Nursery Class

Our Nursery Teachers are:

Mrs Barratt

Mrs Penhallurick

Mrs Bennett

Mrs Hollis

Mrs Probert

 Nursery Session Times

Morning Nursery - 8.40am-11.40am

Afternoon Nursery - 12.30pm-3.30pm

Edenthorpe Canon Popham Primary and Nursery School Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope you've all had a lovely half-term break and ready to join us for the last half-term of this school year.

Please ensure your child has sun-cream applied, sun hat and sun glasses for hot summer days. They may also bring a named water bottle to school full of water and not juice so they have constant access to a drink. We will ensure a water station is provided with a jug of water and cups for children that have forgotten their water bottle. 

This half-term, our Nursery topic is 'What makes a Great Holiday?' The children will be talking about their own experiences of special places they've visited and special times they've spent with the people they love. This week the children should bring a photograph of a special place they have visited and they will be asked to say where they went, what it was like, what they did when they were there and who they went with. They will be looking at different kinds of holiday environments and the different equipment and clothing needed for different destinations. Our new role-play area is an ice-cream parlour so the children will be exploring serving and buying pretend ice-creams. If anyone has any empty ice-cream tubs (dairy free would be amazing) they would be great to enhance our role-play area so please send them into Nursery. The children will have the opportunity to taste different flavour ice-creams then carryout a class survey of the favourite flavours to display as a pictograph. 

Parents' and carers are invited to join our Nursery Sport's Day on Friday 30th June to help your child around a set of physical activities in our outdoor learning area.

(10:30am for morning nursery and 2:15pm for afternoon Nursery)

Could all children come dressed in suitable sports clothes on this day (shorts, t-shirt, jogging bottoms, tracksuit etc) and trainers or pumps. There will be refreshments available during this session.

To end this school year and to reward the children for all of their hard-work I would like to invite them all to a 'Pirate & Princess Party.' It will be held on Wednesday 19th July at the normal nursery session times. 

The children can come dressed as either a Pirate or a Princess and join in lots of fun party games. We will have a picnic in the nursery garden to celebrate such a beautiful year in Nursery.

At least once every half term, your child will be baking and we therefore request a small donation of 1.50 towards the cost of the ingredients. This money is due at the start of every half term. If your child has any food allergies, please inform Mrs Barratt as soon as possible, if you haven't already done so. 

We are continuing with our parent/carer reading sessions every Friday. The children are certainly enjoying spending time with you, reading in nursery and their assessments show they are making good progress. Parents/carers to enter at the nursery gate (Morning session 11:10am - Afternoon session 2:45pm) Once again if you are unable to attend this session please let us know and we can arrange for additional support from some of our older children in school.


Our phonics table is being used really well and many of the children are enjoying fetching objects from home and saying the initial sound/phoneme. Many of the children are really beginning to develop their phonological awareness by saying lots of words beginning with a given sound. Some of the children are also beginning to write some of the letter shapes too. The sound for this week is 'f'. The order of the next set of sounds over this half-term will be; e, l, h, sh, r and j.

 A huge thank you to all of you that have recognised your child's achievements at home and written them down on a star for us to celebrate. Your children are so proud of their stars and they are enjoying standing up and telling the whole class about their 'Star Moments'. If you would like to capture your child achieving new skills outside of school then we have a secure                             e-mail address for you to send photographs to go alongside their star. 

Please send any images to -

Could we please remind you to ensure all school clothes, coats, bags, shoes are labelled with your child's name. It is really frustrating for everyone when items go missing and it's so much easier to return lost items when they are clearly labelled. A lost property basket is located in the cloakroom area so please feel free to check the basket if you are missing an item of clothing.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child in Nursery please don't hesitate to come and see any member of the Nursery Team.


Yours Sincerely

The Nursery Team

(Mrs Barratt, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Penhallerick, Mrs Probert and Mrs Marr)    

       Dates to Remember

 Canon Popham's Got Talent

-       Monday 5th June- tickets go on sale for families of contestants

-       Wednesday 7th June - tickets on sale to everyone

-       Friday 16th June - Showtime! (doors open 5:30pm)

Nursery Sport's Day - Friday 30th June - Parents/carers are invited to attend to help their child around a set of physical activities.

(10:30am for morning nursery and 2:15pm for afternoon Nursery)

Canon Popham Summer Fayre - Saturday 1st July

'Pirate & Princess Party. - Wednesday 19th July at the normal nursery session times.

Break for Summer - Friday 21st July

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