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Pupil Wellbeing

Jump Back July 2020

Hi everyone, it has been a very busy month with lots of changes! Can you believe it is July already? Let’s make July the best one yet, using our growth mindset to make any situation we come across into a positive. Keep talking to your grown-ups and all of us at school, we’re here to help!

Here is the mindfulness calendar for July- how many days can you complete?


Transition Resources- As we come to the end of the term, there will be lots of feelings about returning back to school, entering a new year group, potentially a new teacher and/or a new school! We are here to support you all the way and are already making arrangements, your well-being is our priority! Here are some home learning resources around transitions through school, created by the PSHE association. We hope they help!

KS1- KS1 Accompanying resources       KS1 Lesson

KS2-KS2 Accompanying resources   KS2 lesson


Physical Activity- Our physical health has a direct link with our mental well-being. It is important to keep active and eat healthy, making sure our body and mind are in harmony with each other. Try each week to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables and start to change your routine, making sure you have plenty of exercise and activity. A healthy heart creates a healthy mind!

Talk Emotion- Here is a resource all about different emotions, have a think about all the different emotions and a time when you have felt these. Have a talk about why you think you had this feeling, how did it come about? What did you do to keep calm? Did your mood change during this feeling? It is healthy to feel a different range of emotions, keep talking about them and what you can do if these aren’t positive ones. Talk-emotions


Ruby’s Worry- Listen to Ruby’s Worry- have you ever felt worried before? What does worried feel like? Draw or discuss your worries and share them with a trusted adult. If we can help with any worries you have, please send us an email and we can arrange ways to support you the best we can!


Cosmic Kids-  Try the Penguin Positivity Yoga Session, you could teach everyone in your house a new yoga move!


Mindfulness- Here are some more mindfulness techniques from Jamie- popcorn_high res

Extra Resources- Isolation capsule Memory jar Mini Book Thank you letter

Have a positive July-keep calm, stay wise, be kind!