School Governors

The Governing Body has 11 Governors and a Clerk made up of the following:

Local Authority Governor – appointed by the County Councillor representing our area.

Foundation Governors – appointed by the School’s founding body and trustees, the Church.

Parent Governors – elected by parents/ carers of the children at the school.

Staff Governor – elected by the teaching and support staff of the school.

Ex-Officio Governor – Head Teacher

The Incumbent Rector of the Parish.

Clerk to the Governors.

Governors Self Evaluation- Impact statement

What Do Governors Do?

Governors work as a team with the Head Teacher and staff in the strategic planning and management of every school.  Their responsibilities include agreeing the aims and policies of the school, discussion and approval of targets for improvement, appointment of senior staff, setting and monitoring the budget, monitoring the performance of the school and reporting to the parents and community on how the school is doing.  Governors are the link between the school and the community and all those with an interest in the well-being and reputation of the school.  Parent Governors are vital members of our team, keeping the governing body aware of the views of parents.

How Much Time Does It Take?

We have at least 2 early evening meetings per term.  Governors also spend time in school to get a feel for how the school is doing and attend school events.  Governors also meet in 2 teams to share the workload and make use of their particular skills and expertise.

What Are We Working On At The Moment?

We are working on regularly challenging and holding the school to account in terms of pupil progress and outcomes.  We do regular lesson visits to find out about the new curriculum and also standards of behaviour in school.  We have also attended PREVENT training and are meeting with the school SENCo to discuss provision and outcomes for SEND pupils.

The key focus of all our work is to support and challenge the school on its journey to ‘good’.



Chair of Governors- Mr. David Milnes
Vice Chair of Governors – Mr Christopher Mitchell

Resources (REST) Committee
(Remit of Staffing, Finance and Premises)

G. Robertson/C. Mitchell (Co-Chairs), G. Robinson, A. Navas (Headteacher), A. Stewardson.

Associate Members (non-voting): S. Liddle (School Business Manager), R. Hall (Site Supervisor) and J. Shelton (Deputy Headteacher)

Curriculum and Standards (CAST) Committee
(Remit of Standards, Safeguarding, Risk Assessment, Parent Voice and Pupil Voice)

D. Milnes (Chair), A. Navas (Headteacher), L. Smout, A. Stewardson, C. Barratt & L. Whittaker.

Associate Members (non-voting): C. Mitchell, S. Liddle (School Business Manager), R. Hall (Site Supervisor) and J. Shelton (Deputy Headteacher).

Standing Committee
(Remit of policy matters and annual admissions)

D. Milnes (Chair), C. Mitchell (Vice Chair), A. Navas (Headteacher), L. Smout & G. Robinson.

Performance Management Group

Chair of Governing Body (D. Milnes), C. Mitchell, L. Smout, Consultant Adviser and A. Navas (Headteacher).

Performance Appeals

Membership identified by the Chair as appropriate.

Pupil Discipline

Chair and Vice Chair of Governing Body

Staff Discipline
(Not a Committee – Governors have delegated power)

Headteacher and Vice Chair of Governing Body

Staff Discipline Appeals

Chair of Governing Body and L. Smout

Parental Complaints

To be referred to Chair of Governing Body


Staffing and Pay Appeals

Vice-Chair of Governing Body plus other Governors as available.

Headteachers Performance Management Review

D Milnes, C Mitchell and L Smout and G Robinson (M Blount – external adviser).

Governors with Specific Responsibilities

G. Robertson – Children and Young People in Care
C. Mitchell –  Disadvantaged Pupils (C Barratt – SLT Member)
C. Mitchell/C. Barratt –  SEN
D. Milnes  – Numeracy
Rev. S. Beck  –  Religious Education
L.Whittaker  –  English


Headteacher and D. Milnes

Attainment/Data/Teaching and Learning
Headteacher, L. Smout and J. Shelton.

Pupil Voice
D. Milnes &  L.Whittaker

Working with Parents
A. Stewardson and David Milnes

Spiritual Development 
Rev. S.Beck

Objective that above will meet once per term.

Lesson Visits
L. Smout & D. Milnes

updated 03 October 2016



Name of Governor

Any Interest Declared


Details of any Business Interest Details of any other Educational Establishment where they are Governors Detail of any relationships with other Governors/Staff Members
Mrs C Barratt SENCo at Canon Popham None None None
Rev. S Beck No None None None
Mrs S. Liddle
(Associate Member)
School Business Manager at Canon Popham None None None
Mr D Milnes No None None Husband of class teacher
Mr C Mitchell No None None None
Mrs A Navas Head Teacher at Canon Popham None St Oswald’s Academy, Finningley None
Mr K Robertson No None None None
Mr G Robinson No None None None
Mrs J Shelton
(Associate member)
Deputy Head teacher at Canon Popham None None None
Mrs L Smout No None None None
Mrs A Stewardson Learning Mentor/LSA at Canon Popham None None None
Mrs L Smout No None None None