Thursday 13-02-2020

Friends of Canon Popham News 

Thank you to anyone who has supported the Friends of Canon Popham in any way this term.  The money raised so far this year has gone towards supporting the Christmas celebrations in school and the resourcing of gardening club.  In addition, the friends have just donated £1200 – the profit made at the Christmas Fair, to the school for the purchase of new books for the teaching and development of reading across the school.  We are very grateful for this support, as the school budget is unable to fund additional enhancement material to further improve our reading offer for the children.

The Friends of Canon Popham is becoming and increasingly small group of volunteers, with many of the main core of volunteers no longer having children at this school. They are becoming concerned that unless there are more volunteers willing to attend meetings and help to run events, these will eventually faze out. All our children benefit from the money raised, which subsidises or pays for additional equipment, resources and enhancements to our school that cannot be met through tightening school budgets. In addition, the friends run events such as film club, discos, Christmas Fair and Summer Picnic and also support at Christmas events, sports days etc.

We know that if these events were to stop they would be sadly missed.


PLEASE HELP! If there is anyone who could come to a planning meeting ( which is usually one per half term, lasting no longer than 1 hour) or who can commit to supporting a fund raising event by helping in any way please let us know.