Our Teachers are: Mrs Wenban, Mrs Hollis, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Probert

Summer Half Term 2 - 2017


Welcome to Reception. Here is a brief outline of what we will be learning in the Reception Class this half term.  Our topic this half term is Under the Sea and we will be finding out about some of the creatures that live in the sea as well as comparing where we live with a coastal town.

v     Personal, Social and Emotional Development.


We will be continuing our work on friendships and sharing resources and equipment.  We will also be having circle times where the children will be able to discuss their feelings and how we can manage these emotions in an appropriate manor.

v     Communication and Language  


The children will be constantly developing their communication skills on a daily basis through their play. This half term the children will be given the opportunity to speak in front of the class and ask each other questions during our review times. We will also be encouraging the children to explain how they made their models and talking in detail about the things they have made.  The children will also be given the opportunity to extend their vocabulary learning new language linked to our and to creating storylines and narratives during their play.

v     Physical Development                                

We will be developing our physical skills during our hall time and outdoors as well as practising for Sports Day. The children have enjoyed riding the balance bikes and Coach Andy will be continuing to come into school on fridays to help develop the children's riding skills.  We will also be practising our handwriting skills and learning how to form our letters correctly using the schools cursive script.  A link to a copy of how to form letters using cursive script can be found at the bottom of this page.

  English (Literacy)  

In English we will be exploring the texts Sharing a Shell, The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, The shark in the Dark and The fish who could wish.  We will also be reading books about mermaids and pirates and use these as a basis for creating our own stories.

We will also be continuing to learn our phonemes and corresponding graphemes using the Read Write Inc programme, focusing on those in set 2 as well as revising those in set 1.  We will be adding the new tricky words to the children's key rings so please make sure these are in school every friday.  We also have some volunteers coming into school to listen to the children read so they will need their reading book in school everyday.

v     Maths  

In maths this half term we will be continuing to count in twos, fives and tens, as well as recognising and ordering numbers to 20.  We will be adding and subtracting two numbers by counting on or back from the largest number and learning addition facts including doubles e.g. 2+2=4. We will also be describing 3d shapes and measuring the capacities of different containers.

v Understanding the World                     

We will be learning about features of the seaside and finding out about creatures that live in the sea.  We will also be sharing our own experiences of visiting the beach and comparing the seaside in olden times to what it is like now.  We will using a range of different types of technology including programming the beebots as well as using the ipads and computers to research facts linked to our topic.


v     Creative Development

The children will have access to a range of painting, collage, modeling and music activities. We will also learn new songs related to our topic as well as using the musical instruments to create rhythms and sound effects. In July we will be participating in Art Week and we will be creating portraits in the style of our class artist as well as creating collages using photographs.

v    Parent sessions.   

We will be holding a Parent activity session on Thursday 15th June at 3pm linked to our Under the Sea topic.

v     Things you can do at home 


     Number formation

Star Moments, we enjoy sharing your children's achievements with the class and our star moment display is on the classroom door and star moment sheets are on the table outside the classroom - please feel free to help yourself to them!

Share your child's reading book with them often; we can change books on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Please leave a comment on your child's reading record sheet each time you read as the children receive a golden ticket for reading 10 times or more!

Encourage your child to practice their sounds and tricky words as this helps them to consolidate their learning. Feel free to take the letters off the key ring to make simple words, such as cat, for your child to read. You could also say a word and ask your child to find all the letters to make the word, this helps them to learn to spell.

Encourage your child to mark make and write, particularly in our schools handwriting, see the handwriting link on this page for support. Maybe they could write your shopping list or make a card for someone's birthday.

Encourage your child to recognise and write numbers up to 20. For help on forming numbers, please see the maths link on this page, this has the rhymes we use in class to help us write our numbers Count, add and takeaway objects at every opportunity such as when playing with toys.

Share some learning with your child as you complete one of the 'Home Learning Challenges' which are sent home each half term.

v     News

Each half term the children will have the opportunity to bake and we do ask for a donation towards the cost of ingredients.  This donation of 1.50 can be paid at the start of each half term or alternatively you can pay 9 for the whole year. We thank you in advance for your kind contributions.

If you have any worries, questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to come in and speak to one of the Reception Teachers or alternatively you can ring the school on 01302 884465.  The following link provides further information on the Early Years curriculum which we follow.


A Parent's Guide to The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

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