Weekly News 21-07-2017

Goodbye and good luck to Year 6.


At the end of another busy school year we would like to say well done and good luck to our Year 6 pupils as they move on to the next stage in their education journey. They have been a pleasure to have in school and should be proud of all they have achieved. We look forward to hearing how well they are doing in their new schools. Come back and see us so that we can hear about how you are       getting on!


School will re open to the children for the start of the new school year on Tuesday 5th September. We hope you have a fabulous  summer break and look forward to welcoming everyone back then.

We would like to request that parents/carers  check our school   uniform policy which can be found on our website if new uniform or                       school shoes are being purchased.              



As you may be aware, funding to schools is currently a serious    concern. We are therefore unable to carry the cost of any incurred debt by way of unpaid school meals , breakfast club, visits etc. as this money would come out of our budget. In May every parent /carer received a letter to say that from September we will therefore have no alternative but to impose a 'no debt' policy.

We would like to respectfully remind all parents to check their ParentPay account as all debts need to be cleared by the end of term on Friday 21st July.

A copy of the letter is available from the office or on the Parent Voice Facebook page, should you wish to remind yourselves of the content of this.


Have a great summer everyone. Let's hope the sun shines. We look forward to welcoming the children back to school fully rested and ready to go for another busy year.


weekly News 23-06-2017

Canon Popham's Got Talent!

We had a fantastic evening of entertainment last Friday when the children took part in the Grand Final of Canon Popham's Got Talent. Our school choir also performed beautifully in the interval to a packed hall who were very appreciative of all their efforts. We are hugely proud of all their efforts and the children should be very proud of themselves.

The winners were Logan Jones and Nicole Platts in Year 4. 

In second place were Felicity Ali and Sam Wood in Year 3 

and third place went to Elise Fairclough in Year 4.

A big thank you to Mrs Barratt and all the staff who worked to make this event a success and to the PTA volunteers who also supported us. A grand total of £887.87 was raised that will be used towards the purchase of the new reading books that have been put into the reading scheme for children to take home.

Hungerhill Visit for Year 6

Our Year 6 pupils have had their three day transition visit to Hungerhill this week. The children were well prepared and although feeling a little nervous on the first morning were also excited to be moving towards the next step in their learning journey.

We would also like to congratulate two of our former pupils, Mollie Bruce and Jack Hilliyer who have been chosen to be Head Boy and Head Girl at Hungerhill next year.

 And finally a reminder. . .

Please can you ensure that your child brings a water bottle to school every day. We have been working in some extremely warm conditions and there are still a few children who do not bring their bottle to school. As a school we do our best to ensure that children have access to water in hot weather at all times and we encourage the children to drink it and keep well hydrated. This is more difficult when children do not have a bottle with them so please can you make sure that they have this essential part of their equipment each day.



Weekly News 26-05-2017

A busy half term

Well done to all the children and staff who have worked so hard over the last half term and  especially to the children in Years 2 and 6 who have completed their SATs tests. We hope everyone enjoys their week off and that the sun continues to shine for us!


Sun Safe

As we will be coming into the final half term of the year, and we hope that the weather will be warm and sunny can we please ask that you ensure that your child brings a water bottle to school every day in order that they can keep well hydrated. Also sun hats are advisable for break and lunch times.

If you feel that your child would benefit from have sun cream applied can we please ask that this is done BEFORE they come to school.

Thank you!


Weekly News 12-05-2017


This week has been SATs week for Year 6. The children were absolutely amazing in the way they conducted  themselves. They showed real determination and a fantastic attitude. We are really proud of you Year 6, and you should be proud of yourselves! We hope you have enjoyed your end of SATs celebration party today. Have a great weekend!

 Building work in school.

As you may be aware , over the last few years we have worked hard to improve the school building and the learning environment for all our children. Beginning on Monday 22nd May ( the week before half term) builders will be in school to begin a 2 week project to improve the Year 6 classroom and to make it bigger.

The work could not be undertaken during the summer holidays because this time is used by builders for major projects. Therefore, in order to minimise disruption for all the children we have been able to negotiate that the work happens partly within the half term break. Year 6 will  continue to work as normal and all the appropriate measures will be in place to ensure that the children are safe during the 5 days  when the builders are in school before they break up.

We hope that Year 6 will enjoy using their new and improved classroom for their last half term at Canon  Popham.



Weekly News24-03-2017

Keeping Our Children Safe

At Canon Popham we do our best to give our children the information that they need to keep themselves safe. This week Year 1 children have all been involved in a lesson about 'Safe Touch'. The children learned about good and bad secrets and about the underwear rule. This rule is that any part of their body covered by underwear is theirs and should not be shared with others ( other than doctors etc who parents know about). They talked about what they should do in the event of someone asking them  not to follow the rule and who would be a safe person to talk to about this. The children responded very positively to the session.

We would like to ask all parents, regardless of  the age of their children to make time to speak with your child about staying safe and safe touch.

In addition, we regularly talk to the children about staying safe on line and not giving personal details to anyone. We would also like to remind parents to ensure that all privacy settings and parental controls are in place at home and that children are supervised when using IT. The latest recommendations also suggest that children should not be allowed to take their mobile phones to bed with them at night.  This helps children to have improved sleep and also helps to prevent unsupervised access to the internet, at a time when children can be at risk on line.

Foundation Stage Sponsored Bike and Scooter Ride

This week the Foundation Stage children have had their sponsored ride to raise money for new outdoor equipment to help enhance their learning. This took place on Wednesday, with the morning nursery children able to hold their sponsored ride. They were amazing and so enthusiastic! Unfortunately the rain prevented the afternoon session from taking place as planned. This will now take place on Monday next week.

A huge thank you to all those who have sponsored the children . We will let you know the grand total raised and what equipment this will be spent on once we have completed this event and collected all the sponsor money in.

 Can we please remind all parents and children that they should NOT be using bikes, scooters or balls on the playground either before or after school. This is because the playground is very busy at these times and  there is an increased risk to people, particularly the very young or the elderly, from being hit or run into. We ask that everyone dismounts from bikes and scooters at the gate and that balls are carried and not kicked about.

 We understand that parking is always an issue around school. Can we please ask that parents and carers refrain from using the school car park unless by prior arrangement or if disabled parking is required.This is because we also have limited space in our car park, which is also used for church.Therefore, we need to ensure that all visitors to the school or church are able to park in the car park safely, within designated bays.


Thank you for your cooperation with this.




weekly News 17-03-2017

Crucial Crew

This week our Year 6 pupils visited 'Crucial Crew'. They spend the day looking at  different 'life skills' scenarios all with the theme of staying safe and being good citizens. These included sections on First Aid, Road Safety, Cyber Bullying, Arson and it's consequences, Child Line and Magistrates Court. 

The children had a really interesting day and represented our school very well.We hope they found the day useful and that it helps to prepare them for the next phase of their education as they move to secondary school and beyond.


Just a reminder that Bookworms reading club is still taking place in church every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 8:20. This is a great opportunity to start the day in a relaxed way, hearing your child read. There is also tea/ coffee available. If you haven't tried it yet why not give it a go?


 Red Nose Day

Don't forget that it is Red Nose Day next Friday. Children may come in non- uniform if they wish and bring a £1 donation, which will be sent to this very good cause.


weekly News 03-03-2017

Road Safety

Please can we request that parents and carers model good road safety when crossing     outside the school. We have had a near miss, where an adult was crossing the road without paying due attention and a child followed, assuming it was safe. This resulted in the child narrowly missing being hit by a passing car. Please bear this in mind and help us to keep all our children safe.

Thank you

World Book Day


We had a fabulous day in school on Thursday celebrating World Book Day. The children and staff looked amazing in their costumes and the children all took part in work linked to books in their classrooms. We also had a 'Where's Wally?' competition in school, with children looking for Wally, hidden in their classrooms and around the school.

We hope that the children will all enjoy spending their £1 World Book Day book tokens, which they were given at the end of the day.

Thank you to everyone who has put so much effort into making costumes and getting the children dressed up for the day!

Free Swimming for Year 5 children

As you might know, our Year 5 children have swimming lessons each week at Armthorpe  swimming baths. The Local Authority have arranged a scheme where all children who are currently involved in swimming lessons at school are entitled to free swimming in all the Doncaster swimming pools from now until the end of the summer term in July. All Year 5 children brought home a flyer about this to explain how to access these free swimming sessions.

Please ask at the office if you haven't received this information and would like more details.



Weekly News 10-02-2017

Menu change W/C 13/02/2017

Monday  - Mashed potato.

Tuesday  - Chicken curry, rice, naan bread.

Wednesday - Fish fingers, chips, mushy peas.

Thursday  - Pie, mash.

Tell us what you like to read!


We are currently re-organising our library space and as part of our     ongoing work in school to promote reading we are creating displays in the library about what we like to read. We have a staff display about our favourite children's books, and a display by the children about why it's good to read. It would be fantastic if parents and carers would also be willing to contribute to this by telling us what your favourite book is and why.

( Please bear in mind the age range of the children and appropriateness of your selection!)


If you could spare us 2 minutes of your time to complete the slip of   paper that your child has brought home with them tonight to say what your favourite book that would be fantastic- especially as parents and carers are the best role models for their children! We could then create an additional display in the library about what our grown ups like to read.


Please contribute to the display if you feel that you are able to.

Many thanks for your help!



weekly News 03-02-2017

Coming soon to Canon Popham. . .


The children have chosen the RSPCA as their charity to raise funds for this year and the school Council are leading on this. They have asked for a non-uniform day on Friday 10th February to raise money for their chosen charity. As part of teaching the children about the Christian value of compassion, we encourage them to support charity work if they are able to do so. It would be lovely if as many people as possible joined in with our non uniform day and donate £1. All proceeds will go to the charity.




Our school will be involved in this special day which highlights reading and encourages children to enjoy books. Children may come to school on this date dressed as a character from  a book. If possible it would be  great if they were able to bring the book with them to share  with their class and show the other children which book the character that they represent has come from.

 Friends of Canon Popham Valentines Disco will be held on Monday 13 February

Foundation and Key Stage 1 will be from 3:45-5:15 and

Key Stage 2 will be from 5:30- 7pm

Entry fee will be £3 to include hot dog, sweets and a drink.

Parent/Carers must accompany and be responsible for Foundation/Key Stage 1 children. If you bring any younger children who may wish to have food then you will also need to pay for the additional children- (only if they are going to eat!)

 Summer Fair will be held on Saturday 1st July

The Friends of Canon Popham have already started to organise this event. If anyone has any contacts with businesses who would be willing to donate a prize for the raffle could you contact Mrs Whittaker or let the office staff know so that we can keep a record of who is donating and ensure that they are acknowledged for their donation.

If anyone has any contacts with a football team and would be willing to run a 'beat the goalie ' or similar football based game can you also let us know.

Thank you

Just a reminder: Our next training day will be on Friday 17th February.



er children which book the character that they represent        has come from.


Weekly News 20-01-2017

Internet Safety Reminder

In school we regularly talk to the children about staying safe on the internet and how they can do this but it is something that we all have to continually be aware of.

Thank you to all parents who have supported us by ensuring that the large 'Jo-Jo' bows have not been worn in school since the last newsletter item.  We will have a uniform check on Monday of next week.



Weekly News 13-01-2017

Parking Outside School

Can we please remind everyone again to park safely outside school, avoiding the restricted zone. Please ensure that if you are pulling out of a parking space you check carefully for small children and people with prams and pushchairs. There will be random checks by PCSO and the police to ensure that appropriate and safe parking is being maintained. We understand that when the weather is poor and cold, everyone aims to park as close to school as possible, but please remember that the safety of all our children is the highest priority.

Thank you for your support


Don't forget. . . in the cold weather, why not bring your children into Bookworms on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Instead of standing outside on a cold playground there will be a warm welcome and a warm drink for you in the church. If your child has already read their reading book, don't let that stop you from attending. We have other books available that they can choose to read.

School Uniform Update

Since the children returned from their Christmas break we have noticed a number of girls wearing large 'JoJo' bows in their hair. These are not part of our school uniform and can also be a distraction and safety hazard. Therefore, from Monday we would like to ask that they are not worn to school and staff will ask that they are removed where anyone comes to school wearing one.

Thank you  for your support with maintaining our school uniform standards.


Parent Support-early help in school

Next Tuesday morning ( 17th January) Lucy Stewart who is an early help parent support worker will be in school from 9-12. Anyone who would like and support or advice can drop in to speak to her. This service is independent of the school and does not require a school referral or an appointment. If you would like some help or advice and have any       concerns from parenting and behaviour support to bed wetting and sleep call in and speak to her. If she can't help herself she will be able to give you contact information and signpost you to people who can help!



Weekly News 06-01-2017

Happy New Year!

We hope that you all had a happy and restful  Christmas holiday and would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2017.

The children have made a very positive start to the new term. We have all been particularly pleased to notice the very good learning behaviour that the children have demonstrated this week.Well done children- keep up the good work!

Our lollipop lady would also like to pass on her thanks to everyone for their good wishes, cards and Christmas gifts. They really helped her to feel a valued member of the team at Canon Popham. She would also like to extend her good wishes

 Reading Success

Improving children's reading and comprehension is one of our school's main priorities this year. As a part of this, we run Bookworms reading sessions from 8:20 until 8:40 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the church. If you would prefer not to stand outside in the cold, but to be in a warm church please come and hear your child read in our Bookworms club. There is a warm drink waiting for you and many parents say that it starts the morning really positively for their child. If you haven't tried it yet, please give it a go!

 Dinner Supervisor Relief

We are looking for anyone who would like to go on our school list as a relief lunchtime supervisor. We run the relief list so that if one of our lunchtime    supervisors is ill we can call on our relief staff to come and help out.If you are able to be on our list and available at short notice,or know of anyone who would like to do this please speak to Mrs Liddle or Mrs Bell in the office.



Weekly News 16-12-2016

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Christmas events in school over the last 2 weeks. On Monday and Tuesday Key Stage 2 did their Carol Service and performed beautifully, even with the  technical hitch of the CD player not working at one point in the performance. 

We all loved your air guitar playing to accompany Hark the Herald Angels Sing!


We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on

Tuesday 3rd January 2017


On behalf of all the staff and children we would like to wish everyone

 a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a great new year.


Weekly News 09-12-2016

Christmas at Canon Popham

Christmas fair

Thank you to all those who helped or supported our Christmas Fair last Friday. We hope that you enjoyed it.The Friends of Canon Popham are still finalising the total raised from this event but expect it to be approximately £1000! This will go to support additional educational experiences and resources for the children.

Nativity Plays

A massive well done to all the children and staff who worked so hard to produce and perform wonderful  nativity plays for both Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 this week. It was great to see how confident the children were and we would also like to thank everyone who attended. Our sale of programmes from these events has raised £200, which will go towards the purchase of some new learning equipment for  school.

 Coming up next week…

We have our Key Stage 2 Carol Services next Monday and Tuesday. You should all have received your tickets. Please ensure that you bring these with you as admittance will be by ticket. This is to ensure that we do not exceed the numbers allowed within the church for safety reasons.

Christmas parties and Christmas dinner will also be happening next week.You should have all the dates on your diary dates.Thanks to those parents who have agreed to contribute food to the parties.

 And finally, we will finish school for the Christmas holidays next Friday 16th December. This will be a non-uniform day. Children can wear Christmas jumpers if they wish to but please do not feel under any obligation to purchase a jumper for this event. If anyone would like to contribute a donation to the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day, we are happy to accept these.



Weekly news 25-11-2016

Keeping Healthy

It's the time of year when we find that children ( and adults !) start to pick up germs and become unwell. Can we please remind you that if children are sick or have diarrhoea they need to stay off school for 48 hours after their last bout of illness. This is to help prevent the spread of germs to other people in the school.


Can we also ask that you ensure that the office has up to date details for parents and other  emergency contacts so that in the event of illness someone can be contacted quickly. We try to ensure that we will only contact you in a genuine case of illness and we try to do this quickly. Children can be quite upset if they don't feel well and we are unable to make contact with    anyone to collect them. If you think that we have the wrong details or no additional emergency contact information please can you let Mrs Bell or Mrs Liddle in the office have your up to date information as soon as possible.

Tickets for Christmas performances.

If you haven't requested your tickets yet for the Christmas performances(particularly the KS2 Carol Services) can we please ask you to do so as soon as possible. The church has a strict limit of 120 seats and we are unable to accommodate more than this number due to fire regulations. Therefore please get your request in so that we can allocate tickets and make sure that everyone who wants them is able to have their allocation of 2 tickets.

Thank you

Christmas Fair

Thanks to all those who have sent in tombola prizes or donations of items for the Christmas Fair.  Please keep them coming in!

    Just a reminder… we are having a non-uniform day on the day of the fair,next Friday (2nd December) and asking for chocolate bar donations for the chocolate tombola. It would be great to see lots of people attending to support the Friends of Canon Popham who are working really hard to raise money for our children.




Anti-Bullying Week

This week has been anti-bullying week. In school we have been thinking about this important subject and it has been the theme for assemblies and discussion in classrooms. We regularly talk to the children about treating each other with kindness and respect and how important it is to speak out and ask for help if they feel that they are being bullied or know of someone who they feel is being bullied.

Our school works hard to prevent bullying from happening in the first place, and to deal with it quickly if it is happening. Please come and speak to us if you feel there are any issues. We are here to help!


Children in Need Day

Many thanks to everyone who came today in non-uniform and donated to Children in Need. We raised £285.00

and we hope that the children enjoyed their day !


Just a reminder… our Friends of Canon Popham Christmas Fair is coming up quickly. This year it will be on Friday 2nd December at 3:45. All donations for tombola, raffle prizes etc will be gratefully received and can be sent in via the school office. In addition, if you are able to offer any help we would be happy to hear from you. Please ask at the office. We hope to see as many people as possible supporting this fun Christmas event that we hope will raise lots of money for resources for our children in school.


Weekly News 11-11-2016

Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Appeal

Many thanks to everyone who has so generously donated to our shoe box appeal or helped in any way with the wrapping of boxes and organisation of this annual event for our school. Yesterday afternoon the children were able to help to fill a fantastic 113 boxes which will  be collected today and sent off to those children who are so much in need. We hope that they will bring lots of smiles to those who receive them.

Our shoe box appeal is a great way of helping our children to learn practically about 3 of our school's Christian Values: hope, justice and compassion.

 Children In Need

Next Friday is Children in Need day. Everyone should have had a text to say that, as usual, we will be     holding a non- uniform day, with all donations being sent to this very worthy cause.We hope that everyone will enjoy joining in with this next week.

Remembrance Day in School

Today is 11th November- Remembrance Day. As a school we have marked this very important event by having poppies on sale all week in school. It is good to see so many children wearing a poppy as part of their school uniform this week. In addition we held a whole school worship in Church this morning, with a theme of Remembrance and observed the 2 minute silence at the end of our worship time. 

 Autumn Disco

It was good to see so many children attending our school disco yesterday. This event was        organised by the Friends of Canon Popham and helped to raise much needed funds used to buy the little 'extras' that make school life more enjoyable and interesting for our children. Thanks to the PTA volunteers and also to the school staff who gave up their time yesterday to support this event.

 Nativity Play/Carol Service Tickets

The letters about the ticket allocation and the reply form to request tickets for the Christmas performances have been sent out with the children TODAY for those children in Key Stages 1 and 2.  Please look in your child's bag or contact school if you have not received your letter.

The letter for Foundation Stage will be coming out to parents shortly.



Weekly News 04-11-2016

Welcome Back

We hope you all had a good half term break.

Could we please remind you that all Key Stage 2 children should now be in their winter uniform, which includes a shirt and tie. We will be having a uniform check next week.

We know that many children come to school in a car but as the weather is turning cold please can you make sure that all children have a warm coat every day.

Everyone should have received a copy of the school diary dates in September.

Can we please ask for any contributions  you may have for our shoe box appeal to be sent to   the office early next week as the children will be packing the boxes next Thursday.

Thank you


Weekly News 07-10-2016

Cake Sale for Macmillan

A huge well done to Chloe Lindley and her family who held a cake sale on the school playground last week in aid of Macmillan. They raised an amazing £100 thanks to their efforts and the generosity of everyone who bought cakes. The cake sale was Chloe's idea and we are very proud of her!

 Year 6 residential

Our Year 6 pupils have been on their residential to Caythorpe Court PGL centre near Grantham this week. They have had an amazing time and been able to take part in all sorts of outdoor and adventurous activities including water sport, giant swing and climbing.

We have been told that the children's behaviour has been excellent. They have been really supportive of each other and given everything their best effort. Their enthusiasm for 'having a go' has really done them credit. Thanks go to Mrs Shelton, Mr Dickman and Mrs Wilkinson who have worked so hard over the 4 days of their visit to ensure that it was a great success.

 Lost Property

Even though we are only just over a month into the term we have quite a lot of lost property in the classrooms. We are unable to return this to owners because the majority of the property is not named. This tends to be jumpers and cardigans that children have taken off in the warm weather. If you think that your child may have lost something please feel welcome to come into the classroom at the end of the day to claim back the items that belong to you. We are aware that school uniform can be quite expensive to have to replace so we would politely request that you name all items of school clothing because several non- named identical jumpers are very  difficult to return.

 School Dinners

Could we please remind all parents/carers that children should not be changing between school dinners and packed lunches during a half term. We ask that you choose whether your child should have a school lunch or packed lunch at the start of a half term and then stay with this choice until the next holiday time. This is because the school cook has to order the correct amounts of food according to the numbers she has who will be taking school lunches for that half term. In addition, it can also cause issues in terms of tracking which children have school lunches and the correct payments due for these.

If you wish to alter your child's choice of lunchtime arrangements this can be done at the end of each half term, ready for the new half term.

Thank you for your help with this.


Weekly News 16-09-2016

News from The Friends of Canon Popham

Thank you to all those parents and carers who came to the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Canon Popham  last night. It was great to see some new faces and this means that we will now be able to aim to do more events. We hope to be able to run the Summer Fair again next year and would be delighted to see even more volunteers who could offer to help in any way.

The friends would like to raise money in 2016/17 for the following:

· Purchase of whole class sets of reading books for every classroom

· The completion of outdoor improvements through the purchase of either a tyre play area or a ball wall


Several events are planned, including a Bonfire disco in November and our usual very popular Christmas Fair.

Don't forget that Race Night is tonight- 7pm at Edenthorpe Park Social (Waggies.) Tickets are not required so you can just turn up to enjoy a fun even whilst raising money which goes directly to buying new equipment and resources for our children.

Staying Healthy at School.

We want to do our very best to make sure that the children stay as healthy as possible during term time. We have noticed that many children are not bringing their water bottle to school. This is resulting in children having to use plastic cups for drinks from the water fountain, with the potential here for germs to be spread .

During the week we have reminded the children on several occasions to bring their named water bottle to school. Can we please ask if you could help the children by reminding them of the importance of this.


Please could you check your child's uniform and ensure that all items are named. Due to the hot weather some children have been taking off their jumpers/cardigans and then getting them lost because they are not named. It then makes it very difficult to return them to the correct owner.

Thank you for your help with this.


Don't forget that Book worms is in church every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before school, it's a great fun way to start the day.



Weekly news 15-07-2016

Hot Dates

On Tuesday 12th July Year 6 presented their final end of year performance of Hot Dates. The hall was packed with family, friends, governors and staff. The children's singing, acting and comedy skills were put to fantastic use and there wasn't a dry eye in the house by the end of the evening. It has been a  pleasure to see these young people grow and develop into the fantastic individuals they are. We hope that they will enjoy the gifts that they were all presented with from school. The Church of the Good Shepherd also presented each child with a bible to mark the end of their primary school education.

Many thanks to our new Rector, Rev. Steve Beck who attended the performance and presented the gifts. The end of the evening was marked with a blessing for all the children - a fitting conclusion to a wonderful evening and also to their time in Canon Popham CE Primary and Nursery School.


Goodbye and Good Luck!

As we come to the end of our school year we would like to wish everyone who is leaving us lots of luck.

Mrs Slack- we hope you enjoy a long, happy and healthy retirement

Mr Howarth- we hope your new adventure teaching in China is all that you wish for

Our wonderful Year 6- you have been  AMAZING! We know that you are ready for the move to secondary school. You should be proud of all you have achieved. We will look forward to you coming to see us and letting us know how you are getting on.



Have a great summer everyone- lets hope the sun shines!We will see everyone back to start the new school year on Thursday 1st September.


Weekly News 17-06-2016

Go England!

Yesterday we had an enjoyable and exciting non-uniform day. Many thanks to those who sent in either chocolate or a bottle. We now have a great selection which will be used at the Canon Popham's Got Talent  evening, as a fund raiser for school.

Many of the children chose to watch the football match between England and Wales, and the cheering at the second goal could probably have been heard at the top of Church Balk! The other children who chose not to watch the football were able to do a range of fun activities for the afternoon. We hope that everyone enjoyed their day.

Year 6 visit Hungerhill

Next week our Year 6 pupils will spend three days at  Hungerhill, as part of their    transition and preparation for starting there in September. Can we please remind    parents that they will need dinner money of £2.10 each day, and additional money to buy a drink if they prefer not to drink the water available. We have no doubt that the children are ready to take on the next challenge in their educational journey and hope that they enjoy the three days.

 Reminder- E U Referendum

On Thursday 23rd June ( next week) the school will be closed for the E U Referendum. Staff will still be at school working on  finalising the detailed curriculum plans for next year. However, the school will be closed to children. Year 6 pupils will need to attend Hungerhill on that date as planned because this will be the final day of their three day transition.

 Parent Pay

We hope that you will find the new Parent Pay system of help and that it will make the payment for school lunches/visits etc more convienient for you. Please bear with us if there are any 'teething problems'. We hope these will be few and far between but if you have any comments or need help please contact the office.



Weekly News 13-05-2016

Well Done Year 6!

As you may know, this week has been the Year 6 SATs test week. Along with all Year 6 children across the country they have taken tests in reading comprehension, spelling grammar and punctuation, arithmetic and mathematical reasoning. The children have worked incredibly hard all year, and especially in the lead up to the tests. They gave 100% effort in all the tests and should feel very proud of themselves- we are proud of them! Results will not be released until July as the papers are externally marked.

Thanks to all the staff who have worked so hard with the children, but particularly Mrs Clemitshaw and Mrs Wilkinson. We hope the children enjoy their end of SATs celebration today.

 Keeping the germs at bay!

Please could we remind you that if children have a sickness bug they should be kept away from school until 48 hours after the last bout. This is not a school imposed rule, but follows clinical guidelines and is designed to limit the chances of the germ spreading around school.

Thank you for your help in keeping everyone in school as healthy as possible.

Staying safe in the sun.


As we are now well into the summer term we are all hoping for some beautiful summer weather. Can we ask that if children bring a sun hat to school it is named so that any lost hats can easily be reunited with their owners. In addition, please can you ensure that appropriate sun screen is applied before children come to school if the weather is likely to be warm.

And a final reminder…

If you are sending money into school please can you do so in an envelope with your child's name and year group and what the money is for ( e.g. dinner money, film club, visit etc) written on the front. This greatly helps the office staff to deal with things quickly and efficiently. Thank you!




Weekly News 15-04-2016

What a Week!

I am sure that you are all aware that we have had an Ofsted Inspection this week. This was over 2 days, on Wednesday and Thursday. We had 3 inspectors visit us on day one, followed by 2 inspectors and a HMI on day 2.

I know that all parents/carers will be interested to know the outcome of the  inspection. Part of the Ofsted process is that the lead inspector writes the report following the inspection. There are then a range of quality control and checking processes by Ofsted before this is published, which takes about 6 weeks. Early indications given yesterday were extremely positive and we look forward to sharing the report with you as soon as it becomes available.


We would all like to say thank you to the children, who were absolutely wonderful throughout the two days and also to all those parents and carers who submitted their views to Ofsted via parent view. We are grateful for your input into the inspection .


Titanium Time Tables Challenge Champion!


A very big WELL DONE to Lucas P J Gutteridge who has become the first pupil to earn our highest level 'Titanium' on the times tables challenge. This requires the     children to answer 100 random questions from all 12 of the times tables, including division facts in 3 minutes! It is a real challenge and has to be done 3 times over consecutive weeks in order to earn the certificate. If there are any parents or    carers who would like to have a go please pop in and ask for a question paper-you may be surprised by the speed at which you have to answer to complete the paper in the time allowed!


Weekly News 09-04-2016

Welcome Back!

We hope you had a lovely Easter break. The children have made a very positive start to the Summer term.

It was particularly good to see so many parents and children attending the Bookworms Reading Session which is held in church on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:20 until 8:40. Each child who attends the session with a parent will receive a sticker which goes on their bookworms bookmark, for every  session that they attend.

Three stickers = a golden ticket!

so if you haven't attended yet then why not give it a go?

The feedback that we have received from a number of parents/carers is that this provides a lovely, calm start to the day for them and their child and that the children are more willing to read at the start of the day than at home after school.

Tea/coffee is provided free of charge for parents/carers!


Lunchtime Supervisor

We are looking to appoint a new lunchtime supervisor with effect from 16th May 2016 due to the retirement of Mrs Friar. We are also looking for relief lunchtime supervisors who would be willing to be on our relief list to cover in case of staff illness. If you are interested in applying for this post please speak to the staff in the office who will be happy to provide you with the job advertisement and an application form.

The school is committed to safeguarding the welfare of all out  pupils and therefore this post will be subject to a DBS check.


Weekly News 04-03-2016

World Book Day

Thank you to everyone who took the time to dress the children so fantastically for our World Book Day event. All the children have been busy with lessons connected to books and reading today and our assembly also had a special World Book Day theme. 

Starting on Monday 7th March the church will be open at 8:20 for Bookworms reading time. There will also be tea and coffee available for adults so that you can enjoy a drink and listen to your child read at the same time. If you haven't tried Bookworms yet please come and join us!


Weekly News 19-02-2016

School Visits and First Hand Learning Experiences

At Canon Popham we pride ourselves on planning topics that will interest and motivate the children to learn. As part of this we try to include a visit or first hand learning experience because children always learn more effectively if they can be actively involved in something rather than simply being told about it.

We are mindful of the cost of visits and therefore try not to always take the children out of school on visits that require coaches unless there is no alternative. Wherever we can we try to have 'in school' learning experiences to try to keep the costs down.

Parents and carers are asked if they will make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of a visit or 

experience, but no child will ever miss out if parents are unable to do this.

We regularly say that if anyone has any difficulties please come and speak to us in confidence and we will do our best to make alternative funding arrangements.

If we have insufficient voluntary contributions to cover the costs we will

 unfortunately have to cancel planned visits or events.


Safer Internet Day 2016

This week we have been doing some work in school around staying safe on the internet. The children have had an assembly presentation and have also done lots of discussion in their classrooms. Internet safety is an area that we work on regularly with the children throughout the year but on this special week in school we have a particular focus on this.

We will be sending out a parents information leaflet about keeping children safe on the internet when they are using it at home. We hope you find it useful. If you have any questions or would like further support please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Weekly News 15-01-2016

Welcome Back!

As this is our first newsletter of 2016 we would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

All the children have come back to school looking smart and ready to learn. They have been really busy with their new learning already and are working really hard.

This week we received a letter of thanks from Bluebell Wood for the donation of £243 that was raised at the carol services  for this very worthy cause. This charity was chosen by the school council, through consultation with the children across school and the letter of thanks was shared with the children in our assembly time. It is on display on the school council notice board.



As a school we are working really hard to ensure that all our children become good readers. Reading is an  essential life skill and we need your help to support your children's reading development. We understand that with busy lives it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to hear your child read at home and    therefore we are opening the church on Monday,    Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:20 until 8:40 for you to come and listen to your child read or share a book with them. This will help the children to have a calm and relaxed start to their day and a warm place to sit and enjoy some reading time. If you haven't tried it yet, please come- everyone is welcome!


We are very sorry to have to inform you of the death of Mr Edgar Halstead. He was one of the original Foundation governors of the school, at the time when Canon Popham was first built. Without the determined  work of Mr Halstead and the other governors at that time there would be no Canon Popham CE Primary and Nursery School. Even though Mr Halstead has not been a governor of the school for a number of years, he has always followed the school's fortunes with great interest. We would like to extend our  sincere condolences to his family and our thanks for his contribution to the life of our school.

The service will be held at The Church of The Good Shepherd on

Monday 25th January at 10:20


Weekly News 18-12-2015

Christmas Week at Canon Popham


Although this has been the last week of term we have been very busy in school, continuing with our learning as usual in our classrooms. In addition to this a number of special Christmas events have also taken place.

On Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening the Key Stage 2 pupils presented their Carol Service. The children sang and read beautifully and Year 6 children performed the Canon Popham tradition of spreading the light around the church, to the accompaniment of Silent Night-always a very special moment, especially for the Year 6 children  who look forward to their turn to do this in their final   Canon Popham Carol Service.

On Tuesday lunchtime Mrs Fitzpatrick and her team in the kitchen worked incredibly hard to provide 200 Christmas dinners for children and staff. We were treated to Turkey and all the trimmings and the children had several choices of pudding. Mrs Fitzpatrick was delighted to report that one of the children had told her 'it's even better than Cosmos!' 

Party afternoons were held on Wednesday for Foundation and Key Stage 1 children and Thursday for Key Stage 2 children. Many thanks to everyone who donated party food and drinks, which were much enjoyed by all the children.


Thank you to all those who bought a programme from one of the performances of the Nativity plays or at the Carol Service. This is a new idea for us at Canon Popham, with all the money raised going to school funds. This supports extra learning opportunities that enhance the school experience for children, such as theatre company visits.

The retiring collection at the Carol Services was in aid of Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. This was the charity chosen by the children. Thanks to your kind donations £245 was sent to this very worthy cause.


All the staff at Canon Popham would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and peaceful and prosperous 2016.

We DO NOT have a training day in January and so look forward to welcoming the children back for the start of the Spring term on  

Monday 4th January 2016




Weekly News 11-12-2015

Christmas Fair at Canon Popham

A huge thank you to all  the members of the Friends of Canon Popham who have worked so hard to make the fair possible. The proceeds go to support resources and activities for the children. Look out next term for new playground markings, that will allow the children to play a range of different games on the playground.In addition, many of them can be used by teaching staff to support learning outside of the classroom.

Thank you everyone for your support!

It's a Nativity!


Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children have all performed their wonderful Nativity plays this week. The children were fabulous and it was great to see 'full houses' of parents and family members enjoying the shows. A big thank you to all the staff who have worked so hard over the last few weeks to prepare the Nativities and a huge WELL DONE to all the children who were absolute STARS!

 Christmas Shoe Box update

At the Doncaster depot all the shoe boxes have been checked and packed into cartons.

A total of 5576  shoe box gifts are now on there way to the Ukraine.

Thank you again for all the effort you put into this very worth while event.

 Breakfast Club

Breakfast must be paid for on a daily basis. £1.50 per child



Weekly News 13-11-2015

Edenthorpe Remembers

Children selected from year five and year six, were taken to the grand opening of the Edenthorpe War Memorial Service. Firstly, the great Bishop of Doncaster explained the meaning of this special memorial service. After that, the Bishop gave two special prayers. Next, Mr Scrivens gave a reading from the bible and that was the signal for the marching and parade to start. Then, David Milnes read out the five names of those we lost. Finally they placed the wreathes onto the memorial statue. Then, the children took pictures with the Bishop and our local MP.

By Maisie Waite, Year 5.

National Mining Museum

 On Tuesday 10th the children from Y5 and Y6 drove by coach to the national coal mining museum in Wakefield. Whilst we were there, we had a series of four activities, we took it in turns in different groups {a, b, c ,d} to achieve them all. Most of the groups especially enjoyed the trip through the underground tour. Some of the other activities included roaming the baths and  finding out about the lives of whom lived near a coal mine and pit head. We were accompanied by two instructors { Chris and Bob } explained lots about the miners strike, this helped us lots with our topic {1980's}. We all deeply enjoyed the trip to the museum and the next day we all wanted to go again.

                                                                 By Amy Cotton, and  Maisie Waite Y5


Weekly News 6-11-2015

Christmas Fair Volunteers Needed

On Friday 4th December the Friends of Canon Popham are hoping to hold their annual Christmas Fair.This is major fund raising event that helps the friends to support the school with the purchase of additional resources that we would otherwise be unable to afford through the school budget.

In order for this event to take place we need volunteers to help with preparing before the event, setting up on the day, running a stall or clearing up afterwards.

If you can help in any way, however small please contact the office.

All help is very gratefully received.

 Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

Many thanks to the parents who have done a fabulous job with the wrapping of many boxes. We managed to fill 86 boxes on Thursday, with the older children working alongside younger ones to create some really lovely gift boxes. If you still have items that you would like to donate, or if you have made up a box and not yet brought it in to school, please can you get it to use by next Monday( 9th November)

Many thanks for your support



 Children In Need

Next Friday is Children In Need Day. This will be a non-uniform day. We ask for a £1 donation for this.

 Horse Racing Night


The Friends of Canon Popham Horse Racing night will be held at  Edenthorpe Park Social Club (Waggies) on Eden Grove Road at 7:30pm on Friday 13th November. Tickets are on sale in the school office at £2. This ticket can be redeemed on the night for a £2 bet. It's a fun evening with Big Al hosting the event.



Weekly News 23-10-2015

The Church of the Good Shepherd

Invites you to join them for their

Christmas Fayre

At the Church Hall

Rokeby Gardens

Saturday 21st November 2015


Everyone welcome

Why not come along with family, friends and neighbours and enjoy the festive atmosphere

Canon Popham are Multi- Skills Champions!

Earlier this week two teams of Key Stage 1 pupils took part in the      pyramid multi skills competition. We are delighted that our younger    children upheld the Canon Popham sporting tradition so well. They joined in with great enthusiasm, behaved beautifully and demonstrated excellent     sportsmanship. As a result one of our teams won the overall competition and are the Hungerhill Pyramid Multi -Skills Champions.

Well done to everyone who took part and many thanks to Mr Dickman who helped to arrange the event and to Mrs Milnes and Mrs Margetts who took the children and encouraged and supported them.


Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

Thanks to everyone who has started to collect items or offer help. If you can contribute in any way, through donation of items to include in the boxes, donation of empty boxes or completed boxes, or with the wrapping of the boxes please let the office staff know. We would love to hear from you.


And finally . . .  Thank you to all the children and staff for their hard work this half term. We hope you have been pleased with the work that you have seen at their Pride in our Learning events. Have a lovely half term.


Monday 2nd November is a training day so we look forward to having the children back in school on Tuesday 3rd November.


Weekly News 16-10-2015

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

As many of you will know, at Canon Popham we take part in the annual Christmas Shoe Box appeal. We think that as part of our work on British    Values it is important that the children learn about supporting those who are less fortunate than themselves, and also that they are global citizens.Yesterday a letter was sent home to all families asking for help with this year's appeal.There are many ways in which you could offer support.

These include:

· Filling a shoe box and then bringing it complete into school for collection

· Donating to school some items from the list ( which you will find on your letter that came home yesterday)

· Donating empty shoe boxes for us to fill

· Donating wrapping paper for us to wrap the boxes

· Volunteering time to wrap boxes for us


All the children in school will be given an opportunity to work together to fill a shoe box  after half term so if you can contribute in any way we would be grateful for your help!

Weekly News 09-10-2015

Harvest Festival 2015

Thank you to all parents and carers who attended the Harvest Festivals last week. Your kind   donations of food have been given to the church and they will be ensuring that these get to  Doncaster Food bank to support local people who are in need.

 Year 6 visit to Caythorpe Court

On Tuesday our Year 6 pupils left for their residential visit to Caythorpe Court. This is a PGL centre where they have been involved in lots of outdoor and adventurous activities to challenge and excite them.

They will arrive back at school this afternoon, no doubt full of stories about their adventures. Parents and carers will be able to see photographs on their Pride session


Congratulations to our Year 4 and 5 footballers who showed tremendous spirit and determination in the Year 6 Doncaster football finals at Balby Carr.  Despite being a lot younger and smaller, our players managed to draw twice against some very good teams. Well done boys- I am very proud of you!

Mr Dickman


Weekly News 17-07-2015

Here Comes Summer!

As we break up for the Summer we would like to wish our Year 6 children GOOD LUCK as they move on from Canon Popham. We know they are ready for the challenges that secondary school brings and we hope that they will come back an visit us sometimes to let us know how they are getting along.

We hope that everyone has a great summer- hopefully the weather will be kind to us!               Tuesday 1st September is a training day

and we look forward to welcoming the children back on

Wednesday 2nd September

for the start of the new school year.


Race for Life Grand Total

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in their sponsor money. We have raised a grand total of £3135.80.  This amount does not include the sponsor money which some people have informed us that they sent direct to Cancer Research. We do hope that everyone has managed to get their money in to school but if you have still not sent in your sponsor money, could we please ask that you now send this direct to Cancer Research- the details are on your sponsor form.

Thank You!



Year 1 and Year 2 Pride in our learning

Roll up ! Roll up!

Well done to all Year 1 and year 2 children who took part in their very own circus  performance as part of their Pride in our Learning   session. They were absolutely wonderful! Thanks to all the grown ups who came to watch and look at the children's work.



Lights, Camera, Action! 

On Tuesday evening Year 6 did their final performance for parents, presenting Lights, Camera, Action! This musical was a  humorous look at school life which had parents laughing and crying ( sometimes both at the same time!) The children were absolutely wonderful. They acted and sang their hearts out and certainly finished their time at Canon Popham on a high note.   Following the performance, presentations were made. The children were presented with a  memory book and a bible each to mark their time at Canon Popham. The evening ended with Rev. Mary blessing the children.

What a fitting end to the primary phase of the children's learning journey.

Year 6 Camp Fire Cooking

On Thursday Y6 did campfire cooking with Leon which involved us cooking on a fire.

We made cheesy nachos, fluffy grapes, popcorn, Smores and a banana mash up. We were spit up into groups and given camping tools - foil, metal bowls and bamboo sticks to cook with on the fire. We all had a great time. Thank you Leon.

By lucy and Savannah


Weekly News 10-07-2015

Sporting Challenges at Canon Popham

It has been a sporting week at Canon Popham! Last Friday we held our first Race for Life event. Sponsor money is still rolling in for this and we need to have the money collected, totalled and sent to Cancer Research before the end of term. If you have not brought your money in yet please can you do this by Monday of next week (13th July). Some people have sent theirs straight to Cancer Research. If you have already done this then we would like to say thank you. Could you please let us know the total you sent so that we can keep a record of the full amount our school has raised.

Our Year 6 girls cricket team attended the Yorkshire finals on Wednesday in Wetherby. They played against teams from all over Yorkshire and narrowly missed out on a place in the next round by only 4 runs. However, they showed excellent sportsmanship and gave it their very best effort.                    

Well done girls- you are still the best team in Doncaster!

Every child in school has taken part in their sports day- from Nursery through to Year 6. Many thanks to the staff who have organised these events and to all the adults who have attended and cheered the children on. 


Could we please ask that when parents/carers are attending school events such as sports days etc they refrain from putting dirty nappies in the school kitchen bins. If you wish to change any young children, please ask the staff in school who will direct you to the appropriate toilets and let you know which bins to use. Because the kitchen bins are for recyclable material only- food waste, cardboard and tins any other items have to be removed.  As you can imagine , this is not a pleasant job for staff so your co-operation with this would be appreciated.

Thank You!




weekly News 03-07-2015

Summer Fair 2015

Check your raffle tickets as we have some unclaimed prizes

Ticket numbers: 2479, 1599, 3081, 0926, 0259, 1055.

We would like to say a thank you to all those who attended the Summer Fair last  Saturday.   It was great to see so many families enjoying the lovely weather and the stalls and demonstrations. £1441 was raised and  will go towards the provision of new playground markings.


A particular thank you must go the Mrs Britten and all of the wonderful members of the Friends of Canon Popham who worked tirelessly to organise the day, set up in the morning and tidy up afterwards. The Friends of Canon Popham is currently a small group of parents, supported by school staff, and as a result, much hard work and commitment has gone in to organising such a successful event.

Thank you!


Mr Dan the Circus Man

Year 1 and Year 2 children had a visit from Mr Dan, the Circus Man this week. They all enjoyed a performance, where Mr Dan showed the children all sorts of amazing circus skills. It was lovely to hear the children's laughter and see their excited faces as they enjoyed the show. Following this, each class then took part in a workshop, where the children were able to explore a range of different circus tricks including plate spinning,  balancing feathers, juggling and lots more.

This experience linked with the children's current topic theme 'Roll Up Roll Up!' and made the learning come to life in a fun and practical way.


  Year 3 and Year 4 Pride afternoon

Years 3 and 4 presented their learning about Vikings to parents and carers in their Pride In Our Learning   afternoon on Wednesday. Year 3 did a fabulous presentation of their learning, including the use of a rather large Viking Long boat that the children had made. Year 4 treated their parents and carers to 'A Night in the Museum' where the hall was transformed into Canon Popham Museum, where many fabulous Viking       artefacts made and researched by the children were on display alongside information sheets and other work. Well done Years 3 and 4 !



Weekly News 19-05-2015

Annual Football Friendly

Year 3's annual football competition with Kirk Sandall was a great success again this year.  All the children in Year 3 participated and had a fantastic morning playing the game with great energy and enthusiasm. It seems that we have some budding young football talent amongst the girls as they won all their games   emphatically! The boys did well also with some great matches and fabulous goals!                                   

 Well done Year 3- you were a credit to the school. 

PS  (A big thank you to Year 5 for helping out)


Fastest Swimmer In The Country !

We would all like to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Ben Wright in year 6 who is now officially the fastest 11 year old swimmer in the country. Ben is very dedicated to his sport, devoting many hours both  before and after school to his training. He recently qualified to take part in the NE England Championships. This required him to swim the required time for 12 year olds, which he successfully did. As a result, even though Ben then had to compete against swimmers a year older than himself he achieved 4 bronze medals  at this event. In the current GB swimming rankings Ben is number 1 and is the fastest 11 year old at 1500 metres free style.

We look forward to watching Ben's progress over the coming years and will hopefully see him on the      National and International competitive circuit in the future!



Weekly News 12-06-2015

Helpers Needed

The Friends of Canon Popham are holding their annual Summer fair from 12 until 3pm on Saturday 27th June. If you can help in any way, setting up the event in the morning, running a stall or clearing away and tidying up afterwards we would be delighted to hear from you.

The 'friends' are raising money to fund new playground markings for games that the children can play at lunchtimes and breaks. The cost of these is in the region of £4000. Please come and support any of the events coming up. Every penny raised goes to improving our school for the benefit of the children

Thank You!


Thank you for your feedback.


Over the last 2 weeks we have given questionnaires to all pupils from reception upwards and to all parents. This is something that we do in June every year and it helps us to know what we are doing well and what you would like us to do even better.

All children completed their questionnaire- anonymously, in the same way that parents have done and their support of the school was overwhelmingly positive. 98% of the children told us that they felt they learned a lot in the lessons and 99% said they felt school really helped them to develop their skills in speaking, listening , reading, writing and maths. In addition 97% felt behaviour was good and that school delt with bullying very well.

This positive feedback is also reflected in the parents responses with 98% saying they felt  teaching is good, and 96% feeling that the school meets their child's needs well. 97% also said they were happy with their child's experience overall at school.

We will continue to do our best to support all the children in our school. If you  have any concerns at any time, please don't wait for the questionnaire to arrive. Come and see us because we are happy to help and will try our best to respond to your concerns and suggestions.


Weekly News 22-05-2015

Basic Skills Award Successfully Renewed

We are delighted to inform you that the school has had the Basic Skills Award renewed for the third time. This award is nationally recognised and requires the school to prove that it is meeting high standards in the teaching of the basic skills of English and Mathematics. The award covers a 10 point assessment criteria and the school was visited by 2 assessors who looked at the range of evidence presented by the school, met with children and staff, observed teaching and undertook a learning walk around the whole school, from Nursery to Year 6. We are proud that we have achieved this accreditation for the third time and feel that it reflects the high standards that we deliver in teaching and learning.  

Mad Science Day

On Monday the whole school took part in Mad Science Day. Many children came prepared for the event with their 'lab coats' and glasses and the children had a great time with a range of practical investigation and discovery that covered lots of scientific principles. If you would like to see more of the children's learning from this day please look at our school web site where you will find photographs and more information about the teaching and learning . We are looking forward to taking part in Science Week next year- staff are already working on the planning for this! 

New sports kit for Canon Popham

This week we have had new sports kit delivered for our school sports teams. The kit is blue and yellow, to reflect our school badge and has our logo printed on the front. The first team to wear one of our new kits was our girls cricket team, who attended a cricket competition at Brodsworth on Tuesday. The kit must have inspired all our players, as they were playing extremely well and won their first match, only for the competition to be called off due to torrential rain! Lets hope better weather is on its way and the children can enjoy playing a range of sports in our new kit. 

Last Saturday Mr Dickman took a small team to compete in the Doncaster Schools Cross Country event. The children had been training with Mr Dickman over lunch times and gave their best efforts on the day.  Although they didn't win, the children showed real determination to keep going and finish the event and they should be very proud of themselves. Thank you to Mr Dickman for the time he gives up to train children and accompany them to different sporting fixtures.


Here come Summer!

As we approach the second half of the Summer term, with the prospect of some lovely sunny days ahead ( hopefully) can we please ask that you send children prepared for going outside at break and lunchtimes and also for some of their learning time. If you feel that your child needs sun screen on, please apply this   before they come to school and if your child wears a sun hat please can you ensure that this is clearly named to prevent it getting lost. Thank you!

Oreo and friends


Key Stage One had an exciting encounter with some amazing animals yesterday when Oreo and friends visited our school. The children were able to get up close and personal with some fascinating animals     including an armadillo, racoons, a skunk, a chameleon, a python, a meerkat and many more. The children were really fascinated and behaved beautifully, showing real care and respect to all the different creatures.



Weekly News 15-05-2015

Well Done to Year 6

This week our Year 6 children have completed their SATs tests. They have all worked extremely hard and given their very best effort, not only this week but throughout the year, in preparation for these tests. Results will be published in July. The children will be rewarded with an 'after SATs' celebration on Friday. A big thank you should go to the staff who have worked so hard with them, not only during lesson time but also over lunch times and after school.

However, the work does not stop here! There are lots of other interesting and exciting things for Year 6 to look forward to in the coming weeks, including transition work for their secondary school,  rehearsals for their final end of year performance- always an emotional event for parents, pupils and staff, and a range of visits and visitors to school.

Just a reminder to parents of children in year 2- their SATs are not done in the same way as the Year 6.   They are done in the classroom over a period of time from May through to June so that the children are not unduly worried about them and they become a normal part of the children's day. All parents should have received a guide to the testing process for Year 2, which was sent home last half term following the information meeting. If you have any questions please come an ask.

Summer Fair

         The Friends of Canon Popham will be holding their Annual Summer Fair on                  

 Saturday 27th June from 12 noon until 3pm.

If anyone can offer any help please contact the office.

We will be sending home raffle tickets shortly and would be grateful if you could sell them to family, friends and colleagues. All the money raised goes back to the children through the purchase of additional equipment and resources that we otherwise could not afford through the school budget. If you manage to sell all your allocation of raffle tickets and would like more please ask at the office and we will be delighted to supply them to you.

Volunteers Needed

The staff in school work incredibly hard, not only through the working day but before and after school and in holiday time, to ensure that teaching and learning are the best that they can be. This sometimes means that other maintenance jobs do not get done as regularly as we would like. If  you feel that you could volunteer an hour or two to help us keep the library in good order or to help us to keep the flower beds in Foundation Stage and outside year 2 classroom weed free  and tidy we would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you!

Weekly News 01-05-2015

Holidays in Term Time

May we please remind all parents that the law states that holidays in term time can only be taken under exceptional circumstances. We would like to thank all those parents that are working with the school to ensure that the children do not take holidays in termtime.                                                                                                                                                                  Please be aware that 'exceptional circumstances' are very limited.  

      If parents are requesting a leave of absence for a family holiday this MUST be backed up with a letter from the employer to prove that the holiday dates are allocated by the company. If this is not available and attached to the application then I am unable to authorise the absence.

The governors and myself are very much aware of the position regarding the difference in cost of holidays during school holiday period and appreciate the difficulties surrounding this, but the school is bound by the legislation.

Once again, thank you for your support

Weekly News 24-04-2015

Thank You Mr Robinson!

On Tuesday Mr Robinson, who has just retired after many years in the role of Chair of Governors came to school to to plant a tree. This marked the occasion in a fitting way and was accompanied by a short ceremony and blessing, with all the children and staff present. Our grateful thanks go to Mr Robinson for his many years of hard work on  behalf of the school.

Fashion Show

Many thanks to all those who attended the fashion show on Tuesday evening. The event was a great success with lots of opportunities to re-stock summer wardrobes. Many thanks to the members of Friends of Canon Popham, who organised this event and work so hard to raise money for the children of the school. A grand total of £300 was raised by this event.

Look out for further events coming soon-

Saturday 27th June Summer Fair. If anyone is able to offer help in preparing for this major fund raising event, or can volunteer some time to help set up, run a stall or put things away we would be    delighted to hear from you.

 10th July        - Race Night

9th November- Fashion Show

SATs Week free breakfast for year 6 pupils

Just a reminder that for the 4 days of the SATs tests, from 11th-14th May a free breakfast will be on offer for every Year 6 child on each of the 4 days. The children will need to be at school for 8am so that they can join breakfast club, enjoy a relaxed breakfast and a good start to the day.

Breakfast Club

Can we please ask that if your child attends breakfast club the money for this is paid each day, when they attend. The cost is £1.50. In addition the club starts at 8am. Please ensure that children arrive between 8 am and 8:15 so that they can have their breakfast. A few children have not been arriving until 8:25 and this does not give adequate time for them to have their breakfast prepared and get it eaten before the start of the school day.

Lunch Time Supervisors

If you know of anyone who would be interested in having their name on our relief lunchtime supervisors list please contact the school office. We are looking to add more people to the list .

We take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and this role would require an enhanced DBS check .



Well done to our Canon Popham footballers on Tuesday.They played incredibly well considering it was their first tournament together. Remaining unbeaten in all three games, they did us proud and are looking forward to the next competition

Weekly News 17-04-2015

Welcome back for the start of the Summer Term. We hope that everyone had a happy and restful Easter break. The coming half term is an important one , particularly for Year 6 , with their SATs coming up in a few weeks time. If you have any concerns or queries about this please contact us- we are happy to help!

Over the last few days some concerns have been raised by parents regarding the number of people with dogs, who stand at the school gates in a morning or an evening. Firstly, we would like to thank you for not bringing dogs onto the school premises. Could we respectfully ask that dog owners consider not walking their dogs to school and congregating around the gate area, as for those people, and young children who don't like dogs or are frightened of them, this is becoming a concern.

Many thanks for your help with this matter

Have you lost your keys

A bunch of 3 keys with a trolley token has been handed in to the school office, if they are yours please call and get them.

weekly News 27-02-2015

What's Coming Up at Canon Popham

Just a reminder that on Thursday 5th March it is World Book Day and the children can attend school on that day either dressed as their favourite character from a book, or dressed ready for bed , with their bedtime story. We are looking forward to seeing all the costumes!

Race for Life

In the summer term we are proposing to do a mini Race for Life with the children at school. This will work in a similar way to the adult version where we hope that children will be sponsored to walk a distance around the school grounds. All the money raised will go to cancer relief, a cause which is very dear to our hearts in school. Look out for further details nearer to the time.

School uniform is now available on-line at


Choose parent ordering and enter our school name.

weekly News 13-02-2015

E Safety Day

On Tuesday it was E safety day. All the children took part in assemblies and discussions about staying safe on the internet and particularly around playing games using the internet. We have once again concentrated on the 'dos and don'ts ' of staying safe on line and have reminder   posters on display around school. We regularly revisit  the E safety rules but would ask you to  take the opportunity to talk to your child about this  important information. If any parents have any questions or would like advice about keeping children safe when on line please contact school and we will be able to help.

Year 3 and 4 pride in our learning

This week Year 3 and 4 had a great time during their 'pride in our learning' afternoon.The children built rockets while working with their parents or carers. Once we had built our rocket, we were ready for blast off!

We headed towards the field and fired our rockets into outer space.

Overall, it was a great afternoon that both children and parents enjoyed. We would really like to thank all of the adults who attended the pride in our learning afternoon and would be grateful  of any feedback.

Year 5 pride in our learning

Year 5 celebrated their 'pride in our learning afternoon' this week. The year 5 children performed their    Extreme Earth musical storms and personification poetry. They also showed their learning in their books and on display which they are all very proud of. The children loved having such a great audience for their performances and we would like to thank everybody who came and made the afternoon a success.

Year 6 pride in our learning

On Thursday the 12th of February, year 6 had their pride afternoon. They based it on their science Earth and beyond and showed their parents many different activities to do with: sun Earth and moon.

      The first task was spaced out. You had to explain to the adults how long it took for the Earth to orbit the sun in a day, a month, a year and a leap year.

      The second task was called moon phases. We showed the adults what the moon looked like in different positions. Then we gave them a piece of paper and asked them to draw what they could see. Finally we turned it into a flip book.

       The final challenge was the Oreo challenge. We showed the parents what we did earlier in the week with the Oreos. We made the Oreo cream look like the moon faces and then we showed the parents what the positions represented.

By Amelia Summerill and Abigail Snowden

As you already know, this week we have held a hot chocolate and biscuit morning for all children from reception to year 6. The money is going to the guide dog charity and so far we have raised £81.82. Altogether we need to raise £300 to sponsor a puppy so in spring we will hold a juice and biscuit morning and possibly in summer we will be doing popsicles. Thank you to everyone one who has given a donation.

Weekly News 06-02-2015


Well done to the Year 5 and 6 footballers  in the 'Kids Cup' at the Keepmoat stadium last week. After a shaky start ( one nil defeat to Woodlands) the girls and boys really started to play well as a team.

After two high scoring and impressive victories the team qualified for the quarter finals.

Unfortunately, despite a spirited effort, Mount Carmel managed to sneak the tie via a penalty. Never mind- better luck next time!

Tae Kwondo Taster Day

On Tuesday the Tae Kwondo instructor, Dave Bell spent the day in school with us and each year group from Year 1 to Year 6  were able to have a 30 minute 'taster' Tae Kwondo session with him. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and all of the participated with great enthusiasm and focus. Thanks to all those who have returned their slip to say that their child would like to access the after school Tae Kwondo lessons that begin in March. We have had a great response to this - well over 50 replies for the 30 available places.  We will be contacting the parents of the first 30 children to have got their letters in to request the payment, which must be made in advance of the course starting. We will also be running a waiting list so that if children do decide to drop out, we will be able to offer places to others who are interested.

Parents Information Evening-Assessment without Levels.

Many thanks to those parents who turned out in the cold on Tuesday evening to attend this information meeting. We do hope that you found it useful and informative. Everyone in Years 1 to 5 should now have received their Parents Guide to Assessment Without Levels. If you have not yet got this, please check your child's bag as they were sent home following the meeting. If you would like another copy, please contact the office.

Why We Can't Live Without Books

Thank you to all those children who entered our competition entitled 'Why We Can't Live Without Books'. There were some absolutely fabulous entries- some were very creative, and others demonstrated excellent writing skills. To ensure that judging was fair we invited Rev. Mary to come to school and select the winners of this event, which were judged anonymously.              They  were announced in assembly today. They are:

Sam Wood- First Prize

Bethany Ferris- Second Prize

Maisie Waite- Third Prize 


Weekly News 30-01-2015

Keeping Children Safe

Please can we ask for your help in reminding the children that they should not be playing on the climbing frame on the Key Stage 1 playground before or after school. We are not trying to  spoil children's fun, but to keep them safe. When the weather is cold and icy the climbing frame can get slippery, and we don't want there to be any accidents. In addition, children should be supervised when they are using this equipment and that is why we politely request that the use of the climbing frame is limited to school hours. There is a notice on the climbing frame to this effect.

Can we please remind parents that unless your child is attending breakfast club, they should not be coming to school before 8:30. We understand that sometimes parents may need to drop their children off earlier, to fit in with their working arrangements, and we provide a breakfast club facility for this, which parents can send their children to. This is for the safety of all the children, as school staff cannot supervise children arriving very early because they are very busy at this time preparing and setting up classrooms ready for learning.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that we keep all our children safe and sound.

Why we can't live without books.

Thank you to everyone who has entered a piece of work in our competition entitled 'Why we can't live without books' We have had some amazing entries! We have so many super entries to look at that we will announce the winner in assembly next Friday. The winning entry will be submitted to the national competition.

Coming soon to Canon Popham. . .

TaeKwondo Club

We are really pleased that we have been able to secure the support of All Stars Taekwondo club to deliver sessions at our school. The cost of £2 per hour long session is a real bargain! However, we will only be able to run these sessions if there is enough uptake to make it possible to do so. In addition, we will need children to commit to attending for a full half term and payment will need to be made in advance. Look out for the letter giving more details- it is in your child's bag today!

World Book Day

World Book Day is on 5th March this year and we want to make it a really fun event for the children, as well as raising the profile of books and reading. We are asking the children to dress up as a favourite character from a book, or to come to school in their pyjamas, bringing their bedtime reading with them. We hope the children will enjoy the day!

Red Nose Day

This event is on Friday 13th March  and we would like to be able to support such a good cause. Look out for the information that will be coming home on this- we are planning all sorts of fun for the day!

Weekly News 09-01-2015

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to our new school term. The staff would like to extend our good wishes to everyone for 2015. The children have made a good start to the term and it has been a pleasure  to see how well they have settled straight back to work, ready to make progress with their learning.

The outline of topics and class information for this term will be completed and on the school website by next Friday. Please take time to look at this.

As, if you have any concerns or queries, please come and speak to a member of staff or Mrs. Navas. We are here and happy to help.

The diary dates  for the Spring term will be coming out to you next week so please look out for them.

Newsletter News

Newsletters come out on most Fridays. We only publish a newsletter if there is sufficient information to do so. If there is a 'light news' week, we will defer the information and include it in the next week's newsletter. Newsletters can be found on the parents information board and the windows onto the school playground in addition to being published on the school website.  If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of the newsletter, please let the office staff know and one can be provided for you every time they are published.

Weekly News 28-11-2014 

Baking Day

We had a lovely day on Monday, with all the children in school taking part in our Baking Day. This was done in memory of the mum of one of our Year 5  pupils and we managed to raise the grand total of  £143. This is being sent to Firefly and Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice, which are the family's nominated charities.

Thank you to all those parents who made a donation to this very special event.


Please check your child's bag for letters and information about up and coming events in school. You will have received all the diary dates in the diary list which was sent home   earlier in the term. However, the letters regarding admission to the Nativity Plays and Carol Services have been sent home. Due to the size of the church and the numbers of people who like to attend this will be strictly admittance by ticket only. Please make sure you complete the proforma attached to the letter to secure your tickets.


Christmas Fair

Many thanks to the Friends of Canon Popham who have worked so hard to organise the Christmas Fair. The proceeds will go towards the purchase of visualisers ( IT equipment) to support teaching and learning in the classrooms.


Christmas Shoe Boxes

The children all worked together to fill shoe boxes for those children who are less fortunate than themselves. The boxes will be on their way to the children of Belarus next week. Once again we managed to fill over 100 boxes! This is a fantastic effort from so many people and a very special tradition in our school.

Thanks to all those who have supported this in any way.


Weekly news 21-11-2014 

Friends of Canon Popham Christmas Fair

Next Friday the Friends of Canon Popham will be holding the annual Christmas Fair. This has taken a huge amount of hard work by a small group of parents and it would be great to see as many families as possible there. The money raised goes directly back to the children in school through the purchase of additional equipment and resources. We are currently working to raise funds for new IT equipment for the classrooms.

If you can help in any way next Friday , either setting up the stalls during the afternoon or helping to run a stall please contact the school office.

Thank you



Weekly news 14-11-2014 

Children In Need Day

Many thanks to everyone who joined in with our non-uniform day in aid of Children In Need. We raised a grand total of £214

Shoe Box Appeal

Many thanks to everyone who has already sent into school donations for the shoe boxes or    volunteered to wrap boxes for us. There is still time to get involved and donate items that the children will then use to pack the shoe boxes to be sent to children who otherwise would not have a gift to open this Christmas. Please send your donations into the school office.They can also provide you with boxes to wrap if you feel able to help with this.

Thank you!

Reminder about Uniform

Can we please remind all parents of children in Key Stage 2 ( Years 3 to 6) that they should now be wearing winter uniform every day. This includes a shirt and tie. We would be grateful if you can ensure that your child comes to school wearing the appropriate uniform as this helps us to maintain high standards.

Could we also remind everyone that now the weather is becoming colder and wetter, the children need to have a coat with them every day. Some children, often those who come to school in a car, are forgetting a coat and this then makes it difficult for them to be outside and joining in at lunchtimes and playtimes

Weekly news 17-10-2014 

Year 3/4 visit to Kelham Island

 A great day at Kelham Island was had by all on our class visit with the Year 3 and 4 children. As part of their topic on the second World War, the children engaged in a number of exciting and very interesting activities. These included learning about the important role that women played during the war; the vital job of those on the home front as well as learning what life was like for those children evacuated. The children had a fabulous day and learned so much - they came away very excited about the day!

Relief Midday supervisors 

We are looking for relief midday supervisors to work as required during the lunch time break. If you would like to put your name on our relief list please contact the school office.

Weekly news 10-10-2014 

Good news for Canon Popham!


We are delighted to let you know that this week the school has received notification from the Local Authority that our school data and outcomes for the children at the end of the last academic year- 2013/14 are in the top 10% of all primary schools and academies within Doncaster!

This fantastic achievement comes as a result of a huge amount of hard work from everyone involved with the school- children, staff, parents and governors.

The staff of the school would like to thank you for all your support. We look forward to working together just as hard in the coming year to achieve the very best that we can for all the children at our school. 

Year 6 Residential to Caythorpe Court

Our very excited Year 6 children left school on Wednesday morning, accompanied by Mrs Clemitshaw, Mrs Wilkinson and     Mr Howarth to take part in their residential visit to Caythorpe Court. They will have 3 'action packed' days of outdoor and adventurous learning. (Look out for their report on their visit in next week's newsletter.) We look forward to welcoming them back to school on Friday afternoon having had a great adventure!



Well done to our boys and girls in the recent area finals. The Year 6 boys and girls managed to finish runners up in their groups and so unfortunately did not qualify this year for the Doncaster finals. However, our Year 4 girls did really well to win their group and will represent Canon Popham in the up coming finals night at Balby Carr.

Well done girls!


WEEKLY NEWS 26-09-2014 

Harvest Festival 2014


Thank you for your generous donations of food items and toiletries that will be sent to Doncaster Food Bank to help those in our local community who need it the most. It was great to see the church so full for both of the services.

At Canon Popham we are very proud of all our children and their achievements. It was wonderful to see such great work from every one of our children after only 4 weeks back in school.

We hope you enjoyed our services!

Many thanks to those parents who took the time to write a comment in our Special occasions book. If you did not have the opportunity to do this, and would like to, the book will be available at the school office for the next week.


Parents Information Board


We have developed a Parents Information Board in the main entrance to school, opposite the school office. The board contains a wide range of information that we regularly get asked for by parents, such as term dates, diary dates current newsletter etc. The board also has copies of all letters sent home and a range of additional information from other groups and agencies that may be of interest to parents. We hope you will find it helpful.


Lost Property 

Please can you check your children's uniform and ensure that it is clearly named.  It is very difficult to match up lost cardigans and jumpers with the correct owners when they are  not clearly named, or not named at all. Please put your child's full name on clothing as we have several children with the same initials and clothing can therefore get mixed up. If your child brings home an item of clothing that does not belong to them, could you please ensure that it is returned to school so that it can be given back to the rightful owner.

Thank you  


Instrument Tuition

We have a few places available for Key Stage 2 children who may be interested in playing the  keyboard, violin, flute or clarinet. If your child would like to do this please speak to Mrs Shelton. We are able to help with the cost of the lessons for children who may need this.


Weekly news 19-09-14


Friends of Canon Popham

The Friends of Canon Popham held their Annual General Meeting yesterday. Many thanks to those parents who attended. The 'Friends' do an amazing job at raising funds to support the work of the school, beyond what can be provided from in the school budget. In the last year they have donated money which has paid for :

· The safety flooring under the playground climbing frame

· A Christmas gift for every child in school

· Subsidy for Year 6 leavers events

· New equipment for wet playtimes in every class

· Funding for tablets to support the delivery of the Computing curriculum.

This is a fantastic amount of support that the children all benefit from. However, this is a very small fund-raising group and we need more help if it is to continue. There are so many jobs that need to be done, including some that can be done by volunteers from home who cannot make the evening meetings.

If you can help in any way please contact us. We can only run events such as 'Film Club', discos, the Christmas and Summer Fairs if there are enough volunteers to help with the planning and delivery of these events.

Thank you!


Parents Information Meetings

On Monday 22nd September at 6pm the Parents Information meeting about READING for all parents of pupils in Years 1 to 6 will be held. This is a very important meeting, particularly as the new National Curriculum started in September. We aim to give parents support in what they can do to help their child with the new and increased demands of the National Curriculum linked to reading. For parents in year 6 this is an opportunity to see an example of the SATs tests that your child will be doing next May.

Please try to come to the meeting- we aim to make it as informative as we can. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions. The dates for the writing and maths information meetings are already on your Diary Dates sheets.


Up to date contact details

If you change your contact details , such as mobile phone numbers, can you please make sure that you inform school. If we need to contact you in an emergency or send information texts, such as reminders of upcoming events, we can only do so if the contact details are correct. If you would like to check the details that we hold for your child, please contact Mrs Bell in the school office.

Thank you!



Weekly news 05-09-14


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to everyone for the new school year. The children have made a great start to the year with both their attitude to work and their behaviour both in the classrooms and around school.

If you have any concerns or queries that you would like to discuss please feel free to speak to the class teacher ( the end of the day is preferable, as they  are busy with the children at the start of the day) or make an appointment to see Mrs Navas.


Our new Reception children deserve a particularly big 'WELL DONE' for doing so well in their first week at school. They have all done a great job and appear to be really enjoying being part of our Canon Popham school family.


The cook and kitchen staff would like to say how well the new Reception class have settled in for lunch.

They have been willing to try most things and have eaten up their dinner and the pudding.

Well done!

Also it is nice to see some new faces at lunchtime and hope they are enjoying their lunch.



A big thank you to everyone who entered our Reading Selfie competition. You were really very creative.  All of the entries are displayed within school and the children love to look at them everyday.They have been really encouraged to read for pleasure.


Whole class reading - All classes will read a selection of core stories for their year group which focuses around a key author. All classes will read together every day for 10 to 15 minutes. The core stories from each class are displayed within their classroom and there is a display in the main hall.


Free School  Meals for all children up to the end of Key Stage 1

With the new introduction of free school meals for all children from Reception to the end of Year 2, we have had a big increase in children having a school lunch. It has been a pleasure to see the children enjoying their lunch with their friends. Thanks to the cook and kitchen staff who have done a fantastic job, providing many more school meals whilst keeping the standard so high.

If you think your child would be eligible for Free School Meals please continue to apply for them, even though they will get them automatically until the end of Year 2. If you continue to complete the Free School meals application this will also enable your child to access free daily milk and to receive other subsidies for events such as visits.

Thank you!



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