Friday 02-03-2018

The Beast from the East!

Thank you everyone for working with us over the past difficult week as the severe weather struck. We do not take the closure of the school lightly, and only do so in cases where the safety of both children and staff in travelling to and from school is a potential issue.

Hopefully we will soon be enjoying more spring like conditions and enjoying  weather that is a little warmer and more settled.


Teaching and Learning Enquiry

As part of our ongoing drive to improve we invite external education consultants into school to look at what and how we teach and to give us feedback on what we do well and what we should consider for our next steps in school improvement.

On Tuesday we had Gill Ayre, who is a local authority Standards and Effectiveness Partner and a specialist primary education consultant in school for the whole day. She looked at teaching and learning in every class, from Nursery to Year 6 and also looked at children’s work in books and spoke with some staff across the school. I am pleased to say that the outcome was that we are working very effectively with the continued development of  Reading, Writing and Maths and children are making good progress. She also commented on the learning behavior of the children in lessons, as being a real strength of the school.


PTA News


On Monday 5th  March there will be the Friends of Canon Popham meeting at 6pm in school. Please come if you can to help with the planning of forthcoming events. We are already looking at the plans for the Summer Fair and would welcome support .


On Wednesday 7th March the Friends of Canon Popham will be holding a disco  for the children to enjoy. You should all have received a flyer about this. We would love to see everyone there and if anyone can help at either of the discos please let us know.