Friday 15-02-2019

Thank you!

We are delighted to let you know that the final total for money raised at the Christmas Fair was announced at the PTA meeting held earlier this week. Through your fantastic support and the effort of the PTA members we made a profit of £1429.94. We are looking to continue with the fund raising efforts with a range of other activities planned for the rest of the year and hope to raise enough money to purchase a new outdoor shaded canopy area, which can be used for  individual classes outdoor learning as well as additional shade for children in the summer months.


Visitors to school.

On Thursday we hosted 31 trainee teachers in school for the day. We are the only school in Doncaster Local Authority who were asked to provide this particular training session. As part of their training the Year 5 children took them around school on a ‘Learning Walk’ and also acted as interviewers in a ‘mock’ interview scenario. All of the children in school behaved impeccably and did themselves proud. They were able to talk articulately about learning in our school. For the majority of the children their lessons continued as normal, and even when there were visitors in their classrooms they continued to focus on their learning and demonstrate great learning behaviours. Well done to all the children. You were fantastic!


Year 6 visit to Crucial Crew

This week Year 6 children visited ‘Crucial Crew’. This is a day long visit where Year 6 children from all over South Yorkshire attend to learn from a range of services about life skills, and how to look after themselves and keep themselves safe in preparation for secondary school and beyond. The training includes work with the emergency services and this year it also included some basic first aid training including how to use the recovery position and what to do in an emergency.

The children also had additional practical workshop training on traffic safety as well as learning a little bit about the law and the age of criminal responsibility and how this applies to them. They learned more about the responsibilities that come with using the internet and the training reflected keeping safe in the 21st century. We hope that the children came home and were able to talk to their parents/carers about the important lessons they had learned.


We break up for half term today. Have a lovely half term break. We return to school on Monday 25th February .