School Governors – Statutory Information

The Local Governing Body has 8 Governors and a Clerk made up of the following:

  • Foundation Governors – appointed by the School’s founding body and trustees, the Church.
  • Parent Governors – elected by parents/ carers of the children at the school.
  • Staff Governor – elected by the teaching and support staff of the school.
  • Ex-Officio Governor – Head Teacher
  • Ex-Officio Governor – The Incumbent Rector of the Parish.
  • Clerk to the Governors.

Details of the DSAT trustees and committees can be found on the DSAT page.


Local Governing Body Membership 2019-20

A printable copy can be downloaded here.

Governing Body Committee Structure

Chair of Governors- Mr Christopher Mitchell
Vice Chair of Governors – Mr. David Milnes

The full Governing Body meets once per academic term (Autumn, Spring and Summer).

Previously, the school had two committees, the Resources (REST) Committee and the Curriculum and Standards (CAST) Committee.  As from 2019/20, meetings for these have been combined to allow all Governors a full understanding of both aspects of the school.  The meetings for these take place in the opposite half term to the full Governing Body meeting.

Other Committees 
(These will meet at the relevant times, with a minimum of once per academic year).

Standing Committee
(Remit of policy matters and annual admissions)

David Milnes (Chair), Christopher Mitchell (Vice Chair), Alison Navas (Headteacher)

Performance Management Group

Chair of the Governing Body (Christopher Mitchell), David Milnes, Lindsey Whittaker, a representative from DSAT and A. Navas (Headteacher).

Performance Appeals

Membership identified by the Chair of the Governing Body as appropriate.

Pupil Discipline

Chair and Vice Chair of the Governing Body

Staff Discipline (Not a Committee – Governors have delegated power)

Headteacher and Chair (or Vice Chair) of the Governing Body

Staff Discipline Appeals

Chair (or Vice Chair) of the Governing Body

Parental Complaints (see also the School Complaints Policy)

Three members of the Governing Body (who don’t have direct knowledge of the complaint)

Staffing and Pay Appeals

Chair (or Vice Chair) of the Governing Body plus other Governors as available in line with policy.

Headteachers Performance Management Review

David Milnes, Christopher Mitchell, Lindsey Whittaker, and a representative from DSAT.

Governors with Specific Responsibilities

Christopher Mitchell –  Disadvantaged Pupils
Christopher Mitchell –  SEN
David Milnes  – English
Rev. Steve Beck  –  Religious Education
Lindsey Whittaker  –  Maths
Keith Robertson – Children & Young People in Care

Management Groups

Headteacher and David Milnes

Attainment/Data/Teaching and Learning
Headteacher and Governors present at CAST meetings.

Lesson Visits
Christopher Mitchell, David Milnes, Lindsey Whittaker

Pupil Voice
Keith Robertson & Angela Stewardson

Working with Parents
David Milnes & Lindsey Whittaker

Spiritual Development
Rev. Steve Beck

The above management groups will meet at the relevant times, with a minimum of once per academic year.