Friday 15-06-2018

Water Bottles

Can parents and carers please ensure that water bottles contain ONLY water.  This is part of our work in helping children to understand how to hydrate well and whilst we appreciate that some children may prefer to have juice, we are unable to provide this in school.  If  children forget their water bottle we encourage them to drink water, which is available in school and for this reason we would like to politely request that water bottles contain water and not juice.


Summer Footwear

Whilst school shoes are the safest footwear and ideal for school, we are mindful that in the warm weather some children may want to wear sandals to school. Could we please ask that parents and carers encourage the children to wear their school shoes, but  if they are wearing sandals, these should be of an appropriate type to allow for them to be outside and running and playing. Please do NOT send children in ‘flip flop’ or any other type of sandal that may be a trip hazard.

Thank you for your help with this.


Parent Pay

We are rapidly heading towards the end of term. Can we please request that all payment arrears are cleared on Parent Pay by no later than Monday 16th July. This is to allow the school office the time needed to process and complete all the end of year financial procedures.

If anyone in Year 6 has credit on their account this will be processed and returned to you before the end of term.

For all other year groups any credit on an account will roll forward to the start of the next school year.


Thank you.


And finally . . .  Thank you to everyone who contributed to our chocolate stall for tonight’s grand final of Canon Popham’s Got Talent. We are all looking forward to a great evening. Look out for next week’s newsletter when there will be a full report about the evening.