School Staff

Friday 01-03-2019

Keeping Safe on the Internet

We hope that everyone received the letter which was sent out yesterday regarding the recent unpleasant hoax challenge that has been appearing via the internet.

We have developeda new page on our website that is designed to give advice to parents on how to support children at home to ensure they have the skills to stay safe when using IT. We hope that those parents/carers who have looked at this page have found it useful. Please let us know if it has been helpful to you.

At school we regularly speak to the children about staying safe on the internet, and this has also featured on recent school newsletters. We also talk to children about making good choices in all aspects of their lives, and also about taking responsibility  for their actions. In this way we aim to develop the children’s life skills in order that they become more and more confident about themselves as individuals and how to keep safe. It is important to have regular conversations about children doing what they know is right, and seeking help for anything which makes them feel uncomfortable or unsure.

We speak to the children in school about the importance of not being influenced by others and making personal choices that are safe ones.

If parents have any queries or concerns that they would like to ask the school about please feel welcome to contact us.

Thank you to those who attended the tea and biscuits afternoon in school this week, and for your feedback and suggestions. One of the things that you asked was that we include the information about the numbers of house points awarded to each team every week as part of the newsletter, so that parents can see the winners. We are happy to do this and will be adding this to our newsletter from now on.

If you have any suggestions, please feel welcome to speak to Mrs Navas. We do try to listen and act on as much as we possibly can, within the school resources that we have available.


Friday 15-02-2019

Thank you!

We are delighted to let you know that the final total for money raised at the Christmas Fair was announced at the PTA meeting held earlier this week. Through your fantastic support and the effort of the PTA members we made a profit of £1429.94. We are looking to continue with the fund raising efforts with a range of other activities planned for the rest of the year and hope to raise enough money to purchase a new outdoor shaded canopy area, which can be used for  individual classes outdoor learning as well as additional shade for children in the summer months.


Visitors to school.

On Thursday we hosted 31 trainee teachers in school for the day. We are the only school in Doncaster Local Authority who were asked to provide this particular training session. As part of their training the Year 5 children took them around school on a ‘Learning Walk’ and also acted as interviewers in a ‘mock’ interview scenario. All of the children in school behaved impeccably and did themselves proud. They were able to talk articulately about learning in our school. For the majority of the children their lessons continued as normal, and even when there were visitors in their classrooms they continued to focus on their learning and demonstrate great learning behaviours. Well done to all the children. You were fantastic!


Year 6 visit to Crucial Crew

This week Year 6 children visited ‘Crucial Crew’. This is a day long visit where Year 6 children from all over South Yorkshire attend to learn from a range of services about life skills, and how to look after themselves and keep themselves safe in preparation for secondary school and beyond. The training includes work with the emergency services and this year it also included some basic first aid training including how to use the recovery position and what to do in an emergency.

The children also had additional practical workshop training on traffic safety as well as learning a little bit about the law and the age of criminal responsibility and how this applies to them. They learned more about the responsibilities that come with using the internet and the training reflected keeping safe in the 21st century. We hope that the children came home and were able to talk to their parents/carers about the important lessons they had learned.


We break up for half term today. Have a lovely half term break. We return to school on Monday 25th February .


Friday 08-02=2019

Internet Safety

The children have all had lessons about staying safe on the internet, as part of national Internet Safety Week. Please speak to your child regularly about what they know regarding keeping themselves safe on line. This is something that we speak to the children about very often and it is helpful if they hear the same safety messages from home. These include:

NEVER give any personal information when you are on line.

If you see or hear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable ALWAYS tell an adult straight away. Issues can be reported using the red CEOP button.

NEVER speak to someone that you don’t know in ‘real life’ when you are on line– remember that stranger danger applies on line as well!

NEVER share posts, pictures or anything linked to someone else without getting their permission first

ALWAYS remember that you should be as kind and respectful on line as you would be face to face. If you wouldn’t do or say something to someone face to face then you shouldn’t do or say it on line.

REMEMBER– people who may be ‘friends’ on line may not always be friends in ‘real life’.


It is recommended that parents /carers supervise or monitor their child as they use the internet in order to ensure the safe use of this amazing resource. If possible I.T .equipment should be used in ‘family’ areas, where parents and carers can see what their child is doing.

Parents/carers should be aware that if children are using ‘child friendly’ social medias ‘chat’ spaces or playing games where they speak ‘live’ with others on line, these sites may present a potential risk in terms of the people who might be on them. Encourage your child only to play with or contact people that they know in ‘real life’.

If children have phones with internet capability it may be helpful to limit the times that these are used and not to allow children to keep them at bed times. It can often prevent children from getting a good sleep!


If you would like support or advice on any of these areas, please pop in to school and we will help or signpost where you can access support.


Friday 01-02-2019

Number Day


Thanks to everyone who came in non– uniform, wearing a number today for Number Day. This is a fund raiser for the NSPCC and an opportunity to raise awareness in school, and have more fun with numbers!

The school has raised over £150.00!


Years 3,4 and 5 have been introduced to a new IT based programme targeted at their  year groups, to help with learning times tables. It is a programme called ‘Reflex’ and they can access it at home, with their personal password as well as in school. The programme is designed to be fun and in a similar format to games that children may choose out of school, but it helps to teach times tables, with the programme being adapted to each child’s personal needs and stage of development in this area. We hope they will have lots of fun with it whilst learning at the same time. Teaching staff can log in and monitor every child’s progress in detail.

We have introduced the programme this week and parents will get an opportunity to see it in action at the next ‘Pride in our Learning ’ session.


Friends of Canon Popham Dates


Please note the following dates:


Monday 11th February   Film Club straight after school

Friends of Canon Popham Meeting 6pm in school


Monday 4th March          Disco


Thursday 20-12-2018

Carol service

Well done to our KS2 children who lead a beautiful Carol service on Monday and Tuesday. The retiring collection from both services was in aid of Toilet Twinning and

raised £190. Many thanks to those who contributed. This means we can twin 3 toilets in areas of the world that don’t yet have appropriate sanitation.


We hope that the children have all enjoyed their Christmas celebrations in school.

We wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a

happy and prosperous 2019.


School closes today for the Christmas holidays. We will look forward to welcoming everyone back for the start of the spring term on

Monday 7th January.


Friday 14-12-2018



Well done to all of the Foundation and Key Stage 1 children who presented their nativity plays this week. Their performances were fabulous and they should be very proud of themselves. Thanks also go to the staff who have worked hard with the children to prepare these.

Thank you to all those parents and carers who respected our request to ensure that no photographs containing children other than their own are posted onto social media sites. This is in the interests of safeguarding all our children.


Next week we have the Key Stage 2 carol Services on Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening. These are ticket only entrance and we request that you bring your tickets with you on the day to be admitted. This is because there is a limit on the numbers who we are able to seat in church. All children in key Stage 2 are expected to attend both services, even if they only have family members attending one of them.


Next week is the last week of the Autumn term. School will finish for Christmas at 3:30 on Thursday 20th December. This will be a non– uniform day. Children may wear Christmas clothing on that day or simply attend in normal non– uniform. They do NOT have to bring money on this occasion– it is simply a less formal and more fun end to a term where everyone has worked really hard.


Menu Changes for next week


Monday – pizza, pie   – sponge – yogurt

Tuesday  – Christmas Dinner

Wednesday  – fish fingers, chips  – biscuit and juice, apple pie

Thursday  –  bolognaise, french bread  –  chocolate muffin, rice crispie cake


Friday 07-12-2018

Thanks to the Friends of Canon Popham

A huge THANK YOU to the Friends of Canon Popham who have worked so hard to organize and put on a really lovely Christmas Fair last week. Events like this take a great deal of organization and all the children in school benefit from the funds raised.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed in any way, either through donations of items, volunteering to help or coming to support the event.

Once the Friends of Canon Popham have completed their Christmas fund raising efforts, which will continue over the next 2 weeks with the sale of refreshments etc at our Nativity plays and Carol services, we will be able to let you know the final total of funds raised .

New Climbing Frame

It was appropriate that the brand new climbing frame was installed last Friday, on the same day as our Christmas fair. This was a great example of how the children in school benefit from every penny that is raised in all the PTA fund raising. The children are delighted with it and we hope that it will last just as long as the old one did, and that the children will enjoy using it for many years to come.


Can we please remind parents and carers that if your child choses to use the climbing frame either before school starts or after school it is parents responsibility to supervise their safe behavior and play during these times. In addition, on snowy or icy days, the climbing frame should not be used for health and safety reasons.

Thank you.


Next week we have our Foundation and Key Stage 1 Christmas Nativity Plays. We look forward to seeing all those who have booked tickets for these events. The children and staff have worked really hard preparing them and we are sure you will enjoy them. Our Key Stage 2 Carol Services are in the final week of the term. Due to the numbers of people that can be seated in the church, this is strictly by ticket only and we ask that you bring your tickets with you to be admitted to the service.

The evening performance is now full, and we are unable to meet any further requests for tickets for this service.


Friday 16-11-2018

We Will Remember Them

Thank you to all those who came to the service at Edenthorpe war memorial on Sunday. Our completed art work was on display and much admired! It will now be displayed on the external wall near to church so that people visiting both school and church will see it as they come up the driveway.  Thanks to Asa Dixey, Lottie Houlihan, Logan Jones and Felicity Ali who read their writing and led the prayers beautifully.


A busy week in school

Every week in school is busy but this week has been more action packed than ever!

On Monday all the children took part in our Science day where they spent the afternoon experimenting with biscuits! They were then able to share their findings with each other at our whole school assembly.


This week is anti bullying week and the theme is ‘Choose Respect’. Every class in school is having lessons linked to this theme and collectively we will be creating a new display on this theme which will be positioned in the corridor leading from the hall to the shared area, where all the children can see it every day.  At Canon Popham we talk to children about anti bullying regularly and remind them to speak out if they need help. On Monday it was Odd Socks Day, which launched anti bullying week and helped us to remind the children that everyone is unique and difference should be celebrated.


The week finished with Children in Need Day where everyone was encouraged to come to school wearing their pyjamas and to make a donation to Children in Need. We also asked for contributions for filling shoe boxes for our annual Christmas appeal for Operation Christmas Child. Thanks to all those who donated and well done to the children who packed the boxes so thoughtfully.


Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair will be held from 3:45 until 5pm on Friday 29th November. We are still looking for volunteers so if you can help in any way please contact the school office. We hope that this evening will be a festive one which families can enjoy, attending our Christmas fair and then moving on to the carols around the Christmas tree event which will be held later that evening by the war memorial.


Friday 09-11-2018

Shoe Box Appeal


As many of you will know, we have an annual appeal where we try to pack and send Christmas shoe box gifts via Operation Christmas Child to children in other countries who would otherwise not have anything for Christmas. We ask for donations of items to be put in the boxes and then have an afternoon in school where every child works with a partner to select items from the donations and pack a box. This is such a special moment in our school year, as it gives children the opportunity to learn about children in other countries and to show our Christian value of compassion in action.

We will be packing the boxes next Friday afternoon -16th November (which is also Children in Need day).

Therefore– next Friday children are invited to come to school wearing their pyjamas for Children in Need. Can they please bring a money donation of £1 to be able to wear their PJ’s on that day but can we also ask for an item for packing into the boxes as well.

Useful items are:

Bars of soap, face clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, a small soft toy, small colouring book, coloured pencils, gloves, hat, scarf.

Thank you for your support with this.


Remembrance Sunday

This Sunday will be 11th November-Remembrance Sunday. Our completed Art installation will be taken to the Edenthorpe War Memorial for display on this date and we have some children from school doing readings and prayers that they have written as part of the service. This year, our school will also be laying a wreath. Everyone from the community is welcome to attend the service. If you are interested in attending you should be at the war memorial at 10:45 for the service to begin shortly after this.

It is expected that the service will last no more than 30 minutes.



Governor Awards

Well done to the children who were nominated for our first Governor Awards. There are 6 awards that go to children who the governors feel have demonstrated the 6 Christian Values of our school over the half term. The nominations were considered by a committee of governors and were anonymous so that choices could be made in as open and fair a process as possible.

Our winners were:

Thankfulness Award– Tony Huang in Year 5

Justice Award– Joseph Barratt in Reception

Hope Award– Isaac Edgington in Year 3

Compassion Award– Chloe Parker in Year 4

Endurance Award– Lucas Jackson in Year 2

Forgiveness Award– Owen Lockwood In Year 6

We had a special assembly where 4 of our governors presented the awards to the winners. All the children who had been nominated were also announced and their achievement acknowledged with the whole school.

The Governors Award display is in the main entrance to school where you will be able to see the photographs of the award winners with the governors.


The awards will be presented at the end of every half term so our next awards will take place just before our Christmas holiday.


Friends of Canon Popham Update

Thanks to the small group of people who met yesterday to plan the Christmas Fair. This will take place on Friday November 30th from 3:30 until 5:00 all help is gratefully received.


You will notice that the climbing Frame in KS1 playground is being taken down. The replacement has been ordered and we hope it will be erected by the end of November ( weather permitting). Thanks to all who have donated in any way.


We hope that the children enjoyed our non– uniform day today. The £166 raised will be contributed to the climbing frame costs.


Thanks to all those who sponsored Mrs Barratt’s 5K run. This raised £450 to date.  If you have sponsored Mrs Barratt and still need to bring in your money please can you do so as soon as possible. Money can be handed to the office staff.


Enjoy half term everyone! We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Monday 5th November.