Pupil Wellbeing

Joyful June 2020

Hi everyone, let us all have a positive start to a new month. I know we will all be feeling a huge mixture of emotions at the moment, I know I am! Here are some resources and activities for you and your family to enjoy. Have a wonderful, joyful June! However far apart we may seem at the moment, we are always here to help you. Please get in touch if you want to talk. #togetherapart 

Here is the mindfulness calendar for Joyful June- how many days can you complete?

Return to school- Some of you may be returning to school over the next few weeks or accessing our Emergency Provision, here you can find a child-friendly presentation about what school might look like when you come back. Return to school presentation

5 things I’ve learned about myself- Lets turn our lockdown experience into a positive one and think about your time at home. Use this sheet to think about how brilliant you are, what you have achieved, what you wish to do when we get back to normality.  Post lockdown I want to be 

Worries & gratitude- In school, we have all had the chance to use our worry bucket and get our thoughts and feelings out in the open. Even though we are apart, we are still here to support you if you are worried. Here is a great worry bucket you can use at home. Along with this is a gratitude bucket, think of something you are grateful for. What has helped you through tricky times at the moment and are their any strategies you would use again?

Gratitude jar   Worry jar

Cosmic Kids- The sun is shine this June, so lets take our Cosmic Kids Yoga to the beach!

Mindfulness- Here are some more mindfulness techniques from Jamie- talullah_high res

Extra Resources- Anxiety-thermometer Wellbeing-diary

Have a wonderful June, we will be back together soon when it is safe to do so!