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Canon Popham C E Primary and Nursery School


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The school agrees to:

 Welcome and include all children and families

 Provide quality education and keep parents informed of progress

 Provide a safe and caring environment for all children.

 Respect and value the contribution made by children, parents and carers

 Offer continuous support to children and families


We, the parent/carers agree to:

 Encourage learning at school and at home

 Make sure that our children attend regularly and on time

 Inform the school in case of absence

 Care for the school and each other

 Treat staff, other parents and children with respect

 Participate in school when possible

 Ensure our children always wear their uniform and have appropriate hair styles.


I, the pupil agree to:

 Follow the school rules.

 Come prepared to learn every day (PE kit, reading book, homework etc)

 Complete and return homework.

 Be a good role model to others.



Child's name__________________ Date___________


Signed by parent_____________________________


Signed by pupil ________________________


Signed on behalf of the school___________________

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