Sports Premium

As parents may be aware, the government recently announced 2 year funding for schools, to be spent on the provision and improvement of sports teaching.

Our school has been allocated funding of £8400 for the first year.  This is made up of £7535 +  £5 for every eligible pupil ( 5 years or older)

The school has chosen to work together with the other schools in the Pyramid to create a cohesive approach to providing quality PE for all our pupils.

Our aim, at the end of the 2 year funding is to :

·         Provide quality professional development and training for all staff, to improve the teaching of P E and sport across school. This will be the major driver over the next 2 years and will ensure a legacy of improved teaching and learning in school and across the pyramid well after the funding is withdrawn

·         Develop opportunities for the school PE co coordinators to meet regularly and provide school to school support to colleagues and share expertise

·         Write a cross pyramid, skills based P E scheme of work, to ensure that all schools in the pyramid are working with the same scheme, in which all schools have had an input.

·         Create further opportunities for cross school competition, in addition to the wide range of events that we already take part in.  We expect to develop further opportunities for Key Stage 1 competition and also for a wider range of types of competition, so that more pupils can become involved

·         Improve the quality of resourcing in order that the delivery of lessons is enhanced

·         Secure high quality PE and sports teaching across the Hungerhill Pyramid

Impact of Year 1 of Sports Premium Funding

·         Audit completed of staff knowledge and skills in all PE areas and development of CPD opportunities to enhance these

·         Shared cross-pyramid funding for PE specialist teacher to support staff CPD

·         All teaching staff have attended training in both Gymnastics and Dance teaching. This has enhanced staff skills and impacted on the quality of teaching in these areas of Physical Education

·         P.E. Subject leader pyramid meetings have been established. These are held half termly and focus on developing the quality of PE teaching, alongside a new pyramid wide scheme of work and planning cross pyramid competitive inter- school events

·         All staff have attended cross pyramid phase training ( e.g. all Foundation Staff , All KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2) on the new Pyramid adopted PE scheme and begun trialling this with their class- in preparation for full implementation in September 2014

·         Purchase of Real PE scheme and associated resources to enhance current PE provision

·         Development of cross pyramid competition has enhanced opportunities for children to compete- with KS 1 dance mat competition, Lower and upper KS 2 competitions in football, netball, cricket, rounders  etc.

·         Provision of high quality specialist basketball teaching for Upper KS 2 pupils

·         The school have won or been placed in a range of Sports competitions including:

ü      Winner of Doncaster Schools Cross Country Competition

ü      Winner of Team award for Doncaster Schools Cross Country Competition

ü      Finals of Yorkshire Tag Rugby

ü      A number of KS 2 pupils are currently having trials for South Yorkshire Basketball team

Funding of Year 2 of Sports Premium

The funding of Year 2 of the Sports premium is based on the same figures for Year 1. This is expected to be £8400

In year 2 the focus will be on:

·         Continued PE subject leader development meetings

·         Purchase of Dance scheme and training in phases for all staff

·         Additional phase 2 training for all staff on PE scheme and quality PE teaching

·         Release of PE subject leader to work alongside colleagues and to assess and develop quality of PE teaching  and share expertise

·         Continued development of competition- both across the pyramid and beyond

·         Purchase of PE equipment and resources to enhance the teaching of PE and also to encourage more active play at lunchtimes and break times for all pupils