Curriculum – Foundation & Reception

The Foundation Stage Curriculum – Nursery & Reception

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The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) supports the development of children from birth to the age of 5 and provides the long term planning framework for both the nursery and the reception classes in our school.

It is divided into 7 areas of learning; activities and learning experiences are planned across the year that support children’s development in all these 7 areas.

The areas of learning are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical development
  • Literacy ( Early reading and writing – see separate section for more information)
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

In accordance with the principles of the EYFS a lot of the detailed topic planning is carried out in the shorter term so that activities can reflect the developing interests of the children.  Your child’s teacher will give you information about what your child is going to be learning at the beginning of each half term.

Popular Foundation Stage topics include:

The changing seasons Special events (e.g. Christmas, Easter)
Colours People who help us
Toys Growing and changing (plants and animals)
Patterns Holidays and the seaside
Dinosaurs Builders and buildings
Pirates Traditional Stories (Fairy Tales)
Transport Art and artists
Homes and families
Favourite stories (work inspired by popular children’s authors)

Curriculum 2017/18

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Enquiry based Topic

YN – Who am I?

YR – What Do I need?

Who went into the woods today? How did Buzz get to the Moon? Emergency! Who do I need? Where is my home? What makes me shine?
Core Stories

Elmer, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Gingerbread man (YN)

Rainbow Fish, Mr Grumpy’s Motorcar(YR)

Three Little Pigs, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (YN)

Gruffalo, Owl Babies, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood (YR)

Peace at Last (YN)


Alien’s Love Underpants, Whatever Next

Cinderella, The Gingerbread Man (YN)


Each Peach Pear Plum, Farmer Duck (YR)

Three Little Pigs, Dear Zoo, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Little Red Hen (YN)

The Hungry Caterpillar (YR)

Elmer, Cinderella (YN)


Rainbow Fish (YR)


Face biscuits/buns

Fruit Smoothies

Chocolate Log, Christmas decorations

Spring Roles Noodles

Rock cakes


Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Butterfly cakes, strawberry ladybird Star biscuits, Party Food, Ice Lollies

Home Corner


Home corner/woodland cottage


Home corner – Bedtime enhancements

Space Station

Home corner – safety enhancements.

Police Station

Home corner – baby enhancements


Wild life park

Home corner – performance props



Visit/Speaker Mrs Navas, Rev Steve Beck

Forest School – Gruffalo Day

Walk to the wood


Mr Milnes (policeman)

Mr Barratt (fireman)

Tropical Butterfly House Footballer, Performer/singer
Christian Values Friendship, Thankfulness, justice Creation, forgiveness Creation, Hope, Koinonia Koinonia, thankfulness, trust, justice Creation, thankfulness Endurance, hope, koinonia, humility
Understanding The World

Celebrating differences

What we need to be healthy


Seasonal changes, autumn leaves,

Growth & decay

Air Rockets, space, planets, Jobs, roles of the emergency services Habitats and life cycles, Celebrating differences

Harvest Festival


Bonfire Night, Christmas

Valentine’s day,

Shrove Tuesday

Chinese New Year

Easter, Mothering Sunday May Day – May pole dance

Sport’s Day,

Father’s Day

Parent Sessions

Fish print with celery/CD fish, face collages


Christmas Craft Activity

Space craft –

Kitchen roll Aliens

Mother’s Day Breakfast/afternoon tea

Making small world habitats

Den making

Celebration of years achievements