Friday 29-06-2018

Academy News

Today is our last school day as Canon Popham Church of England ( VA) Primary and Nursery School!

When we return to school on Monday we will be a new school.

Canon Popham C of E Primary Academy.

Both Cliffs and School Trends have been supplied with our new school logo ( which is identical to our current logo but with the school name changed to include our academy title.) If you are planning to purchase new uniform over the summer then this should be with the new logo on, but please do not worry about having the old logo, or no logo at all on children’s uniform. We do not want any parent or carer to feel under pressure to purchase new uniform if it is not needed. We expect that it will phase in over time.

Sports Day

This week has been a sporting one at Canon Popham. All year groups from Nursery through to year 6 have had their sports days and we hope that the children enjoyed them.

In addition, this morning we have welcomed Kirk Sandall Junior school for our annual sports morning against them. Children will be playing football and other sports through the morning and having fun together.

Arts Week

Coming up on the week beginning Monday 9th July it will be our Arts Week in school. The children will be engaged in looking at architecture and designing and making their own pieces, based on the work of well known architects nationally and internationally. This supports our work in art and design and also in looking at cultural diversity.

Key Stage 2 Visit to the Art Exhibition.

This week all our Key Stage 2 classes visited a final degree art exhibition put on by BA students from Doncaster. They saw a wide range of art on display and for many children this was their first experience of looking at art in a formal exhibition. Many children returned enthused by what they saw and also eager to find out more about universities and the sort of things that can be studied there.