Welcome back. I hope you all enjoyed your half term break. 

The final half term is upon us; I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone.  Now we have only a few weeks left until the children of year 6 leave us and go onto the next step of their learning journey. This half term will be bumper packed with exciting things from our final topic (the Mayans) to our end of year production of School Daze. I hope that every child enjoys their final weeks at Canon Popham and make the most of the learning experiences planned as well as being part of their class for the last time. Get your tissues at the ready for our special leavers' evening which will commence at 6pm on Tuesday 18th July- School Daze.

Here is an overview of what your child shall be learning in the second half of our summer term in year 6:

Topic - The Mayans

This unit of work will teach the children all about the ancient Maya civilisation. The children will learn who the ancient Maya people were and where and when they lived. They will use maps and atlases to locate Maya cities and identify countries in Mesoamerica. In addition to this they will learn about the religious beliefs and rituals of the ancient Maya people and find out more about some of the many gods they worshipped. The children will also learn about the Maya number system and have the opportunity to read and write Maya numbers and solve number problems. They will learn about the Maya writing system too and practise writing words using logograms and syllabograms in the hieroglyphic style of the ancient Maya people. The children will learn about the work of the explorers John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood and have the opportunity to analyse historical pictures of the cities they discovered. They will also learn about the types of food eaten by the ancient Maya people and they will find out about the significance of corn and chocolate, arguing which was most important in a class debate.

The Canon Popham Times Table Challenge

We are continuing with the school 'Times Tables Challenge' award system to encourage the children to learn their times tables. The children need to learn their tables (multiplication and division facts and missing digit questions) to achieve awards.

Try it!!! Can you do it? You can practise as many times as you like by following the links

Science- The Circulatory System

Here are some questions we aim to answer:

1.      What does my circulatory system do?

2.      What is a heart and what does it do?

3.      What is blood?

4.      What is in blood?

5.      What do valves and blood vessels do?

6.      What happens to water in our bodies?

7.      What does the road around our body look like? 


We shall use computers to support our topic work. This shall include internet research, using Power point, Scratch simple coding and programming.


In this unit we ask the question: Is Christianity still a strong religion 200 years after Jesus?

In this unit we shall be learning to identify ways in which Christianity is a part of the world today by exploring the work of Christian missionaries and Christian charities.


We shall continue to follow the schools FUNS PE scheme. Please bring in PE kits on Monday to be left in school all week. Thank you.


To recreate a Mayan mask; to use clay to recreate Mayan art and artefacts and to explore and recreate the Bonampac Murals.

Making Mayan food and drinks!

ARTS WEEK - 3rd July: We will explore the work of different artists and styles of artwork throughout the week.


Topic Homework has already been handed out: Choose a task weekly from the topic planning grid. Homework is celebrated on Fridays in class.

READING - 10 minutes homework for 5 nights a week!

Children can fill in their own reading record however it needs to be signed by an adult. I expect to see children have read at least 5 times a week. We have discussed in class that children are allowed to read a range of texts as well as their school reading book e.g. home books, magazines, online information. Children who read regularly will be rewarded with a GOLDEN TICKET every time that they reach the top of our class reading tree (20 times). READING is FUN!!


Whole class reading - All classes will read a selection of core stories for their year group which focuses around a key author. In KS2, each class will read together every afternoon at 1.15 for 10 to 15 minutes. The key author for Year 6 is David Walliams. The core stories from each class are displayed within their classroom and in the main hall.

 If you have any worries or concerns please come and see me as soon as possible; no worry is too small. The best time to do this is after school at 3:30pm.

Thank you for the continued support in helping with your child's learning!

Mrs. J Shelton

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