Maths With Parents

Learning outside the classroom makes such a difference to children’s progress in Maths and Maths with Parents has created fun ways for families to discover the fun in Maths together.

Maths with Parents has been created to support parents, children, and the school. It brings together education across all of these spheres, bringing learning into the home and helping children practice what they learn in the classroom, and giving you easy ways to help them with maths. Through the online platform they provide parents with videos, games and activities, chosen by their child’s teacher.

  • Parents – are provided with the tools to engage in the curriculum and feedback to teachers on their child’s learning
  • Schools – are able to make at home support strictly relevant to the current curriculum and to receive feedback from the home
  • Children – have fun games and activities to play which are designed to deepen their understanding and enjoy learning at home too.

Since September, families at our school have accessed a total of 1,286 games and activities with their children.

Please take the time to read some of the comments from parents and children about their Maths learning at home. Comments will be updated half termly.

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