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Friday 08-02=2019

Internet Safety

The children have all had lessons about staying safe on the internet, as part of national Internet Safety Week. Please speak to your child regularly about what they know regarding keeping themselves safe on line. This is something that we speak to the children about very often and it is helpful if they hear the same safety messages from home. These include:

NEVER give any personal information when you are on line.

If you see or hear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable ALWAYS tell an adult straight away. Issues can be reported using the red CEOP button.

NEVER speak to someone that you don’t know in ‘real life’ when you are on line– remember that stranger danger applies on line as well!

NEVER share posts, pictures or anything linked to someone else without getting their permission first

ALWAYS remember that you should be as kind and respectful on line as you would be face to face. If you wouldn’t do or say something to someone face to face then you shouldn’t do or say it on line.

REMEMBER– people who may be ‘friends’ on line may not always be friends in ‘real life’.


It is recommended that parents /carers supervise or monitor their child as they use the internet in order to ensure the safe use of this amazing resource. If possible I.T .equipment should be used in ‘family’ areas, where parents and carers can see what their child is doing.

Parents/carers should be aware that if children are using ‘child friendly’ social medias ‘chat’ spaces or playing games where they speak ‘live’ with others on line, these sites may present a potential risk in terms of the people who might be on them. Encourage your child only to play with or contact people that they know in ‘real life’.

If children have phones with internet capability it may be helpful to limit the times that these are used and not to allow children to keep them at bed times. It can often prevent children from getting a good sleep!


If you would like support or advice on any of these areas, please pop in to school and we will help or signpost where you can access support.