Year 3

Summer 2 2017

 The children will be studying the rain-forests of the world during this final term. This will involve learning about the plants and animals that live in the Amazon as well as the important significance of the rainforest in terms of our climate.


General Information

P.E. kits are needed on Monday and Thursday but I advise children to leave them in school all week so they know they have it. On these days can you please ensure that long hair is tied back and that earrings are not worn. It would also be helpful to label your child's PE kit with their name.

Reading books need to be handed in on Monday morning and remember to change your book any morning so that you can achieve your goal of 20 times each month.


Weekly spellings will be given out on Mondays. Your child will be tested on a selection of these the following Friday. Also during the week, your child will complete a short dictation exercise containing the weekly spellings. Please support your child at home by helping your child learn their weekly spellings.


The Canon Popham Times Table Challenge

We are introducing a new school 'Times Tables Challenge' award system to encourage the children to learn their times tables. The children need to learn their tables (multiplication and division facts and missing digit questions) to achieve awards.



This term we will be doing imaginative writing about the rainforest; poetry and letter writing as well as discussing the importance of this part of the world in terms of climate control.

Oxford Owl Library (The library is a fantastic e-book resource, you just need to register

 your e-mail on the site to access a range of books for free)


How does your garden grow?

Children learn about the needs of plants in order to grow healthily.


This term we will look at fractions, shapes (2D and 3D), mental addition and subtraction as well as introducing the children to right angles and compass points. Please remember to visit as there are many different interactive games and revision tools for your child to help them with their learning. As a school we have signed KS1 and KS2 to a website called Sumdog. Allow your child some time to play this when they are home from school as it is a valuable tool to help them with various maths areas. 

Here is a great game for times tables.

Topic Homework


We are continuing with our approach to homework this year and in addition to their reading book, spelling and maths homework, children can also choose to complete homework projects based upon our topic. The projects are designed to cover a range of areas to suit every child. Remember that you can work with your child on homework and it's a fun activity to do with your child.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Willis and Mr McCrystal.

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