Friday 18-05-2018

Well Done Year 6!

This week has been Key Stage 2 SATs week. All our Year 6 children should be very proud of themselves because they worked so hard and did their very best throughout the 4 days of the testing. Today they have spent the day having fun in Sandall Beat woods and relaxing as a reward for their hard work.

Thanks also to all the staff in year 6 who have worked so hard with the children.


It’s the Royal Wedding!

We are sure you all know about our amazing Royal Wedding which is taking place today. You may have heard the interviews with the children, Mrs Barratt and Steve Beck on Radio Sheffield breakfast show this morning. We have been told that our wedding will be on Look North TONIGHT– BBC 1 between 6:30 and 7p.m.

The staff and children have been very excited and are looking forward to the big event this afternoon.

Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way to making this event a success.

¨ To all the children– you are wonderful. Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest in learning all about weddings and about the royal wedding in particular

¨ To all the staff– you have done a fabulous job and gone the extra mile to make the children’s learning engaging and relevant.

¨ To Steve Beck– for helping us to plan and prepare this event and being so enthusiastic about being involved.

¨ To parents—thank you for supporting us and getting into the spirit of the occasion.

¨ To the volunteers– we couldn’t do these things without your help. Thank you!

¨ To the Friends of Canon Popham– thanks for your donations that have purchased cupcakes and juice for all the other children in school so that they can also enjoy the day.

¨ To the kitchen staff– who worked hard to prepare an early lunch today and donated to the fund to help buy the cakes and drinks for the children  to enjoy.


And finally. . .

We would like to wish Prince Harry and Miss Markle  the very best of luck for a wonderful wedding day!