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School Staff

Friday 16-03-2018

Keeping Children Safe

Over the last few weeks we have become aware of a number of children who are playing the game ‘Fortnite’, which is a free downloadable game aimed at children who are 12+. A number of parents have spoken to us about the impact that the game is having on their children’s behavior and as a school we would like to remind parents that it is important to check what children are playing and monitor who they are speaking to ‘on line’ as part of the game. We recognise that this is not the only game of this type available and whilst we understand that the game is not as graphic in terms of images shown as games that are 18+ it does still contain acts of violence with gun use etc and therefore may be worth consideration regarding individual    children’s levels of maturity and understanding/ ability to interpret what they are playing. We regularly speak to children about not talking to strangers on line and  never giving out personal details and would encourage all parents/carers to speak to children about this at home.


Help – we’re having a wedding!

On Friday 18th May ( the day before the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) the Foundation Stage will be holding their own wedding event. Rev Steve Beck will be conducting the service in church and there will be a wedding reception following. We have most things that would be needed for a wedding already arranged including clothes, church etc but would really love to have a ‘wedding car’ for the ‘bride’ and her daddy to be driven the short distance from our Foundation Stage unit to church and for a few photographs. If anyone knows of anybody who has a car that might be appropriate for us to use for about an hour ( 1:45 – 2:45) on this date please can you contact the school office or speak to           Mrs Barratt or Mrs Navas. It would help to make the day really special and give the children                         a fabulous experience.

Thank you!

To ensure that the rest of the school does not feel left out, they will be able to come to school in non- uniform—red white and blue and will have drinks and buns by way of celebration.

More details will follow closer to the event.


Easter Egg Draw

The draw will take place during lunch on 21st March.

Our cook would like to thank all the kitchen and dining room staff for donating all the Easter eggs.



Friday 09-03-2018

Year 6 Visit to Crucial Crew


This week our Y6 children have visited ‘Crucial Crew’. This is a day where they engage in various activities and scenarios to help them understand more about how to keep themselves safe in ‘real life’ situations.

The children enjoyed their day and we hope they found it useful. They represented our school very well with their behavior.

Well done Year 6!


World Book Day


All children took part in lots of different activities to celebrate books as part of World Book Day 2018. Each year group made something about books and reading to show their enjoyment and love of reading. We had a whole school assembly for each year to show their learning and held a quiz about different well-known book characters. Thank you for once again supporting this event in school and for reading at home with your children.


Friday 02-03-2018

The Beast from the East!

Thank you everyone for working with us over the past difficult week as the severe weather struck. We do not take the closure of the school lightly, and only do so in cases where the safety of both children and staff in travelling to and from school is a potential issue.

Hopefully we will soon be enjoying more spring like conditions and enjoying  weather that is a little warmer and more settled.


Teaching and Learning Enquiry

As part of our ongoing drive to improve we invite external education consultants into school to look at what and how we teach and to give us feedback on what we do well and what we should consider for our next steps in school improvement.

On Tuesday we had Gill Ayre, who is a local authority Standards and Effectiveness Partner and a specialist primary education consultant in school for the whole day. She looked at teaching and learning in every class, from Nursery to Year 6 and also looked at children’s work in books and spoke with some staff across the school. I am pleased to say that the outcome was that we are working very effectively with the continued development of  Reading, Writing and Maths and children are making good progress. She also commented on the learning behavior of the children in lessons, as being a real strength of the school.


PTA News


On Monday 5th  March there will be the Friends of Canon Popham meeting at 6pm in school. Please come if you can to help with the planning of forthcoming events. We are already looking at the plans for the Summer Fair and would welcome support .


On Wednesday 7th March the Friends of Canon Popham will be holding a disco  for the children to enjoy. You should all have received a flyer about this. We would love to see everyone there and if anyone can help at either of the discos please let us know.


Friday 23-02-2018

Peter Pan

On Thursday the children had a special treat! We had a theatre company in school to present their production of  the classic children’s story- Peter Pan. The children had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.


World Book Day

Next Thursday, 1st March is World Book Day. It would be fabulous if the children could come dressed as a book character for this annual day of celebrating reading and children’s literature.


Help for the Food Bank

The Church of the Good Shepherd regularly donates items to Doncaster Food Bank. Our school tries to help them with this through donating items from our Harvest. This week the church have been contacted to say that the food bank is running short of the following items:

¨ Tinned meat

¨ Tinned fruit

¨ Long life fruit juice

¨ UHT milk

¨ Nappies

If anyone feels that they would like to help , please bring any donations to the office and we will ensure that the church gets them to include in their delivery to the food bank.


If you, or a family you know are finding times hard and struggling to put food on the table please feel welcome to come and speak to Mrs Navas IN CONFIDENCE. We will be able to help by putting you into contact with the relevant people who can    provide a food bank voucher.


Friday 02-02-2018

Friday 02-02-2018

Keeping our children safe.

Next week is Internet Safety Week. In school we will be focusing on staying safe on the internet and children will be covering thinking once again about this very important subject. Please take this opportunity to talk with your children about

staying safe on the internet and using it wisely.

Key messages to remind children about are:

  • Only use websites that your parents or carers are happy for you to access
  • Never give personal details out to others
  • Never agree to meet anyone that you have spoken to but don’t know personally
  • If you see or hear anything at all that makes you feel uncomfortable show an adult and tell them about it straight away so that this can be reported

All Right Charlie

Over the next week  we will be delivering a 90 minute lesson that includes short film clips and lots of discussion that is aimed at Years 5 and 6 pupils and deals in a very careful, age appropriate way with the introduction of on line exploitation and

grooming. As part of our PSHE and safeguarding work it is important that we teach our children the skills that they need to stay safe on line, especially as they get older and are more likely to be accessing social media sites. This lesson has been specially written by a team of experts and all schools are being encouraged to deliver it as part of their safeguarding teaching. Please take the opportunity to speak with your

children about this and staying safe on the internet

Safe Touch

This week all our Year 1 pupils have taken part in a lesson about safe touch. It has

introduced the children to the concepts of safe and unsafe secrets and also the

underwear rule. We would encourage all parents to talk to their children about this and remind them of the underwear rule and that nobody should touch an area of the body that is covered by underwear.

We know that a number of our children, particularly in Key Stage 2 have mobile phones and some have access to social media sites such as Instagram. We have

recently had some parents expressing concerns about the way some pupils are

speaking to each other on instagram and we would like to remind everyone that if children are using this site they should be monitored carefully to avoid any

possibility of internet bullying.


Friday 19-01-2018

Reading Reminder

It has been lovely to see all the children back to school and making a positive start to 2018.

Thank you to all those children and parents who continue to read regularly at home and to complete their reading record book. Can we remind you that we ask that    children aim to read 20 times per month at home. This helps to build their fluency and reading stamina , which is vital for them to access the curriculum as they get  further and further up the school.

Parents can help by asking questions about the text to help to build comprehension skills. If you are not sure about what sort of questions to ask there are ideas in your child’s reading record book . Alternatively, please come into school to see your child’s teacher.


Comments Questions or Concerns

If you have any comments, questions or concerns we would love to hear them. Please feel welcome to contact school and speak to the class teacher or Mrs Navas at any time. Don’t wait for little worries to become big problems– come and speak to us   because we are very happy to help!


Onesie Day

The school council have organised this day to be held next Wednesday– 24th January. Children can come to school in their onseie or pyjamas and donate £1 to the         children’s chosen charity – Christian Aid. We hope you will feel able to support this and encourage children to become more aware of those who need our help around the world and become global citizens.


Friday 15-12-2017

Friday 15-12-2017


A massive well done to all the children who did a fabulous job this week in Foundation and Key Stage 1  nativity plays. We hope that you enjoyed them.

Thanks also to all the staff who have worked so hard to prepare these productions with the children.


The week ahead. . .

Next week will be a very busy one in school:

Monday– Key Stage 2  afternoon carol service

Tuesday– Christmas dinner and Key Stage 2 evening carol service

Wednesday– Foundation and Key Stage 1 Christmas parties

Thursday– Non–uniform “Wear something Christmassy” ( no donation required) and Key Stage 2 Christmas party


Friday 01-12-2017

Friday 01-12-2017

New Entry System for school.


You will have noticed if you have visited the office this week that on Monday we had a new entry system fitted to school. This is a development of our safeguarding

systems in school. Every person entering school will need to sign in and will have a photographic identification badge issued, which they will have to wear at all times on the school premises. We will also be asking that parents sign in children who are late using the system, which will require a reason for lateness to be entered onto the      system. Children leaving school early due to illness or medical appointments will also need to be signed out on the system. This ensures that we have an accurate electronic record of everyone on the premises at any point in the school day, should there be an emergency, such as a fire.

We hope you will agree that the new electronic system enhances our safeguarding   procedures.


Friday 17-11-2017

Anti Bullying Week

This week has been anti-bullying week. The theme has been :

We are all different and all equal.

Our whole school assemblies have been on the theme of anti-bullying and children have also done some work on this in their classes. Their work will be displayed in an anti– bullying themed display.

Friends of Canon Popham Christmas Fair

Our annual Christmas Fair will be held on Friday 1st December from 3:45 – 5:30. There is a small group of volunteers who have been working hard at the planning for this event and they really need your help to make it a success.

We would be very grateful to receive:

* Offers to help on the day– setting up, running a stall or tidying up

* Contributions of prizes for the tombola

On Friday 1st December it will be a non-uniform day. We ask that children do not bring money but instead bring something ‘chocolatey’ which can then be used to make the chocolate tombola stall.

Operation Christmas Child

The children have worked in pairs to pack boxes for this very worthy cause . They have been completed this afternoon and will be going to the collection centre where they will be processed. The boxes will be going to Belarus and bring a smile to many faces.

This year we have been a collection point for boxes donated by the community and have also worked with parishioners of The Church of the Good Shepherd and together we have donated 262 boxes

Once again, a huge thank you for your support.

Keeping healthy

We have had one or two cases of children having a sickness bug over the last week or so. Just to reassure parents/carers, the school cleaning staff work hard to ensure that school is cleaned thoroughly every day. We also encourage children to have good hand hygiene and wash hands after every toilet visit. We would like to remind parents /carers that children who have had a stomach bug cannot attend school until 48 hours  after the last bout of illness. This is in line with other schools and HSC guidelines in order to prevent the spread of any germs around school.

Relief Lunchtime Supervisors

We are looking to increase our list of people who would be willing to undertake lunchtime supervisor work at short notice e.g. if one of our dinner ladies was off sick. If you would be interested in going on this list please see Mrs Liddle or Mrs Bell in the office for further information. As part of our safeguarding procedures this role would require a full DBS check.


Friday 10-11-2017

Friday 10-11-2017

Operation Christmas Child.

Thank you to everyone who has started to donate items for our annual shoe box appeal. However, we currently don’t have enough donations. We would like all the children in school to be involved in helping to pack a box so we really need more items! Please, please continue to send items in so that we can fill as many shoe boxes as possible. Donations of empty shoe boxes are also welcome.

If there is anyone who would be willing to wrap boxes for us please let the office know.

Thank you for your help.

Anti Bullying Week

Next week is anti bullying week. Across the whole school children will be thinking about this very important topic and the work that they produce will form a display in the school. There will be more information about this in next week’s news letter.

Children In Need

On Friday 17th November it is Children in Need day. As a school we like to support this appeal and will therefore be having a non-uniform day on this date. We as for each child to bring a £1 donation which will be sent to  Children in need.


We would like to remind you that all Key Stage 2 children should now be wearing their winter uniform. This includes a shirt and tie and  NOT polo shirts. In addition, our school uniform policy states that girls can wear bobbles or a small, discrete blue bow but should not be wearing the large ‘jo-jo’ type bows that are fashion items but not part of our uniform  policy. We would ask that parents support us in ensuring that children stick to our uniform policy in order that we maintain the high standards of dress that we expect. We will have a uniform check next week.

Thank you for your support.