Friday 16-03-2018

Keeping Children Safe

Over the last few weeks we have become aware of a number of children who are playing the game ‘Fortnite’, which is a free downloadable game aimed at children who are 12+. A number of parents have spoken to us about the impact that the game is having on their children’s behavior and as a school we would like to remind parents that it is important to check what children are playing and monitor who they are speaking to ‘on line’ as part of the game. We recognise that this is not the only game of this type available and whilst we understand that the game is not as graphic in terms of images shown as games that are 18+ it does still contain acts of violence with gun use etc and therefore may be worth consideration regarding individual    children’s levels of maturity and understanding/ ability to interpret what they are playing. We regularly speak to children about not talking to strangers on line and  never giving out personal details and would encourage all parents/carers to speak to children about this at home.


Help – we’re having a wedding!

On Friday 18th May ( the day before the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) the Foundation Stage will be holding their own wedding event. Rev Steve Beck will be conducting the service in church and there will be a wedding reception following. We have most things that would be needed for a wedding already arranged including clothes, church etc but would really love to have a ‘wedding car’ for the ‘bride’ and her daddy to be driven the short distance from our Foundation Stage unit to church and for a few photographs. If anyone knows of anybody who has a car that might be appropriate for us to use for about an hour ( 1:45 – 2:45) on this date please can you contact the school office or speak to           Mrs Barratt or Mrs Navas. It would help to make the day really special and give the children                         a fabulous experience.

Thank you!

To ensure that the rest of the school does not feel left out, they will be able to come to school in non- uniform—red white and blue and will have drinks and buns by way of celebration.

More details will follow closer to the event.


Easter Egg Draw

The draw will take place during lunch on 21st March.

Our cook would like to thank all the kitchen and dining room staff for donating all the Easter eggs.