Friday 13-07-2018


You will be receiving your child’s end of year report today. We hope that you find it informative and useful. We aim to give a flavor of what your child has learned this year alongside an indication of how well they are achieving in the core subjects of reading, writing and maths,  and what they need to work on next year. If you have any queries or would like to discuss any aspect of the report further please feel welcome to make an appointment with your child’s  class teacher or Mrs Navas


Included in the report for years 2 and 6 will be the SATs test results. We are absolutely delighted with the outcomes for the children. We have had our best set of results this year and the children should feel very proud of themselves. Well done to everyone!


In addition, you will receive a copy of your child’s attendance record for this year. The expected level of attendance is 96%. We hope that where your child’s attendance is less than this, we will be able to see an improvement next year. We understand that occasionally children can be ill, and we would not expect them to attend school if this is the case. However, research has shown that where children are not attending school regularly, they often find it harder to keep up with the learning in class and to make and sustain friendships.

We need to aim for at least 96% attendance for all children next year.


Climbing Frame is Out of Bounds.

The climbing frame on KS1 playground is now out of bounds.

There are some parts , where the frame meets the ground that are showing signs of rot and are starting to be unsafe for use. We have therefore had to take the decision to put it out of bounds for health and safety      reasons. The Friends of Canon Popham purchased this climbing frame some years ago, and were hoping to be able to raise the money to either refurbish it or to replace it completely. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the summer fair did not go ahead, they do not have sufficient funds to be able to fund this and so for the  foreseeable future, until the funds can be raised, the climbing frame will not be in use. The school budget does not currently have the surplus funds available to spend on the extras such as the climbing frame, that add to the quality of provision for our children. We hope that in the coming year parents/ carers and friends will support any fund raising events that the PTA hold in order for us to rectify this as quickly as possible.



Just to confirm, over the last few weeks we have had very low attendance at Bookworms. We think this is due to the lovely weather we have been having and that the children have preferred to be outside at the start of the day. We have therefore cancelled Bookworms  until the end of term but will restart this  in September.


Race for Life.

Many thanks to everyone who supported our fund raising efforts for Race for Life. Our final total is an amazing £2593.10! Well done to all on a fabulous effort for such a worthy cause.