Friday 01-03-2019

Keeping Safe on the Internet

We hope that everyone received the letter which was sent out yesterday regarding the recent unpleasant hoax challenge that has been appearing via the internet.

We have developeda new page on our website that is designed to give advice to parents on how to support children at home to ensure they have the skills to stay safe when using IT. We hope that those parents/carers who have looked at this page have found it useful. Please let us know if it has been helpful to you.

At school we regularly speak to the children about staying safe on the internet, and this has also featured on recent school newsletters. We also talk to children about making good choices in all aspects of their lives, and also about taking responsibility  for their actions. In this way we aim to develop the children’s life skills in order that they become more and more confident about themselves as individuals and how to keep safe. It is important to have regular conversations about children doing what they know is right, and seeking help for anything which makes them feel uncomfortable or unsure.

We speak to the children in school about the importance of not being influenced by others and making personal choices that are safe ones.

If parents have any queries or concerns that they would like to ask the school about please feel welcome to contact us.

Thank you to those who attended the tea and biscuits afternoon in school this week, and for your feedback and suggestions. One of the things that you asked was that we include the information about the numbers of house points awarded to each team every week as part of the newsletter, so that parents can see the winners. We are happy to do this and will be adding this to our newsletter from now on.

If you have any suggestions, please feel welcome to speak to Mrs Navas. We do try to listen and act on as much as we possibly can, within the school resources that we have available.