Friday 02-02-2018

Friday 02-02-2018

Keeping our children safe.

Next week is Internet Safety Week. In school we will be focusing on staying safe on the internet and children will be covering thinking once again about this very important subject. Please take this opportunity to talk with your children about

staying safe on the internet and using it wisely.

Key messages to remind children about are:

  • Only use websites that your parents or carers are happy for you to access
  • Never give personal details out to others
  • Never agree to meet anyone that you have spoken to but don’t know personally
  • If you see or hear anything at all that makes you feel uncomfortable show an adult and tell them about it straight away so that this can be reported

All Right Charlie

Over the next week  we will be delivering a 90 minute lesson that includes short film clips and lots of discussion that is aimed at Years 5 and 6 pupils and deals in a very careful, age appropriate way with the introduction of on line exploitation and

grooming. As part of our PSHE and safeguarding work it is important that we teach our children the skills that they need to stay safe on line, especially as they get older and are more likely to be accessing social media sites. This lesson has been specially written by a team of experts and all schools are being encouraged to deliver it as part of their safeguarding teaching. Please take the opportunity to speak with your

children about this and staying safe on the internet

Safe Touch

This week all our Year 1 pupils have taken part in a lesson about safe touch. It has

introduced the children to the concepts of safe and unsafe secrets and also the

underwear rule. We would encourage all parents to talk to their children about this and remind them of the underwear rule and that nobody should touch an area of the body that is covered by underwear.

We know that a number of our children, particularly in Key Stage 2 have mobile phones and some have access to social media sites such as Instagram. We have

recently had some parents expressing concerns about the way some pupils are

speaking to each other on instagram and we would like to remind everyone that if children are using this site they should be monitored carefully to avoid any

possibility of internet bullying.