activity
  • This should take up to 10 minutes.
On spelling frame website access year 2 common exception words, rule 30 and have a go at the practice test. There is the option for the computer to read out loud the sentence the children just have to select the correct spelling of the missing word.
  • Curriculum task – Geography
  • This should take up to 20 minutes.
Lesson 2 – What can you find in the United Kingdom. Complete the introductory quiz, click next to watch the video, then click next to complete the final quiz.
  • Maths meeting
  • This should take 10 minutes
Everyday, we practice our maths fluency. Could you please use this time to access NumBots and have a go at the games. Individual logins were emailed to you yesterday.
  • ​Phonics
  • This should take up to 10 minutes, some children may be quicker or need longer​
We continue to practice our phonics daily because the government would like all year to children to complete the phonics screening check which we were due to take in year 1 in June 2020. Last year the pass mark was 32 out of 40 words. It could change for next June, we don’t know. Any year 2 who does not pass the check when we complete it next half term, will have to re take the check in June 2021.
Have a go at reading the real words list, followed by the nonsense words list. Remember for each word you need to
  1. spot the special friends
  2. say all the sounds
  3. read the word

Hello Year 2!

Welcome back, I am so pleased to be your teacher again this year and after so long apart, you all came back to school ready to learn and trying hard. What a lovely start to our new school year, in our new classroom, together!


Our starter theme this year is a whole school theme ‘Here We Are’.

This heartfelt and thought-provoking book from Oliver Jeffers is dedicated to his son, Harland and was written in the first two months of Harland’s life. It was inspired by Oliver’s desire to make sense of the world for his son, but is also a gift to all children at this time, helping them to make sense of their world and their role in it. This book provides a powerful vehicle for children to reflect on and make sense of the world we are all living in. The words and pictures work together to help children to understand their place in the world and to move forward together in a positive and constructive way.

In addition to using the book, we will be doing lots of PSHE work around children’s feelings and helping them to make sense of what has happened, so that they feel happy and safe.

Try some meditation here:



Following on from the ‘Here We Are’ theme we will be completing a film study on a clip called ‘Lune et LAutre, where a little girl is filling her bucket from a well in a beautiful night time setting, the huge moon turns out to be a ‘creature of the night.’ It turns out that this is a gentle giant. Using this film stimulus children will explore question and exclamation sentences to convey thoughts and feelings. We will be using adjectives and joining clauses using the conjunction ‘and’ to write character and setting descriptions. We will also write a narrative for the film.

The Colour MonsterAfter this we will be looking at the story The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. A simple story about friendship between a young, paper cut-out girl and a scribbly, googly-eyed monster who needs help in sorting his mixed-up emotions.  The striking collage-effect illustrations add depth, energy and intensity to the story which can be used to explore feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, calmness and fear. Using this book as a stimulus, children will learn to use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to write character and setting descriptions as well as using adjectives. We will be as sequencing story plots and writing own stories, learning to use similes in our writing. Finally we will also write our own poems on the theme of feelings.



We begin each Monday with a new spelling focus and complete a spelling quiz the following Friday that week.

We are revisiting some of the year 1 spelling content as we finish our teaching of the set 3 additional sounds in Phonics – wh, ph, tion, tious/cious. Following this we will consolidate the spelling of our year 1 Common Exception Words. Finally we will begin the Year 2 spelling patterns with dge

The Spelling Frame website has lots of fun games to support your learning of the Year 1 and Year 2 spelling rules. Please spend ten minutes playing some of the activities in Spelling Tiles.

Here are some links for other reading, spelling and phonics games to help practice your learning. (These link to external sites, we are not responsible for the content)

Learn to Read Dragons Den Buried Treasure Obb & Bob
Spelling Spelling quizzes Common Exception Words  Phonics Bloom


Punctuation and Grammar

This half term we are revisiting the basic punctuation for sentences including a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. Through our English film study on Luna Et Lautre we will revisit year 1 grammar of adjectives and using the conjunction and. We will revisit our learning of question marks and introduce exclamation marks through our English work on The Colour Monster as well as learning about similes, coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.

Below are links to some of the sites which the children enjoy learning from. (These link to external sites, we are not responsible for the content)

Contractions Conjunctions Compound words Punctuation
Sentences Prefixes and Suffixes Verb, Noun and Adjective game Past Tense
Capital letters Full stops Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar games


Hand Writing 

We use a cursive style handwriting in our school, the children have worked so hard in year 1 to develop their handwriting. Work on our displays shows how beautiful their handwriting is and is often commented on when we have visitors in school. Please try to encourage your child to use this when they are completing any written home learning tasks.  A good resource for this is on YouTube to see how each letter is formed.  This can be found here.

If you would like to use the handwriting lines which we use in school, these can be downloaded and printed here:

Portrait handwriting lines

Landscape handwriting lines



We collect books in on Fridays and send 2 new ones home on Mondays.  Please don’t bring books to school every day.

This year we have a numerical system in key stage 1 which is closely aligned to your child’s phonics knowledge. This then progresses onto the coloured reading bands from Turquoise.

Please continue to enjoy your reading each day. Reading is fun and a great way to spend time together with your family, as well as developing our imaginations. Adult’s please remember to record what your child reads at home in their reading record. We will count all entries in the reading diaries weekly and award golden tickets to those who have read 20 times or more in a month.

You can also access reading using the links below: A free resource with a selection of digital books. Access to thousands of enhanced digital books through myON and articles from myON News. A free resource with a selection of stories to watch being read by an adult. Storyline Online, streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.  A free resource with story books to listen to and read along. BookTrust is the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, dedicated to getting children reading. A free resource with storybooks to download and read. Open Library is an open, editable library catalogue, building towards a web page for every book ever published



As a school we follow the Read, Write, Inc programme to deliver our phonics teaching. Year 2 have been taught all the set 3 phonemes and are currently revisiting them for fluency. We have lots of information on our schools phonics page here:

We will be completing a Phonics Screening Check in the second half of the Autumn term. The Year 1 Phonics Presentation Information, held in January 2020, can be downloaded here – Phonics Meeting Presentation



This half term we will be focusing on place value with numbers 50 to 100 by counting, recognising the value of each digit in 2 digit numbers (tens and ones) creating groups of tens and observing how this relates to our base ten recording system for numbers (dienes), identifying, representing and estimating numbers to 100 on a number line, comparing numbers using greater than and less than, ordering numbers up to 100 using our place value knowledge and reading and writing numbers to 100 in numerals and words.

We will also be focusing on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers, showing that addition can be done in any order and subtraction can not. We will use the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction (opposite) to check calculations and solve missing number  problems.

We will be using a combination of concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to support and record our learning.

If you have any questions about these areas of Maths please come and speak to me.



Numbots is an on-line programme to boost addition and subtraction skills. It is available on a range of devices, you can play online at or download the NumBots app. Playing little and often will significantly improve your child’s recall and understanding of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts. These are critical foundations in maths so we are excited by the impact NumBots will have. In order to get the best out of NumBots children should regularly play for short bursts of time over the week.

Emails were sent to parents in year 1 containing your child’s login details. If you have not received this email, have misplaced your details or are having trouble accessing the website, please email me to let me know.


The Canon Popham Times Table Challenge

We are continuing with the school ‘Times Tables Challenge’ award system to encourage the children to learn their times tables. In Year 2, you need to learn your tables (multiplication and division facts and missing digit questions) to achieve awards for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Try it!!! Can you do it? You can practise as many times as you like by following the links



Power of PE | Stoke-on-Trent | PE Schemes of WorkOur PE day is Friday. At this time children may come to school in their PE kit on this day only. We will be doing our PE lessons outdoors for as long as the weather allows, please ensure children come in track suit bottoms, a t-shirt and a jumper.


Diary dates

Dates for your diary… – Smithton Primary SchoolThursday 24th September 2020 – Reading and Writing parents information meeting via Zoom at 4pm

Thursday 8th October 2020 – Maths parents information meeting via Zoom at 4pm

Thursday 22nd October 2020 – School closes for half term at 3pm for our class

Friday 23rd October 2020 – Training day

Monday 2nd November 2020 – School opens for autumn half term 2 at 8.40am for our class


Parents Information Meeting presentations. 

Here are links to information shared at previous parent information meetings.

Reading Information Meeting 2020

writing-parent information meeting -presentation

Maths-Information-Meeting 2020


Mrs Rowe, Mrs Brunyee and Mrs Probert